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  • California

    GEOGRAPHIE: California, the golden state, with 413.000 qm is the third biggest state of the USA. It extends in the South-West along the Pacific coast. The highest point is called Mount Whitney (4418 metres) in the Sierre Nevada. Apart from the capital Sacramento there are two important conurbations, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In the South-East you can find dry deserts; the central and northern California cover extensiv ...


  • London

    The Big Ben: One of the most famous landmarks of London is the Big Ben. Most humans connect the name Big Ben with already high from far distance the tower visible and nearly 100 meters and its enormous clock details taken are called however only those to about 13 tons heavy bell of the bell tower Big Ben. Big Ben rings already for approximately 150 years. The bell Tower is a component of the Houses of Parliaments. Very beautiful is the sight at n ...


  • The outsiders

    THE OUTSIDERS, by S.E.HINTON The Author: Susan Eloise Hinton wrote the novel The Outsiders when she was 16 years old. She grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was a publishing author by the age of 17. She has always enjoyed reading but wasn\'t satisfied with the literature that was being written for young adults, which influenced her to write novels like The Outsiders. When she wrote this book the publishers suggested that she use her name as ...


  • Canberra

    is the capital of Australia. It's an own federal state, called Australian Capital Territory. It's situated 660 km north-east of Melbourne and 288 south-west of Sydney. The city was planned because of an argument between Sydney and Melbourne in which of those cities the seat of government is. So a garden architect, called Walter Burley Griffin planned it as a "garden town". And that's why it's said that Canberra is the city on the drawing ...


  • Simple past past perfect past progressive

    Simple Past I walked to school yesterday. Der Simple Past wird bei einmaligen, wiederholten, aufeinander folgenden und neu eintretenden andere unterbrechenden Handlungen in der Vergangenheit genutzt. Positiv Personalpronomen Regelmäßiges Verb -ed wird an das Verb angehängt Unregelmäßiges Verb 2. Verbform wird benutzt I worked saw You worked saw He worked saw She worked saw It worked saw We worked saw You worked saw They worked saw Negativ Persona ...


  • Summary of "sence and sensibility"

    The film (after a novel by Jane Austen) starts with the death of Henry Dashwood, who leaves his wife, three dauthers and a son ( Marianne, Elinor, Margaret and John).John, who is married ti Fanny, doesn't really support his stepmother and stepsisters. Fanny's brother Edward, visits the Dashwoods and falls in love with Elinor. Mrs. Dashwood and her dauthers leave to live in a cottage , which John Middelton has offered them. At the cot ...


  • Characterize marianne, elinor, edward, colonel brandon and john willoughby!

    Marianne: She is very extrovert(which Elinor critisises), she always shows her feelings. In the beginning she is in love with John Willoughby and doesn't care about Colonel Brandon.After she has heard about Whilloughby's engagement she is very sad and disappointed. Her fellings change after her illness, she does no longer cry for Whilloughby and is very grateful to Colonel Brandon. Finally, she learns to love Brandon and marries him ...


  • Working conditions and unemployment in south africa

    Working conditions 1:General information In South Africa the majority of the population works without regular working conditions and gets a miserable income. The unemployment rate is high. Many people have several casual jobs. After the installation of the minimum wage, many people got unemployed. 2:Labour law The south african labour law went through a fundamental change, so the employers and employees got a legal substantiation. The rights invo ...


  • Computers

    Basic information: Computing is commonly practised today and in nearly all spheres of life computerization Is on the increase. Computers, mostly PCs, can be found in millions of homes and every major firm makes use of microcomputers , minicomputers and even in some cases, mainframes. All these computers store , process and retrieve large amounts of data, but they differ in size, memory capacity and speed. Computers are used ...


  • A world in danger

    Today there exist many dangers to our surroundings, but probably the most serious, becouse it can destroy our environment and cause damage to our health, is pollution. This is caused mainly by the exhaust gases from road and air traffic and the fumes which are emitted by the chimneys of many factories. There are however other causes. Lakes and rivers are being polluted by the detergents used for washing clothes and the seas and oceans are being ...


  • The butterfly effect

    Change One Thing - Change Everything "It has been said that something small as the flutter of a butterflies wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world." ...


  • Impact of globalisation (levi's company)

    LeVI'S -Levi Strauss & Company Levi Strauss: He was born 1829 in Germany (Buttenheim), comes from a Jewish family 1847 he immigrated to New York, where he turned into an American businessman He established a Commercial company and sold cloths from denim material Developed a serviceable robust material from the denim cotton for Gold-diggers In 1890 he founds the Levi Strauss & Company 12 years later he unexpectedly died ...


  • The rock - flimvorstellung

    Hello everybody In my presentation I'm going to tell you the most important facts about my favourite movie "the Rock". It's a thrilling and fascinating movie that will cast a spell over you till the end of it. The cast in this movie consists of some really well known actors like Nicolas Cage as Stanley Goodspeed; Sean Connery as John Patrick Mason and Ed Harris as Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel. They all had the starring role in thi ...


  • Immigration into the usa

    Immigration into the USA 1) Motivations for immigrating to the USA Since Columbus discovered America, there has been continuous immigration to America. For the most people America was the \'Promised Land\' and the \'land of unlimited opportunity\'. With their emigration to America people wanted to escape from poverty, unemployment, political and religious persecution. America offered them religious freedom, the freedom of speech and the American ...


  • Vasco da gama

    Vasco Da Gama Vasco da Gama was born in 1469 in Alenteijo, Portugal and he died in 1542 in Cochin, India. Da Gama was most successful Portuguese explorer ever and the first navigator sailing directly from Europe to India. Da Gama was born into a noble family. Estavâo da Gama, his father, was a member of the family of Prince Don Fernando and his mother was of English origin and had relation to Don Diogo, Duke of Viseu. King Manuel I of Portugal ga ...


  • Watson - crick - double helix structure of the dna

    As we got this task to talk about an inventor I had immediately the idea of talking about one of the most important discoveries in the world and this is the deoxyribonucleic acid - in short DNA. With the discovery of the molecular structure of the DNA it was also explained how the genetic material can be copied and this made this discovery so special. The two men, who found the Double Helix structure, were James Dewey Watson and Fr ...


  • Presentation france

    Structure 1 Introduction 2 Political structure 3 Economic structure 4 History in brief 1 Introduction Official name: French Republic Area: 543 965 square kilometres Population: 57,5 Mio. Capital: Paris Language: French Religion: the majority are Catholics the French, 800 000 are Protestant, 2,5 Mio. are Muslims, 550 000 are Jews Government: Democracy Head of State: President Jacques Chirac (RPR) 2 Political structure Legal system Codified Roman l ...


  • Animal farm - plot,summary,persons

    Plot: The book is about a Farm where the animals make a revolution and chase away the farmowner with his family. For a while everything works great and everybody is happy. But on and on the pigs, who make the organization part on the farm, get more and more like humans. They even change \"the seven rules of Animalism\" one by one and in the end the other animals can\'t divide them from humans, which used to be their enemies and then are the frien ...


  • Chicagos urban problems

    Chicagos Urban Problems Like many cities, Chicago is a place of contracts between different groups: rich and poor, black and white and immigrant and non-immigrant. Chicago is one of the most segregated cities in the USA. Poor people mostly live on the Southside or in the west of Chicago whereas rich neighbourhoods are situated mainly in the north. In Chicago there are some of the poorest neighboorhoods in the USA. Housing problems Like in many ot ...


  • London and it's atrractions

    London and it's Attractions Buckingham Palace: The official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace has been opening its doors to visitors for the last few summers. Originally acquired by King George III for his wife Queen Charlotte, Buckingham House was increasingly known as the \'Queen\'s House\' and 14 of George III\'s children were born there. On his accession to the throne, George IV decided to convert the h ...



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