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  • Hawaii - the " aloha state"

    Hawaii is the most remote group of islands in the world. It lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is 3,700 kilometers away from California and even 6,400 kilometers from Japan. The islands are up to 4,200 m high so that you can find some of the highest mountains right there. The state Hawaii encloses 132 islands with reefs and sandbanks on a land area of 16,637 square kilometers. Six of them can be visited and they have all their own ...


  • Biography of william wordsworth

    He was born on April 7th in 1770 in Lake District. William Wordsworth came to be known as the poet responsible for the birth of romanticism. His mother died when he was only 8 years old. His father John Wordsworth, soon decided that raising a family consisting of 5 children alone was too hard, so he sent the 3 male children away to school. Williams father died in 1783. After his fathers death his uncles had hoped to use what ...


  • Pro censorship in libraries

    There are many arguments that plead for censorship in libraries. First of all you have to consider, that people of all ages come to the library to borrow up books, and so you should think about what books you put in a library. Especially children can be influenced by the media easily. Different people would like different books to be censored, that's because they have different views about what is right or wrong. It could be ...


  • Present perfect

    Signalwörter: already, just, not.yet, for, so far, ever, never, before, since. Wie wird es gebildet? have/has + past participle Diese Signalwörter sind Zeitangaben, die aber nicht mit Simple Past zu verwechseln sind, weil sie keine abgeschlossene Handlung ausdrücken, sondern sie drücken eine ALLGEMEINE ZEITANGABE aus, die von der Vergangenheit bis in die Gegenwart reicht. Die meisten Deutschen beißen sich die Zähne aus an dieser ...


  • The american dream w.r. brown

    [1] Als Columbus auf den Bahamas (=West Indies) landete und annahm, er habe Asien [suchte Seeweg nach Indien, daher West Indies] erreicht, schien den in der Renaissance lebenden Menschen der Traum von Grenzenlosigkeit erfüllt. Im Laufe von vier Jahrhunderten, geprägt von der Durchquerung und Besiedlung des Kontinents, entwickelte sich der American Dream. Der Reichtum des Osten war im Westen vorhanden (bzw. zur Hand), und die Hof ...


  • A summary of capter 9 (the outsiders)

    Ponyboy coms too late to his home. Johnny and Dally come not to the fight versus the Socs. Dally are not sure if Ponyboy comes to the fight. But Sodapop meants, that Ponyboy gos to the fight. Darry says okay, also Ponyboy goes to the fight but Ponyboy must cry, when he has some problems. When the greasers come to the Checkpoint, the rest are waiting for they. One of the Brunkly Boys asks the greasers: "Had you killed Bob." Ponyboy says yes.The ...


  • Tiger eyes from judy blum

    Summary: Have you ever felt that stab of emptiness that might as well put you to your death? Davey has. In this fictional book, Davey lost her father and there was nothing she could do about it. Davey and her family escape Atlantic City and go to New Mexico to recover from the sudden death. They go to stay with her aunt and uncle, who Davey hates, mostly because her uncle insults her mother and father. Davey meets a guy who she calls Wolf wh ...


  • James joyce

    James Joyce (his full name was James Augustine Aloysius Joyce) was a modern author, living in the 20th century. He was for sure one of the most radical innovators of twentieth-century writing. * 2.2.1882 in Rathgar (a suburb of Dublin) - studied philosophy and language in Dublin - he lived in Dublin, Trieste, Zürich and Paris - 1905-1915 James Joyce worked as an English teacher in Trieste ...


  • Witchhunt-an everlasting occurence throughout the history of mankind

    When we hear somebody speaking of witch-hunts ,we immediately think of Salem ,probably the most popular example for the stupidity of man and all the other cases in the 17th and 18th century where people were burned and hanged. But have there been other cases of witch-hunt in the history where things like that happened? And is witch-hunt something that could happen again in our time? In the following I will comment on this. As old as mankin ...


  • Goldengatebridge _ san francisco

    Report about San Francisco I want to tell you everything about the most important attractions of San Francisco, and I will start with the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is the connection between the Pacific Ozean and the San Francisco Bay. It was built in 1937. It's 67m high and 2739m long. In the past many people who have considered to commit suicide, jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Nowadays it's secured with a higher fence. There ...


  • Rage against the machine and the politics in the u.s.a.

    You all should now know many things about the politics in the U.S.A. and I think the most of you have their own opinions. I'm going to tell you some things about Rage Against The Machine. There are some interesting points and I hope after my short lecture you will see the coherences between the things we talk about trough the lessons and their music. As you will se it isn't very hard to connect both in a few ways Why? ...


  • Guardian angels

    Table of contents: A: Presentation 1. Who are the "Guardian Angels"? 2. When did it begin ? 3. What do they do ? 4. News of the Guardian Angels"? B: Handout C: Pictures from the Guardian Angels 1. Who are the "Guardian Angels"? The Guardian Angels are volunteers who look after the city and the people there. The m ...


  • Übersetzung dr jekyll and mry hyde erstes kapitel

    1. Kapitel Wenige Leute verstanden, warum Herr Utterson, der Rechtsanwalt und Herr Richard Enfield, sein Vetter, Freunde waren. Sie konnten jeden Sonntag gesehen werden, wie sie lange Spaziergänge über die Straßen von London machten. Sie sprachen nicht oft miteinander und sie schienen glücklich, wenn sie jemanden trafen, den sie kannten. Dann konnten sie ihr Schweigen brechen. Es passierte bei einem dieser Spaziergänge, dass sie hin ...


  • The first settlers

    The land was there. Here was room for everybody. It seemed even for the Indians, thenatives who lived there as nomads who moved with the big herds of bisons.In Europa millions of poor and often hungry people heard about this new country. So more and more immigrants arrived, and the cities of the East were getting crowded. People must go West. The British reserved the land to the west for the Indians because they hoped to trade with them. ...


  • Empire state building (5 minuten referat)

    The Empire State Building is the main attraction of New York. It was bulild from 1929-1931. The needed 18 months to build it up. With his 381 meter its, since the destruction of the World Trade Center, the highest building in New York. The needed 60000t steel, 100km waterpipeline and 5360km phonecabel for the Empire State Building. The building has 72 elevators in 11km long lift wells. From the prospect plattform you have got a good view over Man ...


  • "advertising is legalized lying."

    "Advertising is legalized lying." H. G. Wells In our everyday life we are confronted with advertisements which always inform us about new products and their toughness. But sometimes the consumers are disappointed after the purchase because of the missing mention of defects, lacks, failings, etc. in the advertisement. Consequently some people like H. G. Wells are concerned about the credibility of advertisements. In his estimation advertis ...


  • Aborigines--

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Worlds Oldest Inhabitants? The word \"aboriginal\" means \"the first\" or \"earliest known\". The word was first used in Italy and Greece to describe people who lived there, natives or old inhabitants, not newcomers, or invaders. Australia may well be the home of the worlds first people. Stone tools discovered in a quarry near Penrith, New South Wales, i ...


  • Patricia highsmith: strangers on a train

    Characters Guy Haines: - architect, talented - has a girlfriend - psychic very weak - dreams a lot - closed - likes Bruno in special kind Charles Anthony Bruno: - young, rich & spoilt - doesn't work, lives like he wants - drinks a lot of alcohol - he loves Guy like a brother - has a good relationship to his mother but h ...


  • Concrete streets

    When I was almost fifteen I met a boy his name was Pete. He was eighteen. My father lost his job soon after I met Pete so things startet to go wrong at home. One day I had a terrible row with my father and he threw me out and told me not to come back. Pete said we could go to London and stay with his friends who had great jobs there. Things started to go wrong there because Pete and I had nowhere to sleep and no real friends. ...


  • Talk on a book: maths, stress and a lovesick heart - zimmermann+zimmermann

    Maths, Stress and a Lovesick Heart Zimmermann&Zimmermann The story is about Henriette Schneider a 14 year old girl. Henri has 2 sisters, called Anette and Babette. Henri is an ace at maths. Her best friend is called Tanja. One day Henri bumps into a very cute boy with brown curled hair and fells head over heels in love with him. Tanja tells her that this boy is Tom, the son of their maths teacher Ms. Carberg. Henri ...



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