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  • The silence of the lambs / thomas harris

    Vocabulary: to mutilate - verstümmeln moth - Nachtfalter, Motte chrysalis - Puppe, Kokon investigation - Ermittlung urbane - weltmännisch savage - unzivilisiert, gefährlich # MAIN CHARACTERS: Clarice Starling: A potential FBI agent who is about to complete her training. Hannibal Lecter: He once has been a brilliant psychiatrist and is now imprisoned because of a fetish for cannibalism. Jame Gumb: criminal psychopath who murders ...


  • The simpsons-

    Description of the comic series - animated by Matt Groening in 1989 - the first animated prime-time series since the 1960's and right from the beginning a part of American culture - the revolutionary new combination of humoristic comic strips and direct social criticism of American society made the Simpsons so successful - they represent the normal and average American society The main characters of the comic series Th ...


  • The simpsons -

    "The Simpsons" is a 20th Century Fox production. You know this company from movies like Dr. Doolittle Romeo & Juliet The Thin Red Line Titanic Volcano The X-Files or TV series like Beverly Hills 90210 The X-Files Melrose Place "The Simpsons" were created by the cartoonist Matt Groening in 1987. At first it was a series of 30-second spots for the FOX series "The Tracy Ullman Show". A total of 48 shorts were produced over the f ...


  • The situation of black people in america

    Martin Luther King  the key figure in the struggle for emancipation (Befreiung) of the blacks  about 15% are black = 30 million people a divided black US society: black middle class (Bourgeoisie)  they are well-off  they are better paid and housed  when you climb up the social ladder you move into a better neighbourhood (e.g. the country) lots of 'underdogs' (poor people) remained in the inner cities ...


  • The smell of apples

    Author: Mark Behr First published: 1993 Main Characters: Marnus Erasmus: He is a twelve year old boy and lives with his family in Cape Town, South Africa. Message: Children are easy to manipulate. Their parents can make them into tolerant adults or to adults with prejudices. Quotations: "Dad says the problem is that all the best blacks were taken away by the slave merchants. The blood that was left in Africa was the blood of th ...


  • The snake stone

    Plot: James is a 15 year old boy, who is very fond of diving and really good at it. He\'s adopted. He doesn\'t know anything about his Past. And the only few things he\'s got from when he was a baby are in an small box. He was never interested very much in those things. But then, one day he looked at them. There were some clothes and a small piece of paper. On it was a message \"Look after Sammy\" stood there. He was a bit confused, beca ...


  • Study guide for the song of songs

    All references to the Song of Songs are to Michael V. Fox\'s translation as published in The Song of Songs and the Ancient Egyptian Love Songs (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1985), pp. 82 94. The Song of Songs, also known as the Song of Solomon and the Canticle of Canticles, has long puzzled readers because its themes seem to have nothing to do with the religious concerns of the rest of the Bible. How it came to be classed among the ...


  • The songlines by bruce chatwin

    1. Author: Bruce Chatwin was born in Sheffield in 1940. After visiting Marlborough School he worked as a porter at Sotheby's. Eight years later he was still working at Sotheby's, but now he had become one of the youngest directors. Between 1972 and 1975 he worked for the Sunday Times. Then he went to Patagonia for six months'. This trip inspired him to write "In Patagonia", which won the Hawthornden Prize and the E. M. Forster award and even la ...


  • The spanish civil war (1936-1939)

    1923 General Primo de Rivero (Dictator) 1930 De Rivera\'s Governemnt ends 1931 Spain becomes a republic 1931 - 1936 several mildly socialist governments followed each other conservative opposition increased a confronatation between the \"Republicans\" (government) and the Nationalists (oppposition) and Monarchists developed 1936, July 18th military revolt lead by general Franco started in Melilla and quickly spread in Spain ᠖ ...


  • The spanish riding-school -

    1. The History: It was founded in 1572 by the Habsburg emperors. In 1942 the Nazis removed the horses to Czechoslovakia. From there they were returned to Vienna by the US-Army under General Patton in 1955. A plaque commemorating that event can be seen in the entryway to the Riding School. The horses the Habsburgs bred and trained originally came from Spain - that's why the Riding School is called "Spanish" Riding School. At the Spanish Ri ...


  • The speed queen by stewart o´nan

    Title, Author: The book is called \"The Speed Queen" and it is written by Steward O´Nan. Other Information: It was first published by Doubleday in New York in 1997. Type of book: It is a novel. Subject: It is about the memories of a murderer. Setting: It takes places in America in this time. Characters: Margie Standiford: She is easy to manipulate and has no selfesteem. Although she loves Lamont, she has an affair with ...


  • The lord of the flies

    Plot Lord of the Flies is a story that revolves around a central theme, which is that human nature is savage-like and anarchic without the confines of society. The story begins when a group of British school boys crash on a tropical island while being transported to a safer location during war time. Ironically, the only adult on the Island, the pilot, is dead. At the beginning of the book, a boy named Ralph finds a conch and blows it. Immediatel ...


  • Whisky distilling

    3.1 THE HISTORY OF WHISKY In the past whisky distilling was a custom in Scotland. They produced whisky for their own need-ings, they made the grain from their fields, the peat from their hills and the clear water from their springs to the "water of life". The term whisky comes from the gaelic word "uisge beatha", that means "water of life". The word whisky was first mentioned in the year 1494. In the year 1713 the british parliament de-cided to ...


  • Whisky distilling -

    1.1 DIE GESCHICHTE DES WHISKY Früher war das Whisky destillieren ein Brauchtum in Schottland. Sie produzierten Whisky hauptsächlich für den eigenen Gebrauch, sie machten das Getreide ihrer Felder, den Torf ihrer Hügel und das klare Wasser ihrer Quellen zum Wasser des Lebens. Der Ausdruck Whisky wurde nachweislich das erste mal 1494 verwendet. Im Jahre 1713 beschloß das englische Parlament den Hauptteil der Malz-Steuern in Schottland zu erheben. ...


  • The story of hoover dam

    Hoover Dam is a testimony to a country\'s ability to construct monolithic projects in the midst of adverse conditions. Built during the Depression; thousands of men and their families came to Black Canyon to tame the Colorado River. It took less than 5 years, in a harsh and barren land, to build the largest dam of its time. Now, more than 60 years later, Hoover Dam still stands as a world-renowned structure. The dam is a National Historic Landmar ...


  • The story of my life by helen keller

    In her book Helen Keller only wants to describe the most important and interesting parts of her life till she became 20 years old. Helen was born on June 27 1880 in Tuscumbia, a little town of northern Alabama. Her father was a captain in the Confederate Army, her mother, Kate Adams, was his second wife and many years younger. The family lived in a little house with an old garden, which was the paradise of her childhood. When Helen was ...


  • The story of the greatest: muhammad ali

    On January 17, 1942 - at about six thirty p.m. - the biggest sporting legend of the twentieth century was born in Louisville, Kentucky. When Odessa Clay and her husband Cassius Marcellus looked proudly at their tiny son they didn\'t dare to dream that the baby they held in their arms would one day be the heavyweight champion and one of the most popular men of the world. At a closer look, one can date the first boxing activity of Cassius ...


  • Cassius clay vs. sonny liston (i)

    February 25, 1964 Miami Beach, Florida 22-year-old Cassius Clay had been pro for just four years when he faced the undisputed heavyweight champion and former prisoner Sonny Liston for the first time. Liston had taken away the title of Floyd Patterson two years before in only two minutes and six seconds. At that time he had lost only once as a professional. He seemed invincible. Before the contract was signed, Clay had been travelling aroun ...


  • Muhammad ali vs. sonny liston (ii)

    May 25, 1965 Lewiston, Maine The rematch between Cassius Clay, who had changed his name to Muhammad Ali, and former champion Sonny Liston was scheduled for November, 16, 1964. Three days before the bout, Ali was diagnosed of having an incarcerated inguinal hernia that had to be removed by an instant operation. The rematch had to be postponed seven months. It was to be held in Lewiston, a small town in Maine. Only 2,434 people found their way ...


  • Muhammad ali vs. joe frazier (i)

    March 8 1971 New York Of all the fighters Muhammad Ali has faced during his professional career, Joe Frazier has doubtlessly been his hardest rival. These two men fought three dramatic and brutal battles and they both gave everything every time. Their first meeting in the ring took place on March 8, 1971 at Madison Square Garden. Ali had just absolved two fights after his three-and-a-half year exile. Frazier - undefeated like Ali - had been h ...



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