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  • Biography - bruce lee

    Bruce Lee was one of the most important and most influential personalities in the United States of the early second half of the 20th century. His exceptional skills in martial arts made him become one of the greatest actors of his time in Hong Kong and with these he also influenced America's media, immigration and people's free time activities greatly. He was born as the third child of fairly famous Hong Kong opera singer Lee Hou-Cheun in Sa ...


  • Dublin

    Dublin is situated in east Ireland. Near Dublin are the Wiklow Mountains and the river Liffey and the river Podell. It's located by the Irish sea. Dublin is called Dublin because it's founded there where the river Liffey and the river Podell came together, this place is called "Black pool" (Dub lin). When the Vikings came to Ireland in 841 Dublin grows up. Now Dublin has about 1.000.000 people. The people are 1/3 of the people from whol ...


  • Starbucks

    Why I have chosen this topic I have chosen this topic because I like the atmosphere in strbucks and I love coffee. And I also think starbucks heard simply to england what one in london has seen where in every street a shop stood. Company history 1971 the first starbucks shop open at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Starbucks is named after the first mate in novel "Mobby Dick". The connec ...


  • Filmreview- gladiator

    Film review: This is the content of the film ''Gladiator'' set in the USA in 2000 and produced by Ridley Scott. The principal actors are Russel Crowe, Connie Nielsen and Joaquin Phoenix. The movie "Gladiator" is set at the time of the Roman Empire under Caesar. The Roman general Maximus- Russel Crowe- is the leader of the Roman legion during the battle against the Teutons. The battle is tumultuous: thousands of ar ...


  • Holes - characterization - the warden

    The Warden is the boss of Camp Green Lake. She is a tall woman with red hair. Her arms and her face are covered with freckles. The Warden always wears a black cowboy hat and black cowboy boots which are full of turquoise stones. She paints her fingernails in dark red (the special ingredient is rattlesnake venom). The Warden's first appearance is when X-Ray "found" the lipstick tube, because she is very interested in what the boys f ...


  • Business ethics definition

    The Encyclopedia Britannica describes ethics as \"the discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad, right and wrong.\" Business ethics are the decisions made by businesses according to their moral concepts. Many companies define their own ethical codes for their employees and managers. These depend on the line of business the company is in. For instance, a company that produces weapons will have different ethical codes than a compa ...


  • The outsiders - summary of chapter 10

    After Johnny´s death, Ponyboy walks alone for hours until a man offers him a ride. The man asks him if he is okay and tells him that his head is bleeding. At home, he finds the greasers all togrther in the living room and tells them that Johnny is dead and that Dally was cut off. He calls and says he robbed a grocery store and is running from the police. The gang rushes out and sees police officers chasing him. Dally pulles out the unloaded gun ...


  • Drugs--

    (Drugs) Basic Information: When we speak about drugs, we normally mean the soft drugs marijuana and hash and hard drugs like heroin, cocaine or crack. But there are many more drugs available, like opium , LSD etc. Some are even used medically , for example morphine, amphetamines or barbiturates: only the continued abuse of such medical drugs is really dangerous. Not only hard drugs but also soft drugs have harmful consequences for people's health ...


  • Amercian dream---

    The "American Dream" is alive and well. For over a century, the idea that America can offer its people the best and most prosperous lifestyle on our planet has attracted million of immigrants. This dream consists of a genuine and determined belief that in America, all things are possible to all men, regardless of birth or wealth. In this essay I will discuss what the central idea of the American Dream is. There is no clear definiti ...


  • Life of shakespeare

    Shakespeare\'s early days Shakespeare Prospers Death and Burial -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth and Boyhood of Shakespeare William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, in England in 1564. While his exact birthdate is unknown, it is most often celebrated on April 23, the feast of St. George, and also the date upon which he would die. He was the third of seven children bor ...


  • Celebrating st. patricks day

    How the Irish people in America celebrate St. Patrick's Day: In 1737 St. Patrick's Day was already celebrated more spectacularly in the United States than in Ireland and soon big parades were formed on the 17th March in various cities every year. The very first parade in Chicago in 1843 counted 770 persons, which was amazing for that time. In America students from Ireland started to celebrate a "Green Beer Day" a few days be ...


  • Business ethics - study cases

    1. Ford and Firestone/Bridgestone In 2001 there was a conflict between Ford and Firestone/Bridgestone. Ford had used tired From Firestone in its SUVs which had defects and had caused (after first statistics) 21 deaths. Firestone recalled a total of 6.5 million tires. But Ford was not satisfied with that. Ford wanted Firestone to recall twice as many, 13 million, because they found out that some other tires are also a possible danger. At that ...


  • Alyssa milano (charmed)

    The person I admire is Alyssa Jayne Milano.I find out about her that she was born to parents Tom and Lin in New York on December 19th, 1972. She has a younger brother named Cory and she\'s a Sagittarius. Everyone remembers Alyssa as Tony Danza\'s adorable daughter Samantha on the popular sitcom \"Who\'s the Boss?\", Alyssa had a brief stint as a pop star in the early 90s, releasing several teenpop style albums that were quite popular in Japan a ...


  • Holes - obsessions

    An obsession is a goal carried to such an extreme that it allows for few other interests in life. Obsessions often destroy the lives of those who have them. In Holes, obsessions rule the lives of the Warden and Kate Barlow. The Warden is fixed on finding Kate Barlow's treasure and Kate Barlow collected the treasure in her maniac drive to revenge herself on the death of Sam. The dried-out lake full of holes symbolizes the Warden' ...


  • Sozialistische parteien und gewerkschaftsbewegungen in europa

    England / Die britischen Gewerkschaften Zunächst in kleinen Gruppen und illegal, dann mit Unterstützung durch das Gesetz begannen sich die Arbeiter zu vereinigen. England gab das Beispiel. Als erstes entstanden die Friendly Societies, die 1815 eine und 1872 vier Millionen Mitglieder hatten. An der Spitze des Kampfes standen die Trade Union, die Gewerkschaften, die, obwohl nur gelernte Arbeiter wie zum Beispiel Schlosser aufnahmen, 1845 gu ...


  • Fast shakespeare

    Echte Shakespeare-Verfilmungen gibt es im Januar und Februar kaum auf den deutschen Mattscheiben zu sehen, aber mit \"Ein Winternachtstraum\" ein schönes Stück Unterhaltung. Hierbei inszeniert ein Schauspieler nach dem Ausbleiben von Engagements zusammen mit Leidensgenossen seinen eigenen Hamlet. Produziert wurde dieser Film von Kenneth Branagh, der es ein Jahr später mit seiner fulminanten, fast vierstündigen Hamlet-Verfilmung dann so richtig ...


  • Eton college

    In 1440 Henry VI founded 'The King's College of Our Lady of Eton beside Windsor' and, a year later, King's College Cambridge, which was to be supplied with scholars from Eton. The school was to be part of a large foundation which included a community of secular priests, 10 of whom were Fellows, a pilgrimage church, and an almshouse. Provision was made for 70 scholars to receive free education. To this end Henry lavished on Eton a substantial ...


  • The atomic bomb

    The development of the atomic bomb The atomic bomb is the most powerful and most terrible weapon. With all the atomic weapons in the world, it\'s possible to destroy the world three times. During the Second World War, the scientists found out, that it\'s possible to win this war in one go, with the help of a bomb, that functions with nuclear power. It was a new challenge to build such a bomb for the engineers and physicists, because the n ...


  • Scientology church

    Index Gründer Die Entwicklung Scientologys quot;Dianetics\" \"Scientology\" \"Auditing\" Hierarchie Kommentar Aktuell Quellen Gründer:Scientology wurde von Lafayette Ron Hubbard (L. Ron Hubbard) , der am 13. März 1911 in Tilden/Nebraska (USA) geboren wurde, gegründet. Von 1924 bis 1929 unternahm er mit seinem Vater Reisen nach Indien und durch den Fernen Osten. Außerdem nahm er an vier Studienreisen nach Mittelamer ...


  • Mormonen

    Einleitung Die \"Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage\", genannt \"Mormonen\", ist eine Glaubensgemeinschaft, deren Anhänger davon überzeugt sind, daß ihre Gemeinschaft nicht durch Abspaltung von einer bestehenden Kirche entstanden ist, sondern von Gott selbst ins Leben gerufen wurde. In dieser Überzeugung missionieren die Mormonen in Europa, Amerika und vielen Ländern der Erde. In der Regel sind es junge Männer, die auf der Str ...



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