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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • Englisch artikel madonna

    Laptop - Project Group English1 Madonna Name Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Date of Birth 16. August 1958 Hometown Bay City, Michigan, USA Family Her mother died of cancer when Madonna was 5 years old. Madonna was the oldest daughter of 8 children. Her 7 sisters lived with different relatives because their parents were divorced before her mother died. Later her father ma ...


  • The elizabethan view of the world

    - great social and cultural changes, influenced by Shakespeare, the Christian church und the renaissance - God created the universe, and put everything in right positions. Man should save this at all costs - The people believed in a geo-centric universe, in which the earth is surrounded by spheres - There where eight spheres of varying size, on which Planets like Mars, Jupiter, the sun and the m ...


  • Colorado

    \"The Centennial State\" Governor: Bill Owens Population and geography: capital: Denver important cities: Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Pueblo neighbouring states: Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah 104,000 square miles (8th largest state in the U.S.) population: 4,300,000 people 39 persons per square mile highest elevation of any state Weather: 300 days of sunshine 1st snow in S ...


  • The hound of the baskervilles

    Sir Charles Baskerville dies in mysterious circumstances. People think, he came to death by a ghost hound from the foggy moors of England. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are instructed by Sir Henry, the brother of Sir Charles, to solve the difficult case. Holmes is afraid, that when Sir Henry moves into Baskerville Hall, he could also be attacked by the hound. That's why he sends his friend Watson with Sir Henry so that he could prote ...


  • Roald dahl: "the landlady"

    "The Landlady" is a short story about a young man, Billy, who arrives in a foreign town because he is moving to a new post. While looking for a place to stay he discovers a little notice in a window, where he reads the words: "Bed and Breakfast". Then a very odd thing happens, he is so attracted by that notice that he goes to the house and presses the bell without really wanting it. The Landlady who opens the door at once and who is a ...


  • Passive voice

    Das Passiv / The passive Forming the passive The passive is formed using a form of 'to be' + past participle. Das Passiv wird gebildet mit einer Form von 'to be' und dem Partizip Perfekt. . Simple present am / is / are + past participle: The workers are always paid on the first of the month. Die Arbeiter werden immer am Ersten des Monats bezahlt. . Present progressive am / are / is + being + past participle: The offices are being decorated at the ...


  • London--

    London is the capital of Great Britain. It is 1596 square kilometre in size. About 6,8 million people live there and slowly it grew into one of the world's major cities. London is divided in 33 Boroughs. The interior part is the only 2.7 square kilometre big City. The business city with the Bank of England, the stock mar­ket, the town hall, the royal opera house, Covent Garden and the St Paul's Ca­thedral. In the southeast of the city, at the e ...


  • Ku klux klan-

    History of the Ku Klux Klan The first Klan At the end of the American Civil War radical members of Congress wanted to destroy the white power structure of the Rebel states. After the election of 1866 the first Reconstruction Act was passed. It divided the South into five military districts, each under a major general. New elections were to be held with freed male slaves being allowed to vote. Many members of the Confederate Army wer ...


  • Tabelle der austragungsorte der olympischen spiele 1896-2000 in

    ENGLISCH Olympiad Year City Countries which have take part Sportsmen Disciplines Competitions Date I 1896 Athen 13 255 9 42 5.4. - 15.4. II 1900 Paris 21 1077 14 97 20.5. - 28.10. III 1904 Saint Louis 12 554 17 102 1.7. - 23.11. IV 1908 London 22 2034 24 109 17.4. - 31.10. V 1912 Stockholm 28 2504 16 106 5.5. - 22.7. VI 1916 Berlin* ...


  • Gettysburg address

    Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war. . .testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated. . . can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place f ...


  • Information about ireland

    Ireland: capital of I: dublin, capital of NI: belafst, languages spoken: englsih, gealic (vikings), whos was st. patrik: a roman catholic british who was held as slave in I, he flat from there returned and made the pagan I catholic, he converted/christianised I, he is the patron saint/a missionary who brought the roman- catholic to I, when did the conflict in I actually start and why: since the Englih king henry 8 conquert/tried to convert irel ...


  • Sholom aleichem- the fiddler on the roof

    Sholom Aleichem --- Fiddler on the roof --- Sholom Aleichem, the pseudonym of Sholom Yakov Rabinowitz, whose name is actually a conventional Yiddish greeting meaning "Peace be with you", was born in the Ukraine to a wealthy father who was a religious scholar. At age 12 Sholom Aleichem's family met with hard times and a reversal of fortune, shortly after which his mother died of cholera. He began his writing career in the early 1880s ...


  • Immigration

    It is a matter of fact that the United States of America is a nation of immigrants and that it is definitely shaped by them. The reasons for immigration are dreams of people. I like to mention three main groups of immigrants. Firstly, there are those immigrants who came for religious reasons. These people emigrated to the New World in hope of finding a country where they could practice their faith without restrictions of the government. They ...


  • Disney

    The Disney Homepage on offers additional 23 regional sites which differ from each other. The various sites are set up according to the region and provide not only information about all kinds of services but also contain an online-shop in which you can buy all sorts of Disney products. The site's layout is definitely aimed at children and th ...


  • Irak

    Saddam Hussein was since 1978 the president of the Iraq. During his incumbency he oppressed oppositional groups and banished 4 million Iraqi citizens from their country with the help of perpetrating and torturing everybody who organised protests and criticised the bath party or the president saddam. But for all that the american government supported saddam from 1980 until 1988 in war against Iran. With the financial aid of the U.S.A. he was ...


  • Geschichte von linux

    Da Linux ein Ableger des Betriebssystems UNIX ist, fängt die Geschichte von Linux schon recht früh an. 1969 Ken Thompson beginnt bei den Bell Laboratories in Assembler das Einbenutzerbetriebssytem mit dem Namen UNIX zu entwickeln. Es wird zunächst auf dem kleinen Computer namens PDP-7 eingesetzt. 1971 Denis Ritchie nahm UNIX und schrieb es in der Programmiersprache B neu. Diese wurde 1973 überarbeitet und in C umbenannt, somit wurde ...


  • First nation's people in today's canadian society

    From the very beginning the Indians (now called first nation people) were dealt with as extremely infererior beings by the white settlers. As more people began to populate the new world, the natives were forced off of ther own land and made to live on small plots aloted to them by the government. Unfortunately, the soil was poor and not many of the natives knew how to farm, resulting in high mortality rates. There was a point where the con ...


  • Brave new world-

    This science fiction novel written by Aldous Huxley takes place in London in 632 A.F. (after Ford). AF means Anno Fordii, who had produced his first T-Model car which was the first mass produced car in history. In this story the world is divided into 10 sections, each one controlled by a so-called "World Controller". It shows life after 9 years of war and a great economic collapse. Due to the total controlling of the world ...


  • Pronouns

    Pronouns Personal pronoun Possessive als Adjektiv Possessive als Nomen 1. Pers. Sg. I have a head. My head. It is mine. 2. Pers. Sg. You have a head. Your head. It is yours. 3. Pers. Sg. He/She/It has a head. His/Her/Its head. It is his/hers/its. 1. Pers. Pl. We have a head. Our head. They are ours. 2. Pers. Pl. You have a head. Your head. They are y ...


  • Dialog hotel

    Hotel: Hallo, Hotel Sun paradise. Can I help you? Zerina: Hello, I am calling from Austria and I would like it spend my summer holidays your Hotel. Can I make a reservation, please? H: Certainly, What name please? Z: Zerina, Jakupovic Zerina H: Right Mrs. Zerina, When would you like to stay? Z: I would like to reserve a none-smoking single room with bath or shower for the nights of October 2nd and 3rd. H: Ok, 2-3 October, ...



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