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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • Hippies

    Love, Peace & Happiness Hippies hip, eingeweiht Beatniks: Frustration after 2nd. World war -> beat generation against old social wars and industry expressed feeling by performing written words with music influences: free lifestyle of students, artists, pacifism and jazz gave themselves a new horizon by drugs and meditations like \"Zen\" became famous because of media and changed because of Vietnam war into Hippie culture: \"I\'m hip ...


  • The crucible/characters

    John Proctor John Proctor is a man who fights for justice in this play. Arthur Miller personated him as a proud man. He plays the type of "hero" in the whole story and tries to bring back the usual life (before Abigail and the girls accused women to be witches). He is a sharply intelligent man who can easily detect foolishness in others and expose it. He is honest and upright but in one way he is also weak. He can't stand the lust for the a ...


  • Jonathan livingston seagull - a story -

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull - a story - Author: This book was written by Richard Bach, born 1936. He is a former US Air force pilot and he has written another three books about flying, he has edited a flying magazine and he has written more than hundred magazine articles and stories. Books: . One . Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah . A Gift of Wings . A Bridge Across Forever Title: Richard Bach was inspired for this book by John H. ...


  • John h. griffin - black like me p.56-66 (zusammenfassung)

    Black like me - John Howard Griffin p. 56 - 66 ( over the room) Before : John is on his way to Mississippi by bus, with a few other black and white persons. A little argument took place between a well dressed Black called Christophe and another Negro. Finally, Christophe takes a seat next to John assuming he is a preacher, because of his appearance. The other Negroes in the bus think that Christophe is a ...


  • Presentation about the movie

    This movie played in the time, where the black people didn't have so many rights, than the white people (1932). The two mans Rayford Gibson and Claude Banks see a dead black people, where died by a white policeman and the dead people has get a golden clock from Rayford Gibson by a poker game. Of course Rayford Gibson take it back, but than came the police and the police thing that Rayford Gibson and Claude Banks are the murder. One day later came ...


  • Assignment about elisabeth gaskell and benjamin disraeli

    Elisabeth Gaskell Elisabeth Cleghorn Gaskell was born at the 20th September 1810 in London and died at the 12th November 1865. She was a famous british author. She is still just called "Mrs Gaskell". Her life Elisabath Gaskell was a born as a Stevenson. Her mother was a niece of the pottery-entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood and her father was a employee in civil service and a former unitarian minister. As her mother died shortly after her birth, she s ...


  • Acid rain-saurer regen

    Acid rain 1. History of acid rain In the end of the seventies the problem with acid rain was discovered. There were a lot of extensive forest diebacks and lakes became acid. First observations were made in Sweden where you could see absolute clean lakes. It turned out that these lakes were so clean because there was no life any more. In some lakes the ph-value was already three. This is a normal ph-value of acetic acid. In ...


  • American dream--

    Allgemeines und Konkretes Amerika - das Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten! Dieser Traum, diese Vorstellung vom leicht zu verwirklichendem Erfolg für jeden einzelnen und der Drang nach persönlicher Freiheit, der "American Dream", lockte seit dem 18. Jahrhundert Tausende europäischer Auswanderer in die USA. Im zweiten Viertel des 19. Jahrhunderts war die Gesellschaft in dem noch jungen Amerika im Begriff, eine neue Kultur ...


  • Death of a salesman by arthur miller

    Characters: Willy Loman, Linda (his wife), their sons Happy (32) and Biff (34), Ben (Willy's brother), Charley (their neighbour), Bernard (Charley's son), Howard Wagner (Willy's boss), the woman (Willy's affair) play takes place within 24 hours time shifts (crucial events that happened about 17 years ago) relationships in the past/present (change) different attitudes (success etc.) When does Willy escape into the pa ...


  • Book report tenderness

    In the following you're going to read a book report about the novel Tenderness written by Robert Cormier and published by Delacorte Press.The book consists of four parts and has all told 229 pages. Tenderness is a psychological Thriller told from the point of view of a teenage killer named Eric Poole and a girl caled Lorelai who falls in love with him. The novel plays in the USA. One of the protagoists is Eric Poole, a young serial k ...


  • New york city - the big apple

    The Beginning: Four hundred years ago, Manhattan Island was the home of the Algonquin Indians. In 1609, a man called Henry Hudson came up the river to Manhattan. He was British but he was on a Dutch ship, The Half Moon. Today the river is called the Hudson River. In 1626, a Dutchman called Peter Minuit came to Manhattan, and he paid the Indians about twenty-four dollars for the island. Minuit put up some houses, and called the li ...


  • Martin luther king

    Vorgeschichte: - the 1950s , 1960s witnessed (Zeuge sein von) major upheavals (Umbruch) in US as blacks struggled for equal rights - the Civil Rights Movement was mainly connected with one name: Martin Luther King - in second world war lot of blacks fought side by side with white soldiers in Europe, Far East - but on their return they found parts of the nation had retained (festgehalten an) separate schools for blacks and whites ...


  • Animal farm---

    Animal farm Von George Orwell The author: George Orwell, who\'s real name was Eric Arthur Blair was born in 1903 in India, where his father worked for the Civil Service. The family moved to England in 1907 and in 1917 Orwell entered Eton, where he contributes regularly to the various college magazines. He left in 1921 and joined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma the following year, in which he served until 1928. His first published article appe ...


  • Did you know that ...

    New York City was briefly the U.S. capital from 1789 to 1790 The Dutch supposedly bought Manhattan from its Native American inhabitants for about $40 worth of trinkets Broadway, originating from Lower Manhattan at Bowling Green and ending in Albany, is one of the world\'s longest streets at 150 mi (241 km). The official name of this street is Highway 9. Manhattan\'s downtown southern tip area is ...


  • The statue of liberty

    The Statue of Liberty has stood as a welcoming symbol to millions of immigrants to the United States for more than 100 years. At 151 feet in height she is one of the largest statues in the world. She is probably also the most recognised statue in the world. Lady Liberty was conceived way back in 1865 by a group of French scholars and statesman who were enjoying a dinner meal together in Glatigny, France. These men were ardent admirers of ...


  • Biography of the producer (sam mendes)

    Samuel Alexander Mendes was born on August 1, 1965. He is a British stage and film director born in Reading,Bernshire, England. He is the only child of a Portuguese Protestant father and a British Jewish mother. His secondary education was at Magdalen College school, Oxford, and he later attented the University of Cambridge. As stage director , he is probably best known for his 1998 production of "Cabaret".In 1990 he joined the Royal S ...


  • Biography of the screenplaywriter (alan ball)

    Alan Ball was born on May 13,1957 in Atlanta, Georgia. He felt unhappy in this conservative suburban environment; and after high school he studied acting and playwriting at Florida State University in Tallahassee. In the late 1980`s he moved to New York where he worked day jobs at PR magazines and wrote plays that were produced off-off Broadway. In the middle 90`s he started writing for the sitcoms "Grace Under Fire" and "Cybil" and mo ...


  • What is" american beauty" about?

    Over the years, many films have taken a dark look at the suposedly ideal of a white picket fence, a little house, and a nuclear family.For many, the suburban life is the American dream. For others,however, it can turn into a twisted nightmare of unfulfilled desires, repressed needs, and shattered hopes. American Beauty is about the ways in which these characters grow,and the catalysts that break them out of their near-catatonic existe ...


  • Definition of the american dream

    The "American dream" termed the legend from the US-society ,which says that everybody can be happy and rich with his own willpower: "From rags to riches". The keynote from the American dream is also a part from the declaration of independance. And only with the laws in it , it is possible to allow for the base right: The persuit of happiness.Actually there isn`t a accurate definition for the American dream, because it baised of the dre ...


  • The result from this "facharbeit"

    Now I`m at the end of my "Facharbeit". I think that it`s now definitivly clear and understandable what the director wants to tell with "American beauty".In the end I think this is a film, which reflects in a well done way the divergence of a family..... The dream to live free ,to be succsessful, to don`t be ordinary and to don`t have any responsibilty and all the consequences of this dreams was "picked out as a central theme." (vgl: ww ...



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