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  • The firm - john grisham

    SUJECT: The story is about a young lawyer, who thinks that his first job as lawyer, is just perfect. But with the time he realised that he brought himself and hise wife into deep troubles. SUMMARY: This story is set in 1985, although it was written in 1981. John Grisham tells us a story of the Mafia and a young student out of law school who could have any firm in the country but choose lowly Bendini, Lambert and Locke. This man is ...


  • The street lawyer - john grisham

    SUJECT: The story is about a lawyer, who gets confronted with the problems of homeless people. At the beginning he was just a normal, rich lawyer who worked for a big law office(D&S), but an incident with a homless changed his life completly and made him to a fighter for the rights of homeless people. SUMMARY: The story starts with the scene as Michael Brock, the main character, enters an elevator. He gets pursued by an homeless person ...


  • Ray bradbury - fahrenheit 451

    THE AUTHOR Ray Bradbury was born in Waukegan, Illionois, on August 22, 1920. Even as a child, he was fascinated by monsters, circuses, dino-saurs and the red planet, Mars. After an encounter with a carnival in 1932, he started writing sociocritical short stories and in the 1940 he was making a living out of story-writing: in 1944 he sold about forty stories for a total of $800. Ray Bradbury is father of two daughters and married to a form ...


  • Pros of marks

    Today I want to tell you about the pros of number marks. That there is no misunderstanding for you: I mean with number marks the marks we have that means the marks from one to five. I am for marks because they are a payment for hard work but sometimes also for cheating but that is not the theme. In my opinion good marks are motivating for the pupil who gets them but also for the others in the class because they want to get as good marks as t ...


  • The shining by stephen king

    A book report from Christian Winkler Biography Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, 1947 at the Maine General Hospital in Portland Maine. His parents were Donald Edwin King and Ruth Pillsbury King. Stephen was the only natural born child in the family and his older brother David had been adopted at birth two years earlier. The Kings were the typical family until one night Donald was ...


  • Colonial period america

    Two main factors contributed to the colonization of North America by British settlers: The trading initiative of commercial companies and the religious intolerance in the mother country, which compelled persecuted sects to find refuge in the New World. Virginia was the first permanent colony to be founded by the English in America. Despite great hardship resulting from malaria, famine and from the hostility of the Indians, the colony gradually ...


  • Independence of america

    1.2.1 Conflict with the British Parliament When the British government began to lay duties on the import of tropical products in order to meet the heavy debt incurred in the British colonial war against France, this policy was passionately resented in the colonies. On the principle of "no taxation without representation" (i.e. in Parliament), the colonies opposed the Stamp Act, a tax imposed on newspapers and legal documents. In 1773, the ca ...


  • Civil war (war of secession) of america

    Causes of the war were the economic servitude of the South in relation to the North and the slavery issue. Like the West , the financially weak South was dependent for the development of its industry on Northern capital, which was provided only at high interest, since the North did not wand to endanger its industrial supremacy. 1.3.1 The Slavery Issue Slavery was first introduces into the colonies in 1619 in Virginia. In the War of Indepe ...


  • Industrial revolution and big business (1800-1914) - america

    1.4.1 Industrial Development The Industrial Revolution was accelerated by American inventions (e.g. Bell's telephone, Edison's electric bulb,.) Transportation helped to open up the continent rapidly. Canals, and transcontinental Railways helped to colonize even the most distant region. American agriculture became the most efficient in the world through American inventions. For instance the cotton gin or the binding and threshing machines, w ...


  • World war i (1914-1918) - and america - world war ii (1939-1945)

    Under president Wilsons cabinet America joined the first World War to help the French against the Germans. President Wilson was keen on to make the World "safe" and to fight all non- Democratic countries. After the War was won President Wilson made Fourteen Points which helped to bring about the German surrender, proposing a peace founded upon honour and justice. After the War the USA became a naval power. Her economy had developed immensely th ...


  • Economy of america

    The US economy is the worlds most advanced in automation. Despite considerable competition from Japan it still leads in the most important fields of production. The US industry is based on the capitalist system, which has always been favoured by the nations, including the working classes, perhaps because free enterprise, with its hazards as well as its possibilities, appeals more to the character of a pioneer nation than the restrictions of a ...


  • Cars and america

    In 1885, an obsession began. Daimler and Benz were regarded as the creator of the petrol driven engine, but it was the American Henry Ford who began the mass production of cars, making the motor car available to everyone. This began an obsession which is still as strong today. 90 years later, the huge continent of USA, with its many thousands of miles of highways is producing millions of cars every year. 2.2.1 The Car as a Lifestyle The 1 ...


  • Guns and america

    2.3.1 Where did the American passion for guns originate? When the original thirteen colonies that were America in the 1770s decided to unite and refuse to pay homage and taxes to the King of England, it was the peoples ability to defend themselves against the British and mercenary army that allowed them to declare their independence and write their own constitution. Many Americans, therefore, regard the right to own and bear arms as a fundam ...


  • The american society

    2.4.1 The American Dream of a Classless Society One of the chief factors which have formed American society is the belief in the equality of all human beings characteristic of the Age of Reason, the period when the USA was formed. This idea is the philosophical root of the American dream of a classless society where the common man is free to build his life in accordance with his natural abilities. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness a ...


  • Animal farm -remko rausch

    About the author: George Orwell, whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair, was born on June 26th, 1903, in India. During his life he worked in lots of different professions. Most of them referred to writing or reporting. His first novel (Burmese Days) was published in 1934. In 1937 he went to Spain to fight on the side of the Republicans in the Civil War. During WW II he worked for the BBC. His most popular books are Animal Farm and 1984 (1949). ...


  • London facts

    Facts: London is Europe´s largest city, with almost 7 million people. London city is the capital of the United Kingdom. It is situated in Southeastern England along the Thames River. London´s climate is generally mild an damp. The region around London is one of the driest parts of Britain. The average is annual rainfall is only 750 mm/m2. The weather is generally cloudy and foggy. London has warmer summers than most of the island. The urban t ...


  • Aborigines - -

    Aborigine history pre 1788 The Aboriginal people lived in Australia for about 50 000 years. Before 1788, when the whites came to Australia, Aborigines lived near rivers and the coast, especially in the south of Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, in the north of the Northern Territory and in the east of Queensland. They got their food out of the ocean and the rivers, and were hunting, though they respected animals and nature. ...


  • Remembering babylon by david malouf

    Plot In the beginning of the book, three children find a white man, who looks like an Aborigine. They take him to their village and the settlers become very interested in the stranger, who can only remember a few words of English and acts in a strange kind of way. After they find out that his name is Gemmy and that he was thrown off a ship and found by an Aboriginal tribe. He had followed them everywhere, learned their language and became ...


  • Walkabout by james vance marshall-

    The book Walkabout, which is based on a true story, was first published in 1959 by Michael Joseph with the name \"The children\". A walkabout is a test for Aboriginal boys. At the age of 13 or 14 they have to leave their tribes for about six to eight month to show that they are able to survive in the desert. Only the strongest boys survive and are able to get back to their families. When they come back they are men. Plot The story takes plac ...


  • The white australia - the discovery of australia

    The first \"official\" explorer was Captain Willem Jansz from The Netherlands. He arrived in Queensland in 1606. In the next few years other Captains from The Netherlands arrived in Australia and they called the new continent New Holland. In these days no-one had an idea, that the new found continent was that huge, and so no-one was interested in it. In 1642 Abel Tasman arrived in Tasmania, but he didn\'t know that it was just an island and so h ...



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