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  • From independence to the present day

    A peace agrement was reached between the Republicans and the Irish goverment. This agreement devided the country into two self-govering areas Northern and Southern Ireland. Northern Ireland (6 counties in Ulster) and Republic of Eire (23 counties + 3 in Ulster). The two new states had their own parliaments, but nevertheless Northern Ireland was part of United Kingdom.The IRA ( Irish Republic Army) refused to accept this devision and there w ...


  • The chocolate war!

    Persons: Renault: He is a young boy, who attend a new school and who gets a lot of problems because of a secret club. Brother Leon: He is a very strict and conservative teacher and he is very unfriendly. Archie: He is a member of the secret club and he does a lot of things for the club and everyone does what he orders him. Summary: Jerry Renault is a young boy, who has to attend a new school. It is a Catholic High school in a small town, ...


  • The client author: john grisham.

    OTHER INFORMATION: The book was first published by Century in the United Kingdom in 1993. The story is told by an omniscient narrator who shifts in the point of view. The story contains fory-two chapters. TYPE: novel SUBJECT: The story takes place in Memphis and tells about an eleven-year-old boy, Mark Sway, whom a secret is told where the corp of a US senator is hidden. Together with his lawyer, Reggie Love, they fight against the FBI, b ...


  • The iron curtain

    At the end of World War II, the USSR had the largest army, the world had ever seen. But Mother Russia was destroyed just as completely Europe. 27 Mio. Soviets were killed and 70000 Russian villages were burned down. 6 Mio. Jews were killed in concentration camps. Great Britain became totally impoverished. 20 % of the Polish population were dead. In contrast to all the negative effects, the USA became the largest industry power in hi ...


  • Marshall-plan 47-52

    In February 1947, Britain informed the United States that London is ending aid to Greece and Turkey. U.S. President Harry Truman then seized the moment. Truman successfully authorized $400 million in aid for Turkey and Greece. He also established the Truman Doctrine -- a clear distinction between the capitalist and communist worlds. During George Marshall's (Minister of foreign affairs since 21.1.47) journey through Europe, he recognized the ...


  • Berlin 48-49

    Berlin after World War II : Nearly everything was destroyed, not one house to see which wasn't damaged by the bombs. At night it was bombed by GB, at day by USA. Berlin was divided into 4 zones. A British, French, Soviet and American. The only place where capitalist and communist forces came into direct contact. To integrate Germany into the western world, USA planned to introduce the "Deutsche Mark". It was realized on June the 18th '48. The So ...


  • Korean war

    The surrender of Japan at the end of World War II also meant an end to 35 years of Japanese occupation in Korea. As they had in Germany, Soviet and U.S. troops liberated Korea -- and agreed to divide the nation along the 38th parallel as a temporary measure. But as both sides withdrew their troops, they also set up rival governments, creating the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea in the North, and the Republic of Korea in the South. Meanwhi ...


  • The hydrogen bomb and the nuclear age

    In August 1949, the United States found itself shocked to discover the Soviet Union has broken Washington\'s atomic monopoly. The new Soviet bomb was developed quickly, thanks to the acquisition of U.S. atomic secrets by Soviet agents. The bomb also signaled the start of the nuclear arms race between the Cold War rivals. The consideration to build a bomb with unlimited explosive yield, fascinated and shocked U.S. scientists at the same time and ...


  • Cuba war

    Throughout the 1940s and \'50s, the Caribbean island of Cuba had been a playground for the United States. Cuban land and industry were almost entirely owned by U.S. corporations. But after years of guerrilla fighting against the dictatorship of Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista, revolutionary forces headed by Fidel Castro entered Havana in January 1959. Castro made U.S. industries on Cuba in the value of 1 Mia. Dollars to his own. Eisenhower there ...


  • Vietnam

    For eight years, Vietnam was a colonial battleground -- as France fought a nationalist movement led by Ho Chi Minh. Despite financial backing from the United States, the French lost control of Vietnam in 1954 -- after a Vietnamese force captured the French outpost at Dien Bien Phu. An international peace conference in Geneva temporarily divided Vietnam into a communist-led North and non-communist South To unite Vietnam, the guerrilla organisatio ...


  • Mutual assured destruction

    The fundament of the cold war was to live in a peace, assured by the knowledge that each side was able to eliminate the other. So it seemed to be a never ending armament. The arms-potential meanwhile was so high, that mankind could be eliminated with the push of one button. 12 B-52 circled over the Atlantic for 24 hours the day and 365 days the year ready to attack immediately. 182 Intercontinental rockets (at the time of the Cuba Crisis) of th ...


  • Détente and freeze

    By the end of the 1960s, the United States and Soviet Union faced a choice: slow down their Cold War competition -- a process that would be called détente -- or continue an arms race that could end in all-out war. In 1969 a new U.S. president, Richard Nixon, came to power. Nixon had new ideas about how to make the Cold War less dangerous. He was ready to accept the Soviet Union as America\'s nuclear equal. In Moscow, Communist Party chief Leoni ...


  • The color purple: sandra hannesschlaeger

    Book Report TITLE: The Color Purple AUTHOR: Alice Walker - she was born in Georgia in 1944. In her poetry and novels, Alice W. dramatically shows the unfair treatment and racism of black women. Her novel "The Color Purple" won the Pulitzer Prize and the American Award for Fiction. Other books written by A.W.: Meridian, possessing the secret of joy, the temple of my familiar,. It was published by POCKET ...


  • Bourgeois and proletarians

    9: Marx felt that the revolutions of 1848 marked a major turning point, as isnow undisputed. He sets out to trace the patterns which have run through all ofpreceding history. Unsurprisingly, he considers exclusively European societies,beginning with the classical world. What does he say is the main source ofconflict throughout history? How does he say the bourgeoisie has differed inthe way it has affected this pattern of conflict? He explains how ...


  • Proletarians and communists

    22: What does Marx say the relationship of the Communists to the proletarians asa whole is? In what ways are they different from other working-class parties? What are their immediate aims? 23: Marx argues that his theories are not mere intellectual inventions butscientifically provable facts. What effect might it have on political debate ifone believes that one\'s arguments are irrefutable fact? Marx now sets himselfto answer many of the most c ...


  • The conflict in northern ireland-

    After Ireland was divided into Northern Ireland (Ulster) and the Republic of Ireland in1949, both governments tried to ease the situation. Ulster, for example, took part in several British industrial projects and, consequently, the economic situation improved. In 1965 the head of the Republic of Ireland and North Ireland met in Dublin. This was the first meeting of members of both governments after the division of Ireland. This meetin ...


  • Book report: "the cool boffin" written by pete johnson

    Summary Richard Hodgson has been a boffin for the first fifteen years in his life which means to try to be a good boy always and everywhere and to suppose that school is the only meaning of life. So he has only a few friends and is rather unpopular. Then one day as Richard waits at the bus-stop he decides suddenly not to go to school and stumbles towards the common. He thinks about all the humiliation he has to take at school and dreams a ...


  • James joyce the dead

    Author James Joyce was born in Dublin on 2nd February 1882. He was the oldest of ten children in a family which, after brief prosperity, collapsed into poverty. He was none the less educated at the best Jesuit schools and then at University College, Dublin, where he gave proof of his extraordinary talent. In 1902, following his graduation, he went to Paris, thinking he might attend medical school there. But he soon gave up attending lectures a ...


  • The dead poets society by n. h. .kleinbaum

    The Author: N. H. Kleinbaum, a graduate of the Medill school of journalism at Northwesetern University, is a former newspaper reporter and editor. Her other novelizations include the Bantam Starfire title Growing Pains and D.A.R.Y.L. She lives in Mt. Kisco, New York, with her husband and three children. Summary: It was the first day at Welton Academy in 1959. When all pupils were in their rooms Neil Perry got to kn ...


  • The development of letters and books

    0.1 Letters 0.1.1 Why was a writing system introduced? The primary cause for inventing writing was to record official matters such as taxes, payments for trading goods or details of ownerships. It took nearly three thousand years after the invention until people began to use writing in more imaginative ways such as for poetry or literary works. 0.1.2 First beginnings ... In Mesopotamia About 5,500 years ago, the Sumerians in ...



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