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  • Australia - areas and regions

    Australia is the fifth and smallest continent. It covers approximately 7.700.000 square kilometres, the mainland is almost 4.000 kilometres from west to east and over 3.000 kilometres from north to south. Most of the land is very flat. The very old Western Plateau is generally only 300 metres above sea-level and is mostly desert or semi-desert. In general Austrlia's climate has a mild drought or dry period every five years and a bad one evrey ...


  • Sydney: big city life

    Why do so many Europeans seem to think that sidney is the capital of asutralia? Because it's the largest city in the country? Or is it because most foreigners make Sidney their first stop on a visit to Australia? Maybe it's because of sidneys cultural scene. The opera house, for example, is internationally famous. Whatever the reason , there's no doubt that this beautiful and lively city has a lot to offer - the sun and the sea, to name just ...


  • The opera house australia

    One of the most famous buildings in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. It is on Bennelong Point where the First Fleet arrived in 1788. the white sails of the building stand out against the sky and the blue of the Harbour's water. It's design and the engineering techniques used while building it are very special in the world. There were many problems during the building period. The architect , Joern Utzon, who won the competition for des ...


  • Tasmania - australia

    Tasmania is sometimes called " The Apple Isle", as the climate is much cooler and milder than the rest of Australia , and excellent apples are grown there. The difference in climate is because Tasmania is the most southern state of Australia and, therefore, furthest from the Equator, and it is an island. It is separated from the mainland by Bass Strait., a narrow shallow channel of water that is very dangerous when there are storms. It is abou ...


  • Australia - -

    1. Important Facts Welcome to my presentation about Australia. First I would like to tell you some facts about Australia so that you get a better idea about it. Australia is a own continent. 18,5 million people live there on 7,682 squarekilometres of land. On average there are only 2,3 inhabitants per squarekilometre. In Europe for example there are 132,5 people per squarekilometre. Australia consists of 8 federals. The capital city is Ca ...


  • Australia's history-

    Australia is a country of contrasts. It is as big as the USA without Alaska, but has only 17,1 millions inhabitants. The first humans, who already came 40.000 years ago, were the aboriginal inhabitants from Asia. But its written history began only 200 years ago with the beginning of the colonisation of the continent through the Europeans in the seventeenth century. In 1606 a Dutch ship docked on the west coast and further Dutchs followed. Ab ...


  • Australian justice system

    . Background 1996. Australian population is about 50% of non Anglo-Saxon heritage - it takes about 2 generations of natural born children of European or Asian ancestry to feel as one with a new nation, with a new culture - these generations are now nearly there but they are not taking to the Anglo-Saxon Australians and that is a concern - because with a 50% mix of Anglo-Saxons and non Anglo-Saxons no one can afford to ignore the fact that somet ...


  • Australian national parks

    The first laws to protect the country\'s scenic areas were passed in Tasmania in 1863. In 1879, the Royal National Park was established south of Sydney - Australia\'s first, and the world\'s second national park. Since then, about 3200 national parks have been created in Australia and Tasmania, covering more than 40 million hectares land - 5.3 percent of the Australian land mass. Most Australian national parks are within easy reach of main c ...


  • Austrian cuisine

    Regionales Cuisines Viennese Cuisine Viennese Restaurant Viennese Coffehouse Viennese Beisel Viennese Heuriger Hot dog stand and Pastry Shop Welcome to Viennese Cuisine A small taste of Vienna's many culinary delights Eat your cake and have it too REGIONAL CUISINES Austrian cuisine in general: It is the culinary reflection of an ethnically mixed people who, during the many centuries ...


  • What is austrian culture?

    Sprache: österreichische Dialekte - kein Hochdeutsch Musik: klassische Musik (Wien, Salzburg, Graz), Volksmusik, Musikvereine, Wiener Sängerknaben - Vienna Boys choir Architektur: Hundertwasser, Otto Wagner, österreichische Schule der Architektur, Schlösser, Burgen, usw. Theater, Opernhäuser Malerei Essen: Wiener Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarren, Mahlzeiten (Aufteilung), Kaffehäuser (Zeitung lesen, viel Zeit dort verbringen), Weinkultur Heuriger ...


  • Autism

    Autism is a neurological disorder, that typically appears during the first 3 years of life. It affects functioning of the brain what causes physical, social and language skills. Autism interferes with the normal development of the brain in the areas of reasoning, social interaction and communication skills. The disorder makes it hard for autistic people to communicate with others and relate to the outside world. They are withdrawn and self pr ...


  • What is autism?

    Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life. The result of a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain, autism and its associated behaviors have been estimated to occur in as many as 1 in 500 individuals (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1997). Autism is four times more prevalent in boys than girls and knows no racial, ethnic, or social boundaries. Family ...


  • Is there more than one type of autism?

    Several related disorders are grouped under the broad heading \"Pervasive Developmental Disorder\" or PDD-a general category of disorders which are characterized by severe and pervasive impairment in several areas of development (American Psychiatric Association 1994). A standard reference is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), a diagnostic handbook now in its fourth edition. The DSM-IV lists criteria to be met for a specific diagnosis u ...


  • What causes autism?

    Researchers from all over the world are devoting considerable time and energy into finding the answer to this critical question. Medical researchers are exploring different explanations for the various forms of autism. Although a single specific cause of autism is not known, current research links autism to biological or neurological differences in the brain. In many families there appears to be a pattern of autism or related disabilities- which ...


  • How is autism diagnosed?

    There are no medical tests for diagnosing autism. An accurate diagnosis must be based on observation of the individual\'s communication, behavior, and developmental levels. However, because many of the behaviors associated with autism are shared by other disorders, various medical tests may be ordered to rule out or identify other possible causes of the symptoms being exhibited. Since the characteristics of the disorder vary so much, ideally a ...


  • What are people with autism like?

    Children within the pervasive developmental disorder spectrum often appear relatively normal in their development until the age of 24-30 months, when parents may notice delays in language, play or social interaction. Any of the following delays, by themselves, would not result in a diagnosis of a pervasive developmental disorder. Autism is a combination of several developmental challenges. The following areas are among those that may be affecte ...


  • What are the most effective approaches? - autism

    Evidence shows that early intervention results in dramatically positive outcomes for young children with autism. While various pre-school models emphasize different program components, all share an emphasis on early, appropriate, and intensive educational interventions for young children. Other common factors may be: some degree of inclusion, mostly behaviorally-based interventions, programs which build on the interests of the child, extensive us ...


  • Autism - is there a cure?

    Understanding of autism has grown tremendously since it was first described by Dr. Leo Kanner in 1943. Some of the earlier searches for \"cures\" now seem unrealistic in terms of today\'s understanding of brain-based disorders. To cure means \"to restore to health, soundness, or normality.\" In the medical sense, there is no cure for the differences in the brain which result in autism. However, better understanding of the disorder has led to the ...


  • What is the autism society of america?

    Founded in 1965 by a small group of parents, the Autism Society of America (ASA) continues to be the leading source of information and referral on autism and the largest collective voice representing the autism community for more than 33 years. Today, more than 24,000 members are connected through a volunteer network of over 240 chapters in 50 states. The mission of the Autism Society of America is to promote lifelong access and opportunities f ...


  • The asa foundation

    The Autism Society of America Foundation (ASAF) was founded with the primary mission to raise and allocate funds for research to address the many unanswered questions about autism. We are still far from fully understanding autism and knowing how to prevent it. The ASAF has implemented action on several pressing autism research priorities as areas of initial focus: developing and publicizing up-to-date prevalence statistics; quantifying the soci ...



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