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  • Kurt vonnegut

    Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. was born November 11, 1922, in Indianapolis, Indiana, the son of, Kurt Vonnegut, Sr., a successful architect, and Edith Sophia Vonnegut. He had two older siblings, a brother Bernard, and a sister Alice. Fourth-generation Germans, the Vonnegut children were raised with little, if any, knowledge about their German heritage - a legacy, Kurt believed, of the anti-German feelings vented during World War I. With America\'s entr ...


  • Sloughterhouse5

    Slaughterhouse-Five; or The Children\'s Crusade, A Duty Dance With Death is surely the best achievement of Kurt Vonnegut and even one of the most acclaimed works in modern American literature. It is a very personal novel which draws upon Vonnegut\'s own experience in World War Two. Vonnegut manages to tell the reader many things and it is hard to decide, what exactly is the main theme. It is a novel about war, abo ...


  • Mother night

    Mother Night is Vonnegut\'s third novel and centers on an American playwright, Howard Campbell, who finds himself in Germany when WWII erupts. Rather than return to the States he is convinced by an American secret agent to remain in Germany as a spy while posing as a Nazi propagandist.He does this job all too well and is considered by many to be one of the most powerful war criminals. After the war he returns home and plods along in obscurity, ...


  • Cats craddle

    This 127 chapter novel is the story of Hoenikker family and the ultimate destruction of the world. Felix Hoenikker is the man responsible for creating the doomsday device known as \"Ice-9.\" The Ice-9 is unique in that it freezes water at a much higher temperature. After his death, the children go their seperate ways only to wind up on the Caribbean island of San Lorenzo when Frank Hoenikker gives Ice-9 to San Lorenzo\'s dictator, Papa Monzano ...


  • Las vegas -

    General: Las Vegas, the capital the US State of the Hoover dam and the Lake Mead recreation area are situated. A historical museum documents history Nevadas of 12000 v. chr. Until approximately 1950, and a natural history museum shows over Nevada, is the commercial centre of the surrounded desert region. Famous it particularly is as tourist and entertainment centre with luxury hotels and play casinos. The city is seat of higher educational f ...


  • Laser technology

    What means the word LASER ? LASER is the abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser emission results from a special type of interaction of light with atoms. The difference to normal light is that laser light is a monochromatic coherent light. That means all light waves are in step with each other. Another difference is that all rays of the laser light are parallel and of the same wavelength. The first la ...


  • Layout of a business letter

    0.1 How to write a Business Letter There are different kinds of business letters. But before I talk about the different kinds of letters, I´ll tell you how a business letter should look like. 0.2 Different kinds of business letters 0.3 Different kinds of business letters There are four different kinds of business letters: inquiries and offers, orders and delays & complaints. 0.4 The inquiry Business tractions frequently start wit ...


  • Leisure time in britain

    HOLIDAYS Nearly all British people in full-time jobs have at least a four-week-holiday a year, often in two or three separate periods. The normal working week is 35-40 hours, Monday to Friday. People who have to work in shifts with \'unsocial\' hours are paid extra for the inconvenience. More overtime is done (at extra pay) than in most other Western European countries, but there is relatively little \'moonlighting\'- that is, independe ...


  • Leo tolstoy: the author and his times

    Leo Tolstoy was a man of many parts--soldier, sensualist, country nobleman, writer, teacher and social critic, and, not least, benevolent patriarch. Photographs taken of him in his later years show a fearsome-looking man with long hair and a flowing beard, dressed in peasant\'s clothes, surrounded by his wife and children. In writing his panoramic novels of Russian life, Tolstoy drew heavily on his varied experiences. Indeed, he gav ...


  • Anna karenina: the plot

    Anna Karenina has two parallel plots rather than one story line. Tolstoy builds his book on the personal quests of Anna and Levin, his two principal characters. For much of the book, their paths are separate; in fact, they don\'t meet until the end of the book, when the differences between them are especially glaring. The book begins with a domestic crisis. Stiva, Anna\'s brother, has been caught again cheating on his wife. An ...


  • Anna karenina: anna arkadyevna karenina

    Rarely in literature is a character so utterly ruined as Anna Karenina. Beautiful and unaffected, she becomes deceptive, jealous, and spiteful. The change in her will probably horrify you, yet even when Anna is destructive she arouses your compassion. In conflict with her mixed-up society, she has no resources against the turmoil within her. She fights a magnificently tough but losing battle. As you will note, there are numero ...


  • Anna karenina: konstantin dmitrich levin (kostya)

    Levin is the hero of Anna Karenina. In fact, some readers believe Anna was created by Tolstoy primarily to point up Levin\'s superiority. Where Anna maneuvers hysterically to achieve the perfect romance, Levin strives to find coherence in life and death, love and work. Anna is a portrait of alienation; Levin finds harmony with those around him. In Anna, you see the moral collapse of urban society; in Levin, you see Tolstoy\'s hopes ...


  • Anna karenina: count alexey kirilich vronsky

    Vronsky is described (by Kitty\'s father) as \"a perfect specimen of Saint Petersburg gilded youth.\" He is an aristocrat, a soldier, a horseman, and a womanizer. He has charm to burn, polish to spare, and looks that comrades envy. In his time and place, he is far from unusual. As Kitty\'s father puts it, men like Vronsky \"are a dime a dozen.\" But Vronsky\'s affair with Anna Karenina sets him apart from his peers. Many reade ...


  • Anna karenina: prince stepan arkadyevich oblonsky (stiva)

    \"Everything was upset in the Oblonskys\' house,\" Tolstoy writes at the beginning of Anna Karenina--and it\'s all because of Stiva, Anna\'s brother. Dolly, Stiva\'s wife, has learned of yet another of his love affairs, and this time she\'s threatening divorce. Stiva is charming and sentimental. He loves good food, good wine, lively conversation, music, the theater, parties--and women. Everyone likes Stiva, he is so much fun to ...


  • Anna karenina: princess catherine alexandrovna

    Kitty finds her deepest happiness in being a wife and mother, a role for women that Tolstoy favored. Absolutely clear about her place, she brings harmony to her home and peace of mind to her husband. She has an instinctive appreciation for the human cycle--birth, life, death--and does not fear it. Though not well-read, Kitty is very intelligent and extremely practical. She has abiding faith and trust in the goodness of God. ...


  • Anna karenina: princess darya alexandrovna

    Dolly is Kitty\'s sister, Stiva\'s wife, and Anna\'s sister-in-law. She represents the long-suffering betrayed wife and devoted mother. In many ways, Dolly is heroic. She makes do with little money, she raises good children, she is, in general, clear--though unhappy--about her lot in life. Her husband\'s infidelities have robbed her of dignity, financial and emotional security, and a sense of herself as an attractive woman. Yet sh ...


  • Anna karenina: alexey alexandrovich karenin

    Karenin is obsessed with appearances, with doing what is \"correct,\" with order. He is very rational, and has hardly any imagination. He\'s ponderous rather than passionate and is frightened of strong emotions. By the end, Karenin is pathetic. He and Anna have a proper marriage. Their ways are regular and their household is prosperous, but the sexual charge between them is essentially dead. This is fine with Karenin--he does ...


  • Anna karenina: setting

    The setting of Anna Karenina shifts back and forth between the city and the countryside. Tolstoy believed that the land was Russia\'s most precious asset and that country life was the truly Russian way of life. His use of setting in the novel is closely tied to this theme. In the city, Tolstoy shows you a shallow, hypocritical drawing-room society made up mostly of idle aristocrats, bureaucrats, and \"professional social gadflie ...


  • Anna karenina: themes

    \"I will write a novel about a woman who commits adultery,\" Tolstoy reportedly said to his wife as he began Anna Karenina. But his concerns were broader than that, and in telling Anna\'s story, he touches on a number of important themes. 1. MARRIAGE Many readers think Anna Karenina is the greatest novel about marriage ever written. Tolstoy draws portraits of three marriages: Dolly and Stiva\'s, Anna and Karenin\'s, Kitty ...


  • Anna karenina: style

    Henry James (whose novels are models of structural clarity and symmetry) once referred to Tolstoy\'s War and Peace as a \"loose and baggy monster.\" He might have said the same about Anna Karenina, which, like War and Peace, is an epic, a sweeping story on a grand scale. On the other hand, Anna Karenina is more compact than War and Peace, and might be said to be a psychological rather than a historical epic. It\'s easy to imagine Tol ...



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