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  • The biographical background

    'The Ballad of Reading Gaol' is strongly connected with Oscar Wilde's biography. This section tries to throw light on the most important turning point in his life, the time in prison, as well as on the effects this experience had on his thinking and writing. 2.1 Oscar Wilde - Playboy and Prophet? When taking a closer look at the life of Oscar Wilde it is very likely that one discovers the striking duality in the personality of that ...


  • Analysis of 'the ballad of reading gaol'

    In 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol' Oscar Wilde digests his experiences in prison but it can also be understood as a tribute to "that original [homosexual] community of men [which] [...] provide[s] the spectacle of their banishment from polite society" (Gagnier, 140). The factual background is the execution of Charles Thomas Wooldridge who had murdered his wife. His execution took place in Reading Gaol during the time of Wilde's imprisonment. B ...


  • The beatles -

    Die Rock- und Popband \"The Beatles\" bestand aus den vier Mitgliedern John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison und Ringo Starr. John Lennon wird am 9.10.1940 als Sohn des Waisenjungen Fred Lennon und seiner Frau Julia geboren. Er w"chst jedoch bei seiner Tante Mimmi auf, da sich seine Eltern nicht um ihn k�mmern. Seine Begeisterung f�r Musik wird durch eine Gitarre geweckt, die er von seiner Mutter zum 10. Geburtstag bekommt. ...


  • Frontiers of science

    Scientists try to penetrate natural phenomena with their understanding, seeking to reduce all complexity to a few fundamental laws. The cool rationality of science and technology has pervaded and transformed the world to such an extent that it could destroy human life. The creed of the ¡§fundamentalists¡¨ has lost its exclusive attractiveness because of the great unifying success in modern science (e.g.: elementary particle physics, molecular ge ...


  • What do we mean by chaos?

    In simple terms the system has gone out of control. There is no way to predict its long time behaviour. The surprise: The sequence is determined by its initial value - and yet, it cannot be predicted other than by letting it run. The problem is that any real description of the initial size of the sequence, its representation in a computer for instance, can only be given with finite precision. The process can be viewed as an unfolding of informati ...


  • The history of fractals before mandelbrot

    Like new forms of life, new branches of mathematics and science don't appear from nowhere. The ideas of fractal geometry can be traced to the late nineteenth century, when mathematicians created shapes (sets of points) that seemed to have no counterpart in nature. By a wonderful irony, the "abstract" mathematics descended from that work has now turned out to be more appropriate than any other for describing many natural shapes and processes. Per ...


  • Who is this "mandelbrot", anyway?

    While many pure and applied mathematicians advanced these trends, it is Benoit B. Mandelbrot above all who saw what they had in common and pulled the threads together into the new discipline. He was born in Warsaw in 1924, and moved to France in 1935. In a time when French mathematical training was strongly analytic, he visualised problems whenever possible, so that he could attack them in geometric terms. He attended the Ecole Polytechnique, th ...


  • The big sleep by raymond chandler

    Chandler's life: Raymond Thornton Chandler was born on 23rd July 1888 in Chicago, Illinois. He spent his youth in Britain, but he became an American citizen in 1956 again. In 1924 Raymond married Pearl Cecily Hurlburt. His first book was published in 1933. He got an award of the Mystery writers of America in 1954. Raymond Chandler died on 26th March in 1959. Characters: Philip Marlow is a private detective and the main character in the ...


  • The bill of rights

    Background information: - based on an important debate in America concerning the political nature of the newly- founded nation - a new nation was formed with a centralized government to coordinate national and foreign policy - 1787 state delegates drew up the Constitution, signed by 39 of the 55 delegates - George Mason, the author of the Declaration of Rights of Virginia, who refused to sign the Constitution, str ...


  • Animal farm george orwell book

    Plot: The book is about a Farm where the animals make a revolution and chase away the farmowner with his family. For a while everything works great and everybody is happy. But on and on the pigs, who make the organization part on the farm, get more and more like humans. They even change \"the seven rules of Animalism\" one by one and in the end the other animals can`t divide them from humans, which used to be their enemies and then are the fri ...


  • Brave new world the book

    The book of Andrew Huxley tells us a story of the future. After 9 years of war, humans decided to build a New World with one state, the "World State" which was ruled by so called "Controllers". For centuries the World State held its principles on community, identity and stability. This means that everyone lives with everyone else in order to identify themselves as a group. They must serve the State and not attempt to change the social syste ...


  • The boy in the river-

    In August 1955 the dead body of a 14 - year - old black boy, named Emmett Till, was found floating in the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi. In this year, compared to the post - Reconstruction period, when thousands of blacks were murdered, lynching was more a rare incident. But this lynching contributed to the occur of the civil rights movement. Till was killed in Money, forty - three years before James Byrd Jr. was murdered in Jasper, als ...


  • The boy, who drank too much-by shep greene

    main characters: Buff: Ousider who came from Canada with his dad and drinks Narrator ( no name is given ): guy who helped buff to cope with his problems Place: somewhere in America Time: about 1970-1980 The narrator of this story was a boy who played hockey. He came from a middle-class family in the USA. He wasn't such a good player. One day Buff Saunders, also a hockey player had an accident on the ice where he lost four tee ...


  • The bridge of san luis rey by thornton wilder

    Thornton Wilder was born in Wisconsin, USA, 1897. He graduated from Yale and then spent a year at the American Academy in Rome. For the next four years Wilder taught French at a preparatory school and later English at Chicago University. During these years he also practised writing as a hobby. Wilder became one of the most popular contemporary American writers. On three occasions within 14 years he won America's most notable literary award, t ...


  • The british colonies in north america (1500 - 1783)

    Structure I. Introduction 1.1 Conditions to settlement II. English settlement 2.1 First attempts of settling 2.2 Jamestown * Tobacco cultivation 2.3 Plymouth 2.4 Massachusetts Bay Company III. Development of the colonies 3.1 Life in the colonies 3.2 Role of religion 3.3 Further development of the colonies * Slavery 3.4 Native Americans IV. Independence 4.1 Conflict with the British parliament 4.2 War of Independence * Dec ...


  • Welsh uprising 1400 - 1416

    Owain Glyn Dwr began a major revolt against English dominance in September 1399. Descended from the Princes of Powys (but a former servant of Richard II) his revolt was closely connected to Henry IV\'s difficulties in establishing a regime. Glyn Dwr co-operated with the English opposition to Henry IV (particularly the great lords of the Welsh march, the Mortimers, who had a claim to be Richard II\'s heirs). He mobilised Welsh national sentiment ...


  • Opposition to henry iv 1403 - 1413

    The Percies, a great northern family, had supported Henry in 1399, but had not expected Richard to be deposed and murdered. They rebelled in 1403, but Henry \'Hotspur\' Percy - acting prematurely and with inadequate support - was defeated and killed by the king at Shrewsbury in 1403. Conspiracies continued: Henry IV arrested and executed Archbishop Scrope of York in 1405, and Hotspur\'s father, the Earl of Northumberland, was crushed at Bramham ...


  • Lollard revolt 1414

    A group of Lollard supporting knights close to the centres of power had existed since the 1380s. By the accession of Henry V (1413-22), persecution by the bishops and the royal courts had taken a heavy toll on the religious dissidents. So, in 1414, a desperate rebellion under Sir John Oldcastle occurred but was easily put down by the king. Oldcastle himself was executed as a traitor and heretic in 1417. ...


  • The battle of agincourt and english claims to the french crown 1415 - 1422

    Although he had to withstand early conspiracies by dissident parties, Henry V\'s accession was chiefly notable for the reactivation of the English claim to the French throne. France was vulnerable because of a civil war between the Dukes of Orleans and Burgundy, and Henry was able to capture the port of Harfleur in 1415. He then marched a small army through France but was caught by a considerably larger French army at Agincourt. Henry defeated ...


  • Henry vi and the dual monarchy of england and france 1422

    Succeeding both his father, Henry V, and his grandfather Charles VI, Henry VI (1422-61) became king of both England and France in 1422 - while still under one year of age. England was ruled effectively by a Regency Council, while in France, the king\'s uncle, John, Duke of Bedford, continued the conquest begun by Henry V. Scots armies played a key role in maintaining French resistance south of the Loire, despite Bedford\'s great victory at Verneu ...



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