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  • Tourism and travelling

    Some people travel on business, others in search of health. But those aren't the ones who fill the Grand Hotels and the pockets of the proprietors. It is those who travel "for pleasure", as the phrase goes. Those who frequent the places where they resort most often find that tourists are, in the main, a gloomy-looking tribe. Only when they can band together and pretend, for a brief, precarious hour, that they are at home, do the majority of tou ...


  • Tourism--

    A hundred years ago tourism hardly existed. Very few people travelled abroad. Holidays are a wonderful chance to relax, have fun and explore new places. By the start of the twenty-first century, around three billion people will go on holidays each year. Tourism creates new jobs and vital income for countries all over the world. Some facts: - Twenty-five per cent of all tourists visit countries in the Developing World - Eighty percent of t ...


  • Tourism in austria

    After three weeks of more or less hard work, we, the pupils of the 6c proudly presented our project Tourism in Austria on the 12th and 13th of March. Some 4th, 5th and all upper classes had the chance to come into the biggest room of our school, which served as a background for many different actions. Since the beginning of the second term, we were collecting material about tourism. There were several groups that worked independant on differ ...


  • Our town by thornton wilder

    Thornton Wilder's play reveals how life is like in a typical small town, in Grover's Corner. It was first published in 1938. At first the stage manager presents the town. He explains where the most important buildings and locations are situated. Afterwards an everyday morning is simulated. You see simultaneously Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs, each on one side of the stage, preparing the breakfast for their families and waking up their children for ...


  • Travelling

    Welcome to our presentation. We are going to tell you something about travelling. For example where you could stay, how to get there, about some popular cities and countries and even their sights. We will start with places where you can stay. Where to stay Before you go on holiday you have to think about where you would like to stay. There are many possibilities for staying. You can spend your holidays at a hotel, at a youth hostel, at a bo ...


  • Treasure island by robert louis stevenson

    author: Robert Louis Stevenson was a scotisch writer. He was born on the 13th of November 1850 in Edinburgh and died on the 3rd of December 1894 in Apia/Samoa. Stevenson studied lawyer but he earned his money with the writing of fabulous traveladventures. Since his childhood St. was consumptive and so he lived in France and in Switzerland because of the better climate. In 1883 he wrote "Treasure Island" which became his biggest success and ma ...


  • Trojan

    Definition: What is a trojan horse and what are it's capabilities? A Trojan Horse is a program, which appears to be a useful tool but is able to do various things hidden in the background without the computer owner knowing. Trojan Horses have been named after the "Trojan Horse" in Greek Mythology; a wooden horse was left behind by Troy's besiegers. Not knowing that the Greek had been hiding inside the horse. The people of Troy moved the horse ...


  • True confessions of adrian albert mole written by sue townsend

    Before I\'m going to start introducing the book\'s persons I want to say in advance that this is not a \"common\" book with a clear plot. This book consists of several, temporal and regarding content, not connecting extracts of Adrian Mole\'s dairy written between 1984 an 1989, between the time he was 16 and 21. This book-report is going to fit to this lack of action and is going to concentrate on the persons, especially on A. Mole. Sometimes ...


  • Truman show

    Jim Carrey, main actor of the "Truman Show" is known for comedies like "The Mask", "Dumb and Dumber" or the "Cable Guy". He is famous for weird, but funny mimics. This is now his first serious role. The film deals with a 24h show about the life of Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey), filmed without his knowledge. From his birth on he has been filmed. He lives in a huge studio, a dome on the hills of Hollywood. It is equipped with every means of techno ...


  • Television --

    TV is very important for many people. They can´t live without television. The people forget to speak together. Many children watch too much TV and they watch the wrong films. In many films agression comes and this assign of the people. The people are more agressive than 30 years ago. The parents put their children in front of the TV to have their peace. By the children should keep an eye that they watch the right films. There must be a li ...


  • Instead of an introduction - tv

    U.K.; 1993 Two-year-old James Bulger was killed by 2 ten-year-old boys and afterwards found on a railway line covered with blue paint. Some weeks before the father of one of the boys hired a video called \"Child\'s Play 3\" that was lying around at their home. In the film a doll dressed in child\'s clothes is killed on a railway after being covered with blue paint. USA; 1994 Two American runaways killed a man in a random sho ...


  • Consequences of tv !? - violence - biggest problem on tv

    Even if you just watch a few hours of TV, you can\'t miss the fact that violence is everywhere on our TV programmes. Although research shows that violence on TV is worsening and getting more and more many people don\'t think that there is much violence on TV nowadays. But those people are confining their definition of violence to more extreme portrayals. But violence on TV is any scene which shows one or more people hurting another person or ...


  • Children and tv

    Children today are exposed to more violence and unsuitable material on the screen than ever before. With such a wide choice of TV channels and many teenagers having TVs in their bedrooms, parents are finding it harder to control what their children are watching. TV can offer exciting and positive entertainment and opportunites for learning, but it also can have negative influences, especially on a young audience. Therefore the British governme ...


  • New censor chip for american tvs

    The new censor chip is called V-chip, that is short for violence chip, and is placed inside a TV set and censors programmes by reading their classification code. It had been invented by a professor at the University of Vancouver and the US President Clinton signed a Telecommunications Bill which says that from 1998 all new TV sets with a screen size of 13 inches or more sold in America will have to have a V-chip. Clinton had explained this ac ...


  • Videos, the big brothers of tv programmes, and their classification

    By law almost all videos have to be classified and this task fulfils the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). It is the official body responsible for ensuring that all publicly shown films and videos conform to certain standards. Although the BBFC started in 1912, videos have only been classified since 1983 in Great Britain. The exceptional videos that have not to be classified are videos which are educational or are mainly concerned w ...


  • Computer and video games - a part of multimedia

    The games industry is 7 years old and the companies which trade with such games are getting bigger and bigger. The real reason why games are so popular today is that they are good fun, but they can also be very educational. The fact is that, unlike TV, gaming is an active experience for children that requires concentration and mental agility. Games can help players, as a research has shown, learn to think and act quickly and improve the attention ...


  • What about the internet?

    The internet is the most useful but also the most dangerous invention of the 20th century say many people. Today it is the fastest way to communicate or get information about something when you are inside the world wide web (= www). But it can also be misused for dangerous and explicit material. Because of this fear of harming and disturbing people especially children many governments had demanded that the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) elimin ...


  • Oliver twist - charles dickens

    Today I want to speak about the book Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens one of the most important writers of the 19-century wrote this book. Charles Dickens was born in 1812,the first years he lived in a happily childhood, but then his father got imprisoned; the grimmest time of his life began. Charles Dickens worked 2 years in a blacking factory. He described this awful time in the early chapters of the book David Copperfield. Later he worked ...


  • U.n. summit closes with resolution

    The world's presidents, kings and prime ministers came together to an historic three - day U.N. summit in New York. The fitting end of the meeting of about 150 leaders is an eight - page Millennium Declaration, which is a catalog of world's troubles (poverty, war, aids, pollution, human rights violations and more). The declaration says, that the leaders have a duty in the face off all the world's people, especially in the face of the children, an ...


  • Report: "uncle tom's cabin"

    The novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is the most famous work of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Harriet Beecher Stowe was born in Litchfield on June 14th in 1811 and died in Hartford on July 1st in 1896 at the age of 85. Harriet was the seventh child of Roxanne und Lyman Beecher. "Uncle Toms Cabin was published for the first time as continuation novel in an anti-slavery newspaper. 1852 it was published as book and became quickly very popular, e.g. in the Uni ...



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