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  • Babbitt: chapter 31

    Babbitt is unable to make up his mind. At times he thinks fondly of his wife; at other times he feels trapped by her. He is cool to Tanis; when she writes to ask if she has somehow offended him, he irritably asks himself, \"Why can\'t she let me alone?\" Then he decides he must see her. The following day is tense. At the Union Club, Vergil Gunch discusses the Good Citizens\' League but doesn\'t include Babbitt in the conversation. At the off ...


  • Babbitt: chapter 32

    Mrs. Babbitt is annoyed and suspicious when Babbitt returns from his visit with Tanis. Babbitt becomes angry enough to admit that, yes, he has been seeing another woman. It\'s Mrs. Babbitt\'s fault that he has, he says; she makes him feel dull and old. Overwhelmed by this attack, Mrs. Babbitt mournfully concedes that perhaps she has been slightly at fault. Babbitt takes this apology as evidence that he is completely guiltless. Only briefly d ...


  • Babbitt: chapter 33

    That night in bed, Mrs. Babbitt wakes up complaining of a pain in her side. Babbitt calls Dr. Patten, who finds signs of appendicitis. In the face of his wife\'s illness, Babbitt loses whatever courage he still possessed. Though earlier that evening he had been longing to see Tanis, he now looks at his sick wife and realizes he\'s tied to her permanently, for better or for worse. In the morning Dr. Patten returns and tells Babbitt he\'ll ...


  • Babbitt: chapter 34

    To begin this, the final chapter of Babbitt, Lewis draws back to show you not only Babbitt but the city and country he calls home. The Good Citizens\' League has triumphed, especially in Zenith and other midwestern cities. It\'s popular not only among Babbitt and his middle-class friends, but among the very rich, who use it to keep the lower classes in their place. NOTE: LEWIS\'S GRIM VIEW OF ZENITH AND AMERICA This is perhaps Lewis\'s grim ...


  • Sir arthur conan doyle

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on May the 22 1859 in Edinburgh, the capitol of Scotland. First he studied medical at the university of edinburgh and than practices as doctor for a short time. In 1879 he published his first short story and eigth years later his first novel. This novel was his first Sherlock Homes story. Later three other novells and five books with short storys followed. In his whole life Doyle was author of more than 50 book, h ...


  • Sir isaac newton

    Newton was born prematurely on Christmas Day, 1642 (new date: 4th of January 1643) in Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire. His father died before he was born and his mother left him with her new husband while he was still a toddler. His grandfather took care of him and Isaac grew at his farm up. After he attended an elementary school he was sent to a grammar school in Grantham, Lincolnshire. He liked it to experiment e.g. he tried to determine th ...


  • Snowboard

    1.History: The inventor was Jim Burton 1983. Sims also got the idea one week later. The first board was only a piece of wood, a skibinding and skiingboots. That was the first snowboard. After one year there were more trade marks on the market. Nidecker, a Swiss trade mark; Crazy Banana, and many more. If you think the snowboard was very popular in 1985 you\'re wrong. In the first time of snowboarding the skiers watched the snowboarder with a sm ...


  • Snowboarding

    Contents: 1. History / Introduction 2. Technique (general) 3. Technique (details) 4. Three types of snowboards 5. Conclusion 6. Bibliography 1. History / Introduction: Today I¡¦m going to make a presentation about snowboarding. First I will tell you something about the snowboarding¡¦s history: 1929: The first real invention was by M.J. Burchett in 1929. He took a plywood and after he had cut a shape into it, he fixed his feet with h ...


  • Snowbording--

    1. History: Before snowboards were invented, Sherwin Popper constructed the "Snurfer". This sports- utility was made of two skis which were bolted together. Some years later Dimitrije Milovich, who was a professional surfer tried to improve the existing snowboard- developments. So he developed the "Winterstick"- a snowboard which is similar today' s snowboards. Several years later Jake Burton improved the Winterstick, he used ski techn ...


  • Tv & soaps

    To begin with, I would like to give you a short overview of the British Broadcasting System. There are: BBC 1 (British Broadcasting Channel; BBC introduced the first high definition system for broadcasting in 1936, but the first country, that started regular broadcasting, were the USA in 1939) BBC 2 (both are under pulic law) ITV (this is an Independant Chann ...


  • Soccer--

    Soccer, you can also call it football is the most popular ball-game in the world. Every team has 10 players and 1 goalkeeper. In Europe and South-America football is the most popular sport. In North-America, Asia and Africa football is becoming more popular. Since 1930 the best national teams try to win the world-cup-trophy. The first world champion was Uruguay and the best nation is Brazil with 4 titles, 2 second and 2 third positions. The be ...


  • Soccer football

    Football is an 11-a-side field game played with a spherical ball; the most widely played team game in the world and the most popular spectator sport, followed avidly by millions of fans. It is often popularly called "soccer" (especially in the United States) which is a slang term dating from about 1891 as a shortening of "assoc." or "association". Association football is distinguished from American football, Canadian football, Rugby Union, and ...


  • Dead poets society - a novel by n.h. kleinbaum

    It's a very popular story also because of the reason that the book "Dead Poets Society" has been filmed in 1993. - I think many of you have seen the film. The story is fiction but it's written so realistically that you believe it's a true story (non-fiction). The edition of the book I read is the original one. SUBJECT: The story is about a teacher, who wants his pupils to realize that they have to seize the day when they want to have ...


  • Dead poets society - n. h. kleinbaum

    Author: N. H. Kleinbaum graduated at the Medial School of Journalism at Northerewest University. She is a former newspaper reporter and editor. She lives in New York with her husband and her three children. Plot: The story takes place in the Welton Academy, a private school in America. The story is about the problems of boys who attend a boarding school. This school represents four principles: discipline, honour, excellence and tradition. ...


  • Sociology and family

    1) Definitions of sociology and family a) Definition: Sociology The scientific study of human social relations or group life. Other disciplines within the social sciences - including economics, political science, anthropology and psychology - are also topics that fall within the scope of human society. Sociologists examine the ways in which social structures and institutions - such as class, family, community and power - and social problem ...


  • Software-engineering

    Software Engineering ist die praktische Anwendung wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse für die wirtschaftliche Herstellung und den wirtschaftlichen Einsatz qualitativ hochwertiger Software. Wie jedes andere Produkt muss auch Software entwickelt werden. Beim Entwickeln von Software ist ein systematisches, methodisches und strukturiertes Vorgehen extrem wichtig um von Vornherein Fehler zu vermeiden. Diese ingenieurmäßigen Methoden werden Software E ...


  • Solaris (1961)

    More information about Lem Introduction During the Soviet era, Polish writer Stanislaw Lem was the most celebrated SFauthor in the Communist world. Although he read Western SF when he was young, hesoon found it shallow and turned for inspiration to the long tradition ofEastern European philosophical fantasy. Western readers not familiar withthis tradition often misread his works, expecting more action-oriented,technophilic fiction. Solaris ...


  • Some interesting facts about sleeping and dreams

    On average you need 2 minutes to fall asleep. Most people dream 5 times a night, humans will have about 136,000 dreams in a lifetime, spending the equivalent of six years in a REM sleep dream state. Women usually dream much more passive than men do. Students who study and get some good REM sleep retain the information better and longer periods of time students who study longer, but have no sleep. On average people change their ...


  • All my sons by arthur miller

    Author: Arthur Miller was born in Manhattan in 1915 to a Jewish father and received only little education because he had to help his father. After some failed attempts he was admitted to the University of Michigan, where he became interested in literature. Soon he began to write himself and his first famous play and breakthrough was "All My Sons", performed on Broadway in 1947. In 1956 he secretly married Marilyn Monroe and in 1961 he got a di ...


  • South africa in the era of the apartheid

    The logical racial segregation, was introduced after foundation of the South African union in the year 1910 by a bundle of laws, all rights of the black population-majority was restricted on and on. The racial segregation was and is a world-wide problem, the main difference is, that the african Government has created more and more laws against the black population and in the other countries the racial segregation has been developed more or le ...



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