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  • The good earth pearl s. buck

    1., story Pearl S. Buck \"Good Earth\" 2., author Pearl Buck was born in the United States, but was taken to China at an early age by her parents, whose life-work was to preach the Christian religion there. At first they lived in Chinkiang, on the river Yangtse Kiang. By the time she went to boarding school in Shanghai, Pearl felt herself to be one of the Chinese. At the age of seventeen she felt for Europe, and then she co ...


  • The good earth by pearl s.buck

    Author: \"The Good Earth\" was written by Pearl S. Buck, who was born in the United States of America, but since her early age she lived in China the most time of her life and also felt to be one of the Chinese. In 1938 Pearl S. Buck was given the Nobel Price in Literature for \"The Good Earth\". Published: The book was published by Longman. It was first published in 1931. Type of book: ...


  • The grand canyon-

    Today I want to give you a little impression of the Grand Canyon, I'm sure all of you know it. 1.) Establishment "Grand Canyon National Game Preserve", established in 1906, became "Grand Canyon National Park" by an Act of Congress in 1919. The Grand Canyon National Park covers 4931 square kilometers in northwestern Arizona. It includes 170 kilometers of the most colorful part of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. 2.) Geology ...


  • The grass is singing

    Author: Doris Lessing Setting: South Africa, Rhodesia Time: about 40 years ago Plot: At the beginning of this story we get to know about Mary Turner's murder in Rhodesia. She had always had severe problems with her parents but as soon as her sister and brother died, the relationship got better. Mary moved to a girls-house, where she had the nicest time in her life. But one day she heard two girls talking about her. They wondered why sh ...


  • The great gatsby a novel by f. scott fitzgerald

    Table of contents Introduction p. 2 The author p. 2 Background of the 1920s p. 3 List of characters p. 3 The story p. 4 Interpretation p. 5 1.) Introduction This novel is about the superficiality of rich people. The author also treats the conflict between upper-class and working-class people, and the sudden destruction of dreams. Francis Scott Fitzgerald conveys that rich people are not able to lo ...


  • The great gatsby francis scott fitzgerald

    The Author: His Biography  born September 24, 1896 in Saint Paul, Minnesota  F. attended but never graduated from Princeton University where he got in contact with rich peoples from the eastern seaboard  in 1917 he left Princeton and went to the army  in 1920 he married the beautiful Zelda Sayre  Together they enjoyed a rich life of endless parties  Within two years they bec ...


  • The great gatsbyby f.scott fitzgerald

    The author Francis Scott Fitzgerald was was born in St. Paul / Minnesota on 4th September 1896. Because he was not so good at school he was sent to a boarding school in New Jersey. After his time in New Jersey he went to Princeton in 1913, but never graduated. Instead he enlisted in the army in 1917, shortly before the end of the 1st WorldWar. He was stationed in Alabama where he fell in love with a 17-year-old girl, named Zelda Syre. Af ...


  • The hand of god

    The Author Jimmy Burns was born in Madrid in 1953 and educated at Stonyhurst College , Lancashire, and the London School of Economics . His early days in journalism were with Yorkshire Television and the BBC and as a correspondent for the Economist and the Observer . He has worked as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times and on the newspaper´s labour staff , winning the "Industrial Reporter of the Year Award" in 1990. He is curre ...


  • Study guide to margaret atwood: the handmaid's tale (1986)

    Introduction (Wait until this page is completely downloaded before clicking.) Epigraphs,Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Chapter10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapt ...


  • The hippie movement

    1.The Political situation The Vietnam war and the black people's position in the society were the biggest issues in politics in the USA in the sixties. The whole nation was interested in the outcome of these questions. The young John F. Kennedy was elected, with minimal margin, as a president in 1960. He stood for something new and fresh in American politics. He said the famous words: Ask not what your country can do for you, but what ...


  • Working out the theory

    To design and build a spacecraft, you need to be able to figure out how big to make it, how heavy it can be, how fast it will have to go, how much fuel it needs and so forth. For that, you need a theory of how objects move in space and how to make the calculations. Three brilliant men worked out almost all theory of space flight over a period of nearly three centuries - from 1600 to 1900 Johannes Kepler: Was the German mathematician who, in ...


  • Building the first rockets

    Robert Goddard is the first man who built a rocket and is now called "the father of modern rocketry" By contrast to Ziolkovsky, Goddard was the man who designed, built, and flew the rockets. He was a university professor who also developed the theory of rocketry and although he didn\'t know about Ziolkovsky\'s work, reached the same conclusions as Ziolkovsky did. Goddard proved the theory was true. He was also heavily influenced by the science f ...


  • Convincing the world - herman oberth

    Yet another one who, after reading Jules Verne's \"From Earth to the Moon\" as a young boy (age 11 in this case), became determined to find a way to travel space. He independently determined the same rocketry principles as Ziolkovsky and Goddard. The difference with Oberth is that in 1929 he published \"The Rocket Into Interplanetary Space\", a highly influential book that was internationally acclaimed and persuaded the world that the rocket wa ...


  • Taking man into space - wernher von braun

    Together with Oberth and an enormous team of scientists and engineers at Peenemünde, he developed and launched the German A4 rocket, the first rocket capable of reaching space. At the end of World War II, Von Braun led the top scientists and engineers out of Germany to the Americans (he didn\'t want to be captured by the Russians). Von Braun came to the top of the American space development caused by the " Sputnik-Shock" He led the US development ...


  • The principle of the rocket

    Centre of Gravity: Most people have at least an intuitive notion of the centre of gravity (CG) of an object: it is the point on which the object can be perfectly balanced. Grab a broom at one end and the other end tries to drop down; grab it at its centre of gravity, and it stays balanced, neither end tipping over. If you have learned to balance a chair or a broom on the palm of your hand, you know the trick is to place your hand right below the ...


  • Reasons for space exploration

    Here are some reasons. One reason is colonization. In another 20 years it's estimated the population of the earth will reach over 8 billion. We need more places to live and we need the security that we, if the earth will be hit by an asteroid or if a nuclear war destroys our planet, can survive. That's only possible with colonies that are independent. What about industrial settlements on moon, if the industrial settlements are on moon the earth ...


  • Rockets-

    That turns out to be a very general principle: in any object or collection of objects, forces that only involve those objects and nothing else (\"internal forces\") cannot shift the centre of gravity. An astronaut floating in a space suit cannot shift his position without involving something else, e.g. pushing against his spacecraft. The centre of gravity--or \"centre of mass\"--is a fixed point, which cannot be moved without outside help (turnin ...


  • Mercury

    1960: The first Mercury rocket was shot in the December of 1960. It was a Redstone rocket and made a unmanned ballistic flight. 1961: January Shimpanse Ham in the same rocket as Mercury 1 on a ballistic flight on board of Mercury2. April Mercury3 with an Atlas rocket had an unmanned false start. May Alan Shepard was the first American in space; he made a 15-minute ballistic flight with the cap Freedom 7 on Mercury 3 but not wit ...


  • Apollo

    The US-space flight program was very young, as President Kennedy requested the NASA to bring a man to moon before the decade was over. 5 months an 11 days before the period was over, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first men on the moon in 1969. 12 astronauts explored by foot or by vehicle the surface of the moon. They entered new land and got much important scientific information. 1967: January "Apollo 1". The Apollo-project st ...


  • A few facts about the russian space flight

    Sputnik Sputnik 1, launched on October 4, 1957, was the world\'s first artificial satellite. It had a mass of 83.6 kilograms. It was designed to determine the density of the upper atmosphere and return data about the Earth\'s ionosphere However, its two radio transmitters only returned signals to Earth for 21 days. Sputnik 2 was launched on November 3, 1957, and carried aboard it a dog, Laika. This time the satellite weighed 508.3 kilograms. B ...



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