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  • Death penalty today

    The latest discussion about Death Penalty aroused at 11. February 2001 as Earl Washington Jr. could leave the prison in Virginia after 18 years in prison and after 10 years in Death Row. Already in 1994, his innocence could be proved by a DNS - test, but because of another criminal act, the administrative body needed a lot of time with his liberation. Earl Washington Jr. is not the first US - citizen whose execution could be prohibited. ...


  • Death penalty and the human rights

    Maybe you will ask yourself, what has Death Penalty got to do with the human rights? Really a lot! The right to live and the right not to get a cruel, inhuman and degrading sentence is written down in the human rights. Naturally, nobody wants to excuse or play down a crime. Someone who has comitted a crime has to be sentenced, but not to death. States, which had abolished Death Penalty are able to verify this. " I can't believe, that a state ...


  • Pro's and con's of death penalty

    .) Death Penalty is more deterrent than any other sentence: Since today, there's no confirmation for this opinion. Death Penalty could only be a deterrent, if a crime is planned beforehand. This is the only point where you can imagine that the offender could think about the consequences. But most of the killings happen ill - considered, under emotional disorder and not rarely under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In few of the affairs, whe ...


  • Summary of "dead man walking"

    Helen Prejean, a nun, volunteers to write a letter to a prisoner on Death Row. After some time, Helen gets a letter from a young man, called Pat Sonnier. He tells her about his life in prison and about his family. At the moment he is living in a small prison cell where he is spending about 23 hours a day. Nevertheless the inmates on Death Row are much better treated than an ordinary criminal: The meals are much better and they don't have to wor ...


  • Depression

    There must be few people who always feel good about themselves and are completely satisfied with their lives. For others life is more of a struggle. At times they feel complete despair. It is this last group who can be said to be depressed. fãDisliking or even hating yourself. fãDisliking or hating people in general. fãBeing preoccupied with negative thoughts and seeing the worst in everything. fãRather than feeling alive with anger or grie ...


  • Désirée's baby- alternative ending

    ."But, above all," she wrote, "night and day, I thank the good God for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery." Armand stared at the letter. Very slowly his face lost all its color. He could not believe what he saw there. 'It is not true, it is not true. It cannot be so. I do not believe it. I will not believe it. She cann ...


  • The destructors by graham greene

    PLACE; TIME AND MAIN CHARACTERS: The story takes place in Great Britain, more precisely somewhere in London. It happens on a Bank Holiday during the second world war. The most important persons are the members of a gang called the Wormsley Common Gang. Their leader is a boy whose name is Blackie. The boy who has been admitted in the gang as the latest is Trevor. When Trevor says his name, everybody laughs. The gang calls him only T. , s ...


  • Diary of lady macbeth

    June 19th 1059 I heard the good news. Macbeth was again successful and is now moving towards the castle of Macdonwald. That will be a hard battle but I hope Macbeth can defeat him. June 28th Mcdonwald is dead. Another victory for us. I'm proud of Macbeth and glad that nothing happened to him. July 5th I received a letter from Macbeth today. He will move on to the armies of the king of Norway and Scottish traitor. I hope that he will ...


  • Dickens - david copperfield

    The Author Charles Dickens was born at Portsmouth on 7 February 1812, the second of eight children. Dickens' childhood experiences were similar to those depicted in David Copperfield. His father, who was a government clerk, was imprisoned for dept and Dickens was briefly sent to work in a blacking warehouse at the age of twelve. He received little formal education, but taught himself shorthand and became a reporter of parliamentary debates ...


  • Politik der usa

    Vorwort Die Politik der USA sind ein sehr vielschichtiges Thema. Allen Themen, angefangen bei der Unabhängigkeitserklärung bis hin zur Neuzeit, gerecht zu werden ist nahezu unmöglich. Beispielsweise werden bestimmte Akten über den Tod Kennedys bis heute zurückgehalten. Einige Themen sind so umfassend, das es nicht möglich ist, auf bestimmte Sachverhalte näher einzugehen. Außerdem muß man bemerken, das es größtenteils nicht möglich ist zwische ...


  • Die romantik in england (1800-1850)

    1789 war das Jahr der französischen Revolution. Dies löste auch in England eine Freiheitsbewegung aus, die zeitweise in eine nationale Revolution ausarten drohte. Sie brachte den Triumph der Demokratie durch eine Anzahl von wichtigen Reformen: Die Aufhebung der Einschränkungen gegen die Katholiken, der Aufbau eines nationalen Schulsystems und eine wesentliche Verbesserung in der Bildung. In der Literatur brachte diese Bewegung viel mehr m ...


  • Biografie der autorin:

    Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin wurde am 30. August 1797 geboren. Sie verbrachte ihre Kindheit umgeben von berühmten Philosophen und Dichtern und stets war auch die Erwartung da, dass sie selbst ihr Potential irgendwann erfüllen würde. Und dass ein Potential vorhanden war stand außer Frage. Der Grund für all den hohen Besuch war nämlich Marys Vater, der Philosoph und Schriftsteller William Godwin. Aber auch Marys Mutter, die berühmte Feministin ...


  • Die entstehungsgeschichte des werkes

    Den Sommer des Jahres 1816 verbrachten Mary und Percy Shelley zusammen mit dem Dichter Lord Byron, seinem Arzt, John Polidori, und Marys Stiefschwester am Genfer See. Das zunächst hervorragende Wetter verwandelte sich, wegen eines Vulkanausbruches in Indonesien, schlagartig in ein Unwetter, das wochenlang anhielt. Am Abend des 16. Juni verhinderte das katastrophale Wetter Marys und Percys Rückkehr in ihre eigene Unterkunft und so blieben sie di ...


  • San diego

    Last year I had the opportunity to go to San Diego. With Sabrina I could stay in a very hospitally family for three weeks. San Diego, which is located in the farthest south-west close to the mexican border, historically was the first nodal point in the old spanish-California. San Diego is the biggest city in California ( after Los Angeles) and numbers more than one million inhabitants. In spite of the quite big expansion San Diego has ke ...


  • Discuss the dramatic importance of the fool in 'king lear'

    The Fool is by no means a major character in the play, and yet he has an impact far beyond his status. He only appears in the fourth scene, and exits never to return in Act 3, Sc. vi ­ some say that the parts of Cordelia and the Fool were played by the same actor. Despite this relatively short \'life-span\' Shakespeare uses the character to make prophesies, represent reality and be the catalyst for Lear\'s soliloquies in Act 3. The Fool\'s first ...


  • Walt disney

    Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago on 5 December 1901. His father Elias Disney was an Irish-Canadian and his mother was a German-American. His family moved to his Uncle's farm near Marceline, Missouri when he was nine. He and his brother Roy had to deliver newspapers on his father's route at 3:30 a.m. His brother went to World War I but Walt was underage. He changed his date of birth on the birth certificate and he was accepted by the Red ...


  • Dissent

    First of all I have to admit that I don\'t know much about this topic. I didn\'t want to choose a beginning like that because that\'s what everybody starts with. But in spite of this I eventually also decided to point out my lack of knowledge because it expresses that it\'s not easy to write an essay of 500 words on this topic. The only sources I have are one page of stuff I wrote down during the lesson and a bit of information in the book. I ...


  • Divided ireland

    My speech is about the history of the Irish and English people and the conflict concerning the area called Northern Ireland. THE BEGINNING OF THE CONFLICT The first time mankind arrived on the island of Ireland was about 200 years before Christ. In the year 432, St. Patrick came to Ireland, initiating a "Golden Age" of cultural and spiritual development. But in the year 1169, this era came to an end and a time of pain and agony began. T ...


  • Do the right thing

    (by Spike Lee) Producer: black man - a classic genre of violent movies - violence calminating in a catastrophe Mooky: the black employee in the pizzeria - photos of white Americans on the wall - complains about photos One day in NYC: humid day (schwül) - immigrants from Italy - father and his two sons - they own a pizzeria in a 'black part' of NY - tricky situation - they are prejudiced against the blacks in their neighb ...


  • Dr. jekyll and mr hyde by robert louis stevenson

    About the Author: The author of Treasure Island and Kidnapped was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on November 23, 1850. His childhood at Heriot Row inspired in later life many of the charming poems published in A Child\'s Garden of Verses (1885). His most popular works are Travels With a Donkey (1879), Treasure Island (1882), The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886) and Kidnapped (1887). In search of better health, Stevenson and his fami ...



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