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  • All my sons--

    All my sons is a play about two families. It takes place in the Keller's house. Kate, Joe's wife believes that Larry, their missing son will return from the war soon, but the other members of the family doesn't. Annie comes and visits the Kellers and Chris, their son. Chris and Ann are in love and they want to marry. Kate is against this marriage, because Chris was Larry's girl. Ann's father, Steve is in jail, because a few years ago, he was ...


  • All-russian ruin

    I stepped outside the door of the metro station and saw him. A corpse, half-covered with a white plastic sheet, stretched out on the muddy pavement. It was clearly a man, probably in his mid-forties, although, as his face was covered, it was impossible to say. Who was he? An alcoholic whose liver had just given up? One of the many homeless, dead from malnutrition and exposure? Did anyone know? Did anyone care? A couple of bored-looking cops s ...


  • What is alternative energy?

    Alternative power, or alternative energy is electricity that is produced in a clean way by using environmentally friendly basic material or sources. The basic materials could be renewable ones, like biomass or natural gas. Alternative sources are more or less powered from the sun. For example solar energy, wind energy and all kinds of hydro power. Some others, like geothermal, are powered from the geothermal heat beneath the earth´s surf ...


  • Electricity and the environment: why should we care?

    Today, the electric power system is the largest single source of industrial air pollution, besides traffic. Conventional sources of electricity harm human health, destroy ecosystems, add to global warming and have high economic costs. Air pollutants are the major cause of asthma attacks to children and grown ups. Billions of liters of water are used to condense overheated steam in thermal power plants. This heated water can devastate fish po ...


  • Alternative technologies

    Efficiency is the cleanest "source". Using energy saving services lessens the demand for electricity. Buying economical household appliances and low fuel cars help to keep the environment clean. The sun´s radiation is used directly to produce energy, which could be produced in two ways. Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. Solar thermal systems use the sun´s energy to heat water or transform it into steam. Heated water is used to hea ...


  • Alumna lorri hewett's biography

    Lorri was born in Fairfax, Virginia, but spent most of her childhood in Littleton, Colorado. Her childhood was for the most part idyllic and uneventful, her father was a system analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and her mother stayed home with Lorri and her younger brother Derek. Lorri was a highly imaginative kid, spending hours in the imaginary worlds she created from the many books she read. One of her favorite things ...


  • The amazon's word

    THE AUTUOR: Marion Zimmer Bradley comes from Albany (New York). She is known as a successful SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY writer. As her popular novels THE LIGHT OF ATLANTIS and THE HAZES OF AVALON, also the recent work of the author acts in a mythical space of time and at a mysterious place. Again women are the ones who try to recognize their purpose. THE CUARACTERS: Zadya (first person narrator), Ifania, her mistress and Beizun, Zady ...


  • America's history

    10 000 years before Columbus came the Indians lived along the Mississippi. They had their own form of economy and they were independent. 1492 Columbus came to America. The Spanish and the British were the first settlers, who were interested in more and more land. And America was/is big! They began trading the natives; they called them "wild" and "uncivilized" people. So, but why did the Whites push aside the Natives? There was the NORMAN ...


  • Immigration america

    Since the beginning of the 17th century Millions of immigrants from all over the world came and still come to the United States driven by the hope of finding freedom and a better future, how the statue of liberty promises them: \"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!\" ...


  • Eating in america

    INDIAN INFLUENCE "The first settler had come upon a land of plenty. They nearly starved in it" When the Pilgrims first arrived in the New World, they showed a grim reluctance to eat anything that did not come from their own stockpile, that basically consisted of salt meat and dried beans.They´d rather starve than to experiment with the exotic food that was there of plenty, like lobster, clams,mussles and oysters,salmon and scallops ...


  • American dream: myth or reality?

    "I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door!" This final line to "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus, which is engraved on the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, has welcomed millions of hopeful immigrants coming to Americ driven on by a dream, the American Dream. What is this dream that so many come looking for? The American Dream means freedom, success, opportunities, equality, justice, and safety for all. The chance so unique, it only exis ...


  • American educational system

    1 Types of schools in the US Pupils in America have to attend the following schools: Age Grade School 3 - 5 Nursery School 5 - 6 K Kindergarten 6 - 12 1 - 6 Elementary School 12 - 14 7 - 8 Junior High School 14 - 18 9 - 12 High School The majority of them attend public schools ( 85%). The rest are in private schools where 4/5 are religious schools. 2 Curriculum Elementary School Junior High and High School . math . lang ...


  • The colonies in 1763 - america

    No revolution, of course, can be fully exported. A vast array of factors that include the political and social backgrounds of a people will shape the precise course of any and all revolutions. So it was in America, where the colonists were not an alien people with a culture very different from that of the motherland. They were for the most part British in origin, English-speaking, Protestant, rural, and agrarian in their principal characterist ...


  • The growing ferment america

    Even before the termination of the French and Indian War, visible indications had appeared of a new direction in colonial affairs. Beginning in 1759, small-scale disputes broke out between Britain and the colonies over disallowance of measures passed by the popular assemblies, over writs of assistance empowering the royal customs officials to break into homes and stores, and over judicial tenure in the colonial courts. Subsequent decisions made ...


  • Resources of the opponents america

    Britain seemingly had enormous advantages in a war against its colonies. It possessed a well-established government, a sizable treasury, a competent army, the most powerful navy in the world, and a large LOYALIST population in the colonies. By contrast, the American rebels had no chief executive such as the king, nor a cabinet whose members had assigned responsibilities. In fact, the Americans had no separate or independent departments of gove ...


  • Course of the war america

    Britain was slow to take the offensive in the opening rounds of the war, since most of its troops in America were at Boston, which continued under siege. Unable to break out of their entrenchments, and threatened by Washington\'s artillery on Dorchester Heights, British troops evacuated the city by sea in March 1776 and established themselves temporarily at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Clinton\'s Southern Expedition That same spring a small British e ...


  • The french alliance america

    The new year, 1778, was a time of transition in the Revolutionary War because of Britain\'s inability to win in the northern colonies and because of the increasing part played by France. The French foreign minister, the Comte de Vergennes, eager to settle an old score with Britain, convinced his royal master Louis XVI to permit France to funnel secret aid to the patriots in 1776 and 1777. That aid took the form of the government\'s handing over ...


  • Political, social, and economic effects america

    The Revolution involved more than battles and diplomacy. If those were the most crucial and immediate objectives, more important long-term goals and purposes were to be met; for this was a constructive, not a negative revolution. If Americans broke a relationship characterized by colonialism and monarchy, that was about the extent of their destructive activity. They still respected British institutions, which they felt had been abused and cor ...


  • Genesis of the constitution america

    The first constitution of the United States was the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION ratified in 1781. Because this document left too much sovereignty to the states, it was defective as an instrument of government. Some leaders felt that the individual states suffered economically from the lack of a strong central authority; commercial barriers between the states seemed particularly onerous. They also felt that the lack of unity among the states was cau ...


  • Framework america

    The framework of government established in the Constitution emphasizes four overriding concepts: popular control without majority rule; the limitation of governmental power; federalism; and a tripartite government. Popular Control but not Majority Rule The framers provided for ultimate control of the government by the people through the electoral process. Such control, however, was not to be exercised either easily or immediately, except perhap ...



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