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  • Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban-

    AUTHOR: Joanne K. Rowling TYPE of book: Fantasy story MAIN CHARACTERS: Harry Potter. He is very slender. Nothing except the scar on his forehead shows that he is the most famous boy in the Wizard-World. He is famous because he survived a Death Curse when he was a baby and reflected it back onto the darkest wizard, Lord Voldemort. The Dark Lord nearly died and fled. Now Harry is thirteen. Ron Weasley is Harry´s best friend. He is t ...


  • Biography of john steinbeck

    John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California in 1902 and attended Stanford University intermittently between 1920 and 1926. Steinbeck did not graduate from Stanford, but chose to support himself through manual labor instead while writing. His experiences among the working classes in California lent authenticity to his depiction of the lives of the workers who are the central characters of his most important novels. Steinbeck spent much of his l ...


  • Of mice and men - william heinemann

    Date of publication: 1966, by William Heinemann Plot synopsis: Lennie and George are two farmhands. They travel through the country, working on farms. They travel together and take care of each other. George is little but clever whereas Lenny is tall but stupid. They have a dream that keeps them alive. They want to have their own farm, with rabbits and cows. But whenever they seem to be doing fine, Lennie gets into truble. This time it seems a ...


  • The grapes of wrath - john steinbeck

    Date of publication: 1939, by Viking Penguin Inc. Plot synopsis: After four years in prison for commiting homocide Tom Joad comes back to his home to find that his family has left, to go to California. They could no loger stay in Oklahoma, as the dust destroyed all the crops and tractor drivers replaced dozens of workers. Tom finds his family again, and moves on with them to the west. Also a former preacher, Jim Casey, follows the Joad family. O ...


  • Tortilla flat - john steinbeck

    Date of publication: Tortilla Flat was first Published in 1935 by MacIntosh and Otis Inc., NewYork Plot synopsis: Danny comes home from the army and learns that his grandfather died and left him two small houses. The responsibilty weighs him down, so he first gets two gallons of wine before he takes a look at his property. While he is drunk he breaks some windows, so he has got to go to prison for thirty days. As he is released he goes to live ...


  • Canada -land and climate, wildlife, history etc

    Land and Climate Canada ist the largest country in the world, yet ist population of 26 million is just half that of Britain and one-tenth the population of the USA. It has an area of nearly 10 million sq km. Canada stretches one-fifth of the way around the world. It takes five days and nights to cross the country by train. It is so enormous that it has seven time zones. The country`s coastline is more than 250000 km long, so if you could stre ...


  • Jeffrey shaw (notices)

    I can imagine that you\'ve probably never heard of Jeffrey Shaw, so I\'ll tell you first about who he is and then his biography and something about his works. Jeffrey Shaw is used to work with new mechanisms of digital technologies - for example he works with computers, video-animations, multimedia-installations and so on. He lets the work of art grow to a simulation of reality, so he produces immaterial, digital rooms, which the viewer i ...


  • Enigma by robert harris

    Title: The title implies that the book is about a German deciphering-machine. The book is about a young decipherer during World War II and his connections to a German spy connection. The book is about Thomas Jerico who worked as a cryptanalyst during World War II at Bletchley Park. There he got into contact with a young good-looking British undercover spy, Claire Romilly. About in the middle of the story she suddenly disappeared an ...


  • Environment (acid rain)

    0.1 Introduction Since the Industrial Revolution the ammount of harmful chemicals put into the atmosphere by man has been increasing steadily. Acid rain is only one of many pressures on our environment caused by the modern way of life. The global warmig effect and the deforestation of the tropical areas are also two major problems we must face today. However, this way of life depends on the resources the enviroment provides to us and if w ...


  • Environment problems: -energy-

    Almost every day we can hear or read about new environment problems in our country. The world we live in is not what it was a few hundred years ago. The first thing to point out is, that there are not only the cars, which pollute the air. There are many other facts too. For example the industry. There are so many old factories which produce waste, gases and sewage. But until now it is not possible to produce important things for the people ...


  • Environment there are different forms of pollution:

    a) air pollution The air is polluted by the exhaust fumes of cars. The dangerous substances are carbon dioxide, lead, nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and so on. The worst polluters are trucks and buses. They need a lot of diesel. There is a cloud of black smoke coming out of the back when they step on the gas or start the engine. Aeroplanes need thousands of litres of fuel for one flight only. Factories need a lot of energy and they produce sm ...


  • All quiet on the western front: the plot

    All Quiet on the Western Front tells what happens to a group of German teenagers during World War I. The narrator is Paul Baumer. He and his classmates had patriotically marched off for recruitment, spurred on by the slogans of their teacher, Kantorek. But they find no glory in war. As the story opens, 80 men have just returned from two weeks at the front. Seventy of their comrades may be dead or wounded, but their empty bellies concern them ...


  • Erich maria remarque: the author and his times

    Born Erich Paul Remark on June 22, 1898, he grew up in a Roman Catholic family in Osnabruck in the province of Westphalia, Germany--a city in the northwest part of what is now West Germany. He adored his mother, Anna Maria, but was never close to his father, Peter. The First World War effectively shut him off from his sisters, Elfriede and Erna. Peter Remark, descended from a family that fled to Germany after the French Revolution, earned so li ...


  • All quiet on the western front: paul baumer

    Paul Baumer is the 19-year-old narrator of the story. At the front, Paul\'s special friends in Second Company include his classmates Behm, Kemmerich, Muller, Leer, and Kropp. The six of them were among 20 who enlisted together, prodded on by Schoolmaster Kantorek. Although he doesn\'t say so, Paul is obviously a natural leader: Franz Kemmerich\'s mother implored him to look after her son when they left home. Paul is also courageous. He may m ...


  • All quiet on the western front: kantorek

    Kantorek is a provincial schoolmaster, an energetic little man with a face like a shrew. His whole life centers on the Prussian myth of Destiny: he believes with all his heart that war will bring his country greatness. He sees Paul and his schoolmates not as growing boys but as Iron Youth whose finest destiny lies in serving their Fatherland. His romantic notions change only when he is called up as a reservist and placed under the command of a ...


  • All quiet on the western front: corporal himmelstoss

    For most of the novel Himmelstoss is the stereotypical military man who becomes a tyrant in his own small sphere on the basis of a little rank. He sports a waxed mustache and is, like Kantorek, physically undersized. A mail carrier in civilian life, he lets power go to his head. As the corporal in charge of basic training for recruits, he becomes a sadistic drillmaster known as the Terror of Klosterberg. He takes a special dislike to Paul and h ...


  • All quiet on the western front: stanislaus katczinsky

    Katczinsky, known as Kat, is a 40-year-old, down-to-earth soldier with bent shoulders, blue eyes, and a scraggly mustache. In civilian life he was a cobbler or shoemaker, but he knew a little about all trades. In war he becomes the leader of Paul\'s group, a welcome substitute for all those older men whose twisted values brought on the war. Despite their differences in age and experience, he forms an especially warm friendship with Paul. Sharp, ...


  • All quiet on the western front: franz kemmerich

    The second of Paul\'s classmates to be killed, Kemmerich dies in great pain after a leg amputation. He had been excellent at gymnastics, but even after a year at the front he is still a slender boy. His nearness to death makes his face look childlike again. His dreams of a simple, peaceful life of forestry work die with him, and Paul trembles with rage at the wastefulness of war. All supplies being scarce at the front, Kemmerich\'s well-made le ...


  • All quiet on the western front: muller

    Another volunteer and classmate of Paul, Muller still dreams of passing school examinations. Even during bombardment he mutters propositions in physics. Muller, with his protruding teeth and booming laugh, is a practical man, coarsened by the war. He eats all that is available in anticipation of lean times and asks for Kemmerich\'s boots even before the unfortunate soldier realizes he is dying. (Muller is indeed the first to inherit the boots a ...


  • All quiet on the western front: leer

    Also a volunteer and one of Paul\'s classmates, Leer shows an interesting mixture of a keen interest in mathematics and an obsession with women. Bearded and battle-hardened, he appears to be at least 40 years old. He claims the blond as his own when he, Paul, and Kropp visit the three French girls. He collapses of a hip wound in the summer of 1918 and bleeds to death within two minutes. Paul thinks, regretfully, what little use his math is now. ...



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