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  • Highway 1 - south los angeles

    Snaking along the California coast between two of North America's most famous cities, California State Highway 1 passes through some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the world. It starts 150 miles (240km) north of San Francisco and ends in the myriad small cities which form the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Highway 1's 550 miles (885km) offer the visitor an outstanding variety of things to do and see. For those seeking spectacular ...


  • The romantische strasse from fÜssen to wÜrzburg

    The idea of the Romantische Straße was first conceived in 1950 to guide the tourist through many romantic little villages and towns of historical interest in the south of Germany. The road links the Bavarian Alps with the River Main, visiting places which were important in medieval times. (A wealth of castles and churches, mainly in the baroque style, can be seen along the way.) The Romantische Straße begins at Füssen in the northern foothills ...


  • The trans - canada highway from st. john's to victoria

    Stretching 4800 miles (7680km) across the second largest country in the world, the Trans-Canada Highway links the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, from St. John's, Newfoundland, in the east to Vancouver, British Columbia, in the west. Along the route are picturesque fishing towns, flat plains stretching as far as the eye can see, huge silent forests, the shores of lakes so large they are like inland seas, and the white-capped summits of the Rocky M ...


  • Growing up teenage problems

    Issues: Single and lone parents "Ñ WHY ARE CHILDREN REACHING PUBERTY SO YOUNG ? So what is happening to our children? Are they really reaching puberty early? At the turn of the century, the average age at which girls started menstruating was 16, and by the 1980¡¦s the average age was just over 13 but there is evidence to suggest the mean age has fallen even further. It is much more difficult to ascertain when boys reach puberty w ...


  • The divorce express

    Author: Paula Danziger Plot synopsis: Fourteen ¡V year ¡V old Phoebe has to deal with a split family life since her parents divorce, experiencing all the problems joint custody brings. She lives with her father in Woodstock during the week and at weekends goes down to New York City to be with her mother, riding the Divorce Express. Phoebe does not make friends anywhere and feels lonely and isolated until she met Rosie who travels up and ...


  • Tiger eyes

    Author: Judy Blume Plot synopsis: Davey has never felt so alone in her life. Her father is dead- shot in a hold up- and the rest of the family has moved to New Mexico to try to recover. But when will she be ready to leave the past behind and move toward the future? Will she ever stop hurting? " Blume deals affectingly with grief and adjustment to death in this newest novel..... Davey's feelings are credibly and sensitively render ...


  • Forever - judy blume

    Author: Judy Blume who lives in New York and has written nineteen novels for young people. They have been translated into sixteen languages. She is known and loved by millions of readers for her funny, honest, always believable stories. Plot synopsis: Katherine and Michael meet at a New Years Eve party. They are attracted to each other and grow to love each other. Once they have decided their love is forever, they make love. Its ...


  • Gulliver's travels: by johnathan swift

    Something about the author: Johnathan Swift, the greatest Irish satirist, was born in Dublin on November 30, 1667. Swift\'s father, an English lawyer, died while his wife was pregnant with Jonathan. Right after Jonathan was born his mother left him. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and he worked halfheartedly on a masters degree, but left to join the Glorious Revolution. Shortly afterwards he entered the church as a way of earning a ...


  • Forrest gump

    Forrest Gump is played by Tom Hanks. In this story Forrest is telling us about his whole live. The dad of Forrest Gump died just after Forrest was born and his mother didn't want him to play with the other kids when Forrest was growing up, because they always hit him. First Forrest went to an ordinary school where he met Jenny Curran, a nice girl. Then he got into an "idiot- school", but one day a man come and took the boy with him to play ...


  • Günter grass

    Biographie . 16.10.1927 in Danzig geboren . 1944-1945 als Soldat involviert im 2. Weltkrieg, (verwundet, amerikanische Kriegsgefangenschaft) . nach einer Steinmetzlehre 1946 von 1948 bis 1952 Studium an Düsseldorfer Kunstakademie (erste Kontakte mit Kunst) . 1956 Umzug nach Paris, eigene Kunstausstellung von Plastiken und Grafiken in Stuttgart . politische Aktivität durch Unterstützung der SPD ab 1961 (finanziell, Wahlkämpfe auf L ...


  • H. g. wells: the time machine

    The author HERBERT GEORGE WELLS was born in 1866 in Bromley/Kent. He is still famous for his utopian Sci-Fi-Stories. "The Time Machine" was written in 1895 and it´s still the story that is significant for Wells. He also wrote the books "The Country of the Blind" (1901), "Kipps" (1905), "A Modern Utopia" (1905)" and "An Outline of History" (1920). Wells always dreamed of a socialist world, but the World Wars changed his mind. Wells died 194 ...


  • Hackers from david bischoff

    Protagonists: Dave Murpphy (alias Zero Cool) / Crash Override: The most popular Hacker Kate Libby (alias Accid Burn): The girlfriend of Dave Ramon Sanchiez (alias Phantom Freak): The Telephone King Emilio Goldspin (alias Serial Killer): He is a little bit crazy Paul Kirk (alias Lord Nightcome): Also a Hacker Joe Bardela: He tries to become to the elite Mr. Bellfort (alias The Blake): The security boss of the Gibson Network Richa ...


  • Handicapped people and integration at szu

    0.1 Introduction A characteristic of a high developed society is shown by how the society deals with handicapped people. In early days it was a shame to have a handicapped child but today disabled people are accepted by our society and considered as "normal" citizens. About one per cent of all born babies have some kind of disability. Disabilities are physical, mental or learning handicaps. The reason for their handicap could be that their ...


  • Harold and maude by colin higgins

    Opinion: I never read a book like this before.The book is about a twenty - year - old boy called Harold who likes funerals and hearses . Maude, his girlfriend is eighty years old ; she likes fast cars and modelling in the nude. It`s a very funny book but in the end it`s really sad because Maulde kills herself. I like the book because this book is very different from the other books. It was the first time that I read such a delightfu ...


  • Harry s. truman - the youth of a late-bloomer

    It was a sunny, bright spring day, May, 8 1884, when Martha Ellen Truman had her first child, a boy. She and John A. Truman decided to call him Harry S. Truman. The S. in his name had no exact meaning, since it was a compromise between his grandparents names, Solomon Young and John Shipp Truman. Harry's parents where farmers in Grandview, a Town close to Independence in Missouri. They lived in the golden age of American agriculture, in whic ...


  • Harry s. truman - from farmer to president

    His first idea was to open a men's furnishing shop. With his partner Eddie Jacobson, a very sympathetic, intelligent, Jewish merchant he opened "Truman & Jacobson" in Kansas City. They invested more than 35,000$ - Harry had to sell the farm at Grandview and borrow a lot of money - and in the beginning it seemed to pay off. The store had a lot of customers and many "Battery D boys" came to see their "Captain Harry". But in 1921 the nation-wide ...


  • Harry s. truman - mr. truman's war

    The same morning Roosevelt died, Truman was inaugurated in his office. The whole nation was upset. Truman looked like a little, friendly man, such as every American had somewhere in his neighbourhood. This man was going to be the President of the United States of America? Could this man handle the current problems? The United States where in the middle of a war and a couple of great unsolved problems were just about to arise. In his first ...


  • Harry s. truman - president in times of peace

    Truman had expected that it would be easier to run a country in time of peace than in war, but he was wrong. He had a lot of trouble to avoid a post-war depression like the one after WW1. For example, a whole industry branch had to be restructured suddenly, which was the war industry. Ford and Boing had to dismiss a several thousand workers because the government had cancelled orders. But the real problem were the returning men (most of them ...


  • Truman and communism

    When the 2nd World War was over, Europe was a "rubble-heap, a charnel house, a breeding ground of pestilence and hate" (Winston Churchill, May 14, 1947). The communist menace grew larger and larger. Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, East-Germany, Romania, Austria and Czechoslovakia were under Russian occupation and Greece and Turkey where also under Soviet pressure. Truman soon realised, that communism was only a dictatorship and the enemy of the ...


  • Give 'em hell, harry

    In 1948 Truman decided to run again for President, since he had the feeling, that still a lot of work was unfinished. The only one he would have supported himself was General Eisenhower, but the General had no intentions to became candidate. After Truman won the primaries, he made his opponent Barkley candidate for Vice President, and promised him to "give 'em ( = the Republicans) hell". So Truman made a phenomenal campaign in 1948. In the ...



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