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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • Aborigines referat stichpunkte

    Aborigines - "aboriginal" = "the first", "the earliest known" - Australia was the home of the first people - 40.000 years ago, the sea passages narrower - the ancestors of the Aborigines could come to Australie from their islands - sea levels rose --> isolating Australia - so isolated that Aborigines had little contacts to outside groups - Aboriginal lived in harmony with their environment Hunting - the Abor ...


  • Zusammenfassung von fluch der kariebik

    Curse of the Karibik Curse of the Karibik Crystal-clearly, innocently and enticing the sea water in the Caribbean sun flashes. Here, where liberty, adventures and life desire formally in air lie, the bold and Cooler Draufgaenger Captain Jack Sparrow feel at home Its up to then paradiesisches life receives a sudden absorber, when the through-trieven Captain Barbossa its proud ship, which brings BLACK PEARL, into its force and attacks with it the p ...


  • Go ask alice

    1. About the book itself Go ask Alice is based on the diary of a 15 year old girl with a normal loving middle-class familiy. Nevertheless she gets into the drugscene and has huge struggles to escape again. Three weeks after she decided not to begin a new diary because she is strong enough now to handle her problems like adults do, by discussing them instead of just sharing them with another part of herself ( the diary ), she dies. Names, ...


  • Artikel sydney

    Sydney First I'd like to say few words about Sydney. Sydney is the largest and the oldest city of the continent Australia. It was created in 1788, 4mio out of 18mio Australians live in Sydney. When I start talking about tourist attractions, I will of course begin with the most recognisable icon and the most famous tourist attraction of Sydney namely: The Sydney Opera House The Sydney Opera House is the busiest performing arts centre in the world. ...


  • Book-report the old man and the sea

    The Old Man and the Sea from Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1899, and began his writing career for The Kansas City Star in 1917. During the First World War he volunteered as an ambulance driver on the Italian front but was sent home, having been seriously wounded while serving with the infantry. In 1921 Hemingway settled in Paris, where he became part of the expatriate circle of Gertrude Stein, F ...


  • The pizza (shorttext)

    The pizza Once upon a time there lived a king. He gave a messenger a message and the cook gave him a pizza. He should give that things a princes in another castle. To be faster he ride with a horse to the castle. On his way to the pretty princes some bandits jumped with them horses onto the street to kill him or steel the good pizza. But the messenger was too strong for the bandits and so he killed the two men. Then the brave knight mus ...


  • Michael moore

    Famous for his provocative documentaries that attacks cold-hearted business corporations. He usually wears a baseball cap and glasses. - he is an American documentary film director and author, who is known for his satirical style - was born on April (the) 23 (twentythird) in 1954 (nineteenfiftyfour) in Davison - Moore attended a parochial school until he was 14, then he transferred to Davison High School - ...


  • Californien

    California is a land of contrasts. You can find the highest mountain (Mount Whitney - 4,418 metres) only some miles away from the lowest point on the western hemisphere in Death Valley (-86 metres). The hottest recorded temperature in the USA (56,7°C) was there as well. But it\'s only hot in the South of California. The North of this state is cool, the middle has got a mild climate (San Francisco). There are lots of National Parks in this state ...


  • Yosemite national-park

    The creation of a reservation in California was demanded in 1862. In 1864 president Lincoln signed a law. 1890 the reservation turned into a national-park. The Yosemite National-Park is the most famous and most popular national-park of California . He is a mountain-park in the middle of the Sierra Nevada. In the Yosemite Valley there are over 1000 meters high granite-walls. Up to 740 meters high waterfalls fall into the depth. Between the ...


  • Bushfire in tinley area

    They only wanted to make a trip through the bush, but then everything ended in a disaster. Three boys went to Barkley by train and then they started to walk through the bush. They felt happy and free. When they made a fire to cook, they began to feel angry when a woman forced them to make the fire out. They didn't know what to eat, but they obey. In the middle of the night one of the boys was hungry and wanted to put a fire on. When he looked for ...


  • Ireland--

    Ireland is a republic of the North of Europe. It's an Island. The capital of Ireland is Dublin. The official symbol is the harp. There live 3,4 millon people. 90% of the people are catholics. The flag is a tricolour green-white-orange. In the 18th century many people migrated to America because of the "Great Famine". Ireland is a paradise for nature lovers. There are a lots of freetime activities: - going by horse - drawn caravans ...


  • Club der toten dichter, inhalt

    Club der toten Dichter Das Welton Internat für Jungen ist ebenso traditionsreich wie angesehen. Die Schüler entstammen reichen und einflussreichen Elternhäusern, und die Lehrmethoden auf Disziplin und Strenge ausgerichtet. Der neue Englischlehrer John Keating (Robin Williams) hingegen verfolgt ein anderes Ziel: Er will die Schüler zu Freidenkern erziehen und ihren Sinn für die Poesie und die schönen Dinge des Lebens schärfen. Sein Cred ...


  • The press in great britain

    The British are the third largest consumers of newspapers in the world (after the Japanese and the Swedes). Each day about 80 % of all households buy one of the main national newspapers. Great Britain's national papers can be bought everywhere in the UK on the same day, including Sunday. They have higher circulation than the local/regional ones (Centralisation of the press). On Sunday the national newspapers are much fatter than th ...


  • The grand canyon

    Location, Expansion and Climate - in the south west of the USA, state of Arizona - 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, one mile deep - strong winters and rainy summers The Colorado (= the "coloured" river) - Glen Canyon Dam - => Lake Powell Rock layers - different layers of limestone, sandstone and granite ...


  • Summary: dead poets society

    Summary - Dead Poets Society by N.H. Kleinbaum The novel "Dead Poets Society" written by N.H. Kleinbaum is set in 1959 in Vermont (USA) at a preparatory school called Welton Academy, which is only for boys. At the welcoming ceremony for new students, Mr Nowlan is introduced and explains the principals of the academy, which are tradition, excellence, discipline and honour. Mr John Keating, the new English teacher, who has been a pupi ...


  • The simpsons artikel

    1. The origin of "The Simpsons" "The Simpsons" is the most successful animation series of the world! They were created by the cartoonist Matt Groening in 1987. At first it was a series of 30-second spots for the FOX series "The Tracy Ullman Show". A total of 48 shorts were produced over the first three seasons, and Bart is the only character to appear in all 48. The response to the spots was so positive that FOX made a half-hour Christ ...


  • S. 8 + 9 von englisch buch

    Maureen Donovan: - 14 years old - Lives in New York City (-> "Big Apple") Brother Scott: - 13 years old Ancestors left Ireland to come to USA in 1846: - Were very poor - There many people died from poverty and hunger Marvin Mitchell - 15 years old - African American Family has lived in America over 200 years ago Ancestors didn't come willingly ...


  • Zusammenfassung across the barricades

    Summary chapters 1 - 5 Two young people, Sadie and Kevin, meet incidentally on the street in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sadie is a Protestant girl - Kevin a Catholic boy. They used to be quite close friends when they were children, but have not seen much of each other for a few years. They sit for a while in a coffee bar and talk about old days. Afterwards they catch the bus to Cave Hill. While they are waiting for the bus, Sadie's fri ...


  • Michigan usa

    Michigan Michigan, ist mit ca. 9,3 Millionen Einwohnern der Elftgrößte Staat der USA. Der Name, des Staates kommt von dem Nahe gelegenen Michigan See. Michigan begleiten zwei Beinahmen. Zu einen Wolverine State das soviel bedeutet wie Vielfraß Staat und zum anderen der Name Great Lake State was Großer Seen Staat bedeutet Michigan ist im Bereich der Großen Seen gelegen. Außerdem gibt ...


  • My favourite singer is pink

    My favourite singer is Pink. I think some time ago most of you didn\'t know her, but since she sang the song \"Lady Marmalade\" with Christina Aguilera, Mya, Li\'ll Kim and Miss Elliot, most of you just could see her in the video. Pink\'s real name is Alicia Moore. Her birthday is on September the 8th 1979. She grew up in Philadelphia, USA with her parents, her brother and her stepsister. Very early she began to write her own songs and mos ...



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