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  • A separate peace: chapter 5

    Gene is numb in the aftermath of Finny\'s fall. He loses touch with his feelings, withdraws into himself, spends more and more time alone. He seems never to have socialized much with the other boys, and with Finny now in the school infirmary, Gene has temporarily lost his reason for being, so closely were they tied. Just before his fall Finny might have realized the truth of their closeness and asked Gene to jump with him in that spirit. Now it ...


  • A separate peace: chapter 6

    The return to school in the fall is always an occasion of mixed emotions. There\'s the promise of new ideas to be learned and new friendships to be made; at the same time, there\'s the threat of new intellectual pressures and new teachers who may have higher or different expectations of us. And for seniors there\'s a question mark; where do I go from here? For the senior boys of Devon School in the 1942-1943 academic year, the question of mi ...


  • A separate peace: chapter 7

    Appearance means a lot at a school like Devon. Clothes play a big part in A Separate Peace, and the way the boys dress gives you clues about their personalities (remember Finny\'s pink shirt?). Gene is clothes-conscious, mindful of how Finny would respond to something he decides to wear. Appearances mean more than clothes. Brinker Hadley, the self-styled leader of the class in a more conventional way than Finny was, takes on more stature in ...


  • A separate peace: chapter 8

    Finny is overjoyed to see Gene again, desperate to get back into the school routine and pretend nothing unusual has happened. Perhaps Gene\'s friendship means more to Finny than he thought--more than any of us thought. Sometimes it takes a prolonged absence from another person to permit one to appreciate that person with greater insight. Finny watches with affection as Gene undresses. Gene revels in the spotlight of Finny\'s unbroken attenti ...


  • A separate peace: chapter 9

    It is fitting that Leper Lepellier becomes the first boy to enlist, for \"No real war could draw Leper voluntarily away from his snails and beaver dams,\" Gene says. The senior boys are solicited during the winter months by members of the armed forces recruitment teams, and of course Finny persists in joking about fabricated propaganda films that, he says, show \"Finnish ski troops,\" not American combat skiers. But Leper is drawn in. At las ...


  • A separate peace: chapter 10

    We learn about a character in a story by comparing that person with other characters. We\'ve already had ample opportunity to consider how Gene measures up to Finny. And we\'ve observed Gene\'s new, if shaky, friendship with Brinker--a moody, boisterous fellow who in some ways is more typical of his age than Finny (at one extreme) or Gene (at the other). Now what do we make of Leper Lepellier? Are you surprised to read of his desertion from ...


  • A separate peace: chapter 11

    Have you detected an interesting paradox about Gene? We don\'t know what he looks like, though we imagine an open, receptive face, eyes set wide apart, mouth in thin smile, but obviously there\'s something about him that people trust, that encourages them to tell him things and confide in him. And yet he doesn\'t trust himself at all well. He has a knack for getting to the heart of situations that is countered by an equally strong inclination t ...


  • A separate peace: chapter 12

    With Finny\'s second fall an eerie atmosphere of normalcy returns. Boys once again act like schoolboys instead of judges. The proper authorities--the doctor, the wrestling coach--are summoned. Finny, wrapped in a blanket and lifted slowly and carefully onto a chair, resembles \"some tragic and exalted personage.\" Gene, stealthily following the doctor\'s car to the school, infirmary, remains in character as Finny\'s faithful disciple. An ext ...


  • A separate peace: chapter 13

    Senior year draws to a somber close. The war comes full-fledged into Devon in the person of troops from Parachute Riggers\' school, who take over the Far Common. Finny\'s death draws Brinker and Gene closer together. It makes sense; Finny had been like a buffer zone, a barrier between the two boys. Brinker did what he had to do, in the spirit of partial ignorance and irresponsibility, and we have a hard time blaming him now. The two are draw ...


  • John lennon - beetles

    In 1957 John Lennon formed his first group to play Skiffle and American Rock 'n' Roll. He called it "The Quarry Men" inspired by the name of his school, the Quarry Bank High School. John sang and played guitar and some friends played drums, guitar, washboard, banjo and bass. Probably the most important of them was Ivan Vaughan, a friend of Paul McCartney. John was inspired by Presley's "Hartbreak Hotel" and therefore introduced songs by Buddy Hol ...


  • John steinbeck "the pearl"

    Author John Steinbeck was born in 1902 in Salinas (California) and was of Westfalian descent on his father's side and of Irish on his mother's side. He studied at Stanford University for some years (1919-1925). Steinbeck took particular interest in biology and studies that taught him how to make exact observations, but he never passed any final exams. He took any kind of work, for example in the country, where he got to know the working-condit ...


  • John steinbeck: "of mice and man"

    The author John Steinbeck was born on February 27th, 1902 in Salina, California. He died on December 20th, 1968 in New York. Steinbeck is one of the most famous American writers. He is an important exponent of the so-called sociocritical novel. He was a reporter in the Second World War and in Vietnam. In 1962 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. His most important works are: Tortilla Flat (1935); Of Mice and Men (1937); The Grapes of W ...


  • Jonathan livingston seagull -- a story

    Author: This book was written by Richard Bach, born 1936. He is a former US Air force pilot and he has written another three books about flying, he has edited a flying magazine and he has written more than hundred magazine articles and stories. Books: . One . Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah . A Gift of Wings . A Bridge Across Forever Title: Richard Bach was inspired for this book by John H. Livingston, one of the be ...


  • Journey to the centre of the earth by jules verne

    I'll begin by telling you a little about the author himself. JULES VERNE On the 8th of February 1828th Jules Verne was born in Nantes, France. He was the eldest of five children. His father was a lawyer and wanted him to study law, but already as a young child, Jules liked more to invent stories of journeys and to read travel magazines. So he began to write a lot of books which were translated in all of the most important languages ...


  • Jüdisches wien -das erste wiener ghetto

    Die erste Erwähnung von Juden im Gebiet des heutigen Österreichs stammt aus der Karolinger Zeit - es ist die sogenannte Raffelstätter Zollordnung aus der Mitte des 10. Jahrhunderts. In dieser werden jüdische Kaufleute mit anderen Kaufleuten gleichgestellt. Die Babenberger förderten die Ansiedlung der Juden, weil diese kapitalkräftig waren. Der erste Jude in Wien war Schlomo - er war Münzmeister von Herzog Leopold V. Er wurde nach Wien gerufe ...


  • Judy allen: something rare and special

    Something rare and special is written by Judy Allen. First the story takes place in London and then Lyn and her mother move, to live near at her Grandmum and Grandpa. Place plays an important part in Judy Allens fiction as well, but nevertheless she never mentions the exact place. We only know they live near to their grandparents and they live on a beach up north. "Mum, why do we have to move?" That`s an important question in Lyns life. She ...


  • Julie chan is missing

    About the Author: Kris Anderson was born in New Jersey. She lives in New York and writes books for young people. She's very successful. She got some awards for her books. Persons in the story: . Julie Chan She's a 23 year young and attractive girl. Her parents think that she looks for her twin brother. Peter Leong tries to find her. . Peter Leong He is a top crime reporter and tries to find Julie Chan. His parents live in Australia. ...


  • "the twelfth day of july" by joan lingard

    Title and author: "The Twelfth Day of July" by Joan Lingard: Fiction Joan Lingard was born in Edinburgh in 1932 and lived in Belfast between the ages of two and eighteen. She trained as a teacher at Moray House College of Education and worked in Scotland. She lives in Edinburgh. She has written more than twenty children\'s books, and eleven adult novels. Several of her books have been adapted for television. Liam\'s Daughter (1963); The P ...


  • Planet jupiter

    Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and has the most number of moons that we currently know about: 16. It is several times larger than Earth and is the fourth brightest object in Earth's skies beaten only by the sun , the moon and Venus , though occasionally Mars will outshine it. In astronomical units Jupiter is 5.203 Aus from the sun , which translates into 778.3 million kilometers. It's day is approximately 9 Earth hours long, ...


  • Juvenile delinquency and violent gangs in the usa and the treatment of this subject in literature

    Statistics reveal that the American\'s youths are committing an increasing number of violent crimes. But are juvenile offenders fully responsible for their actions? They are children in the progress of developing, with proper guidance and treatment they can be rehabilitated into productive members of society. In contrast to this some people believe that today\'s violent juveniles should be transferred to the adult criminal justice system, in ...



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