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  • San francisco - big city in california

    San Francisco is a big city in California with a unique flair. Some people say it is a very European city because European influences are everywhere. San Francisco is a peninsula, the city is surrounded by the pacific. The famous landmarks are the Trans American Pyramid, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. The island of Alcatraz is famous because it was a prison and now it's a tourist attraction. Other landmarks are Lombard Street, it's th ...


  • San francisco -usa

    San Francisco one of the most beautiful cities of the USA was built-like Rom- on seven hills and it is stamped of victorianish houses and of different parts of the city, the most famous part is \"Chinatown\". 1. Location San Francisco is situated at the north end of a 50 km long island between the Pacific and the bay. S.F. has 750 000 inhabitants with the surroundings -total six million people. San Francisco can be reached across the Oaklan ...


  • Saudi arabia

    . Type of Goverment Saudi Arabia is an Islamic monarchy. It is ruled by the house of Saud. Abdul-Aziz al Saud untited the Arabian peninsula in 1932. Saudi Arabia was named after him and became the new country's first king. The king of Saudi Arabia is also prime minister. An appointed Council of Minister advises the king. There is no elected government. . language Arabic is the official language, but Saudis can also speak English. ...


  • Schizophrenia

    I had never been seriously mentally ill before, although I had suffered from depression since the age of eight. My family found it hard to talk about feelings and I never communicated well with my parents. The attack happened after a bout of depression. I had been finding it hard to concentrate at work, I wasn't eating properly, would hardly talk to anyone - the usual symptoms of depression. Then I started hearing voices that seemed to come fro ...


  • School in britain -

    School in Britain is very different from school in Germany. First the pupils have to go to a primary school. Then, when they are eleven, they go to a comprehensive school. Many comprehensive schools are very big - sometimes there are over 1000 pupils. The pupils have to wear a school uniform - the girls have to wear a skirt and a blouse and the boys have to wear trousers and a shirt, for example at Sidney Steele school the school colours are ...


  • "school is the place where young people of all backgrounds come together. do you think schools can help to integrate young immigrants?"

    We often hear about problems which schools have with children of immigrants. In some urban areas there are schools with students from so many different cultures and countries that school life is really hard for students and teachers. The main problem of the immigrants is their language. Only some children speak English well enough to be able to attend class and to do their schoolwork. Another important point is religion. Students from differ ...


  • Schools in the u.k.

    . < 5 years  NURSERY SCHOOL . 5 years - 11 years  PRIMARY SCHOOL . in some parts of Britian 9 years - 13 years  MIDDLE SCHOOL . 11 years - 18 years  SECONDARY SCHOOL . > 18 years  UNIVERSITY or COLLEGE The majority of secondary schools is comprehensive, which means that it offers a general education to all children without looking on their abilities. In some parts of Britian pupils att ...


  • Science fiction

    Science Fiction is the fictional treatment of the effects of science or future events on human beings. More precisely, science fiction deals with events that did not happen, have not yet happened or are impossible to happen now. It considers these events rationally in terms both of explanation and of consequences for the human race. The most common subjects for science fiction are the future, travel through space or time, life on other planet ...


  • Walter dean myers - scorpions

    Jamal is a twelve year-old boy who lives together with his mother and his little sister, called Sassy. His older brother Randy, the former leader of the famous gang called the "Scorpions", got arrested in case of murder. The mother desperately tries to earn enough money to be able to pay a lawyer in order to get her son out of jail, but when the salary of the lawyer rises up from 500 Dollars to 2000 Dollars, it nearly seems to be impossible for ...


  • Scotland - -

    The northern part of the island of Great Britain is Scotland. Rugged uplands separate it from England to the south. Within this border country the Scots fought many wars to keep their independence. In 1707 Scotland joined with England, and the entire island became a single kingdom, Great Britain. The Scots, however, remain a distinct people, and they have a long history different from that of England. Scotland is a land of romance. It cont ...


  • Scotland artike;

    ● Topography of Scotland: Physiograohic Regions: Scotland is occupying the northern third of the British island and it is mainly divided into three different parts, called Highlands, Central Lowlands and Southern Uplands. The Highlands are a thinly populated mountainous area north of Stirling and west of Aberdeen. More than one-half of the surface of Scotland is occupied by the Highlands, the most rugged (dt. felsig) region on the ...


  • Scotland artikel

    Scotland got its name from the Scots, also called Scotty, who first came to the country in the 5th century. They built up a sizeable colony and spoke Irish. Scots is a Germanic language like English. \"Scotty\" is, what the Romans called them. Scotland has a population of 5 million people. The language is Scottish English and a few people are still speaking Gaelic. Scotland is one of the four countries, the UK consists of. It is situated in the ...


  • Scott fitzgerald

    Introduction The author F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota; he studied at Princeton University, and in 1917 joined the army. In 1920 he married Zelda Sayre of Alabama. Together with other famous writers of the twenties such as Ernest Hemingway he settled in Paris for some time: they are referred to as the \"lost generation\". From 1937 on Fitzgerald lived and worked in Hollywood; he died there (with one book unfinished ...


  • Jonathan livingston seagull

    The book Jonathan Livingston Seagull was written by Richard Bach. Unfortunately I could not find something about the author. The book was a glorious bestseller and there is also a film version of it. Once a certain Ray Bradbury said: \"Richard Bach with this book does two things. He gives me Flight He makes me Young.\" I structured my speech into tbree parts: 1) The plot 2) Some characters 3) Myopinion 1 } The Plot: It is the story of ...


  • Fire lake from bob seger "against the wind"

    As usual Uncle Joe was a shy person who didn't make anything special in his life. He was afraid to cut the cake and I think that he only wore jeans and flannel shirts. So I can say that Uncle Joe was an Uncle like I would imagine. But then he changed. He was another person from that time on. He bought a chrome three wheeler, wore gypsy leathers and drove to the Fire Lake. There he smiled and flirted with the bronze beauties and he enjoyed his ...


  • Self hypnosis

    Description Hypnosis is not that, what you can see in bad Hollywood films or TV shows, where somebody only has to click one's fingers and a person do what he wants. It is a kind of meditation where you try to get in a state, which allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind. You almost forget what happens around you and focus on you. When you are in self hypnosis you can tell your subconscious mind things to get some misunderstandi ...


  • Task-based learning

    2.1 A new approach It is possible to learn to speak a language quite fluently without any teaching at all. We all have learnt our mother-tongues by having been exposed to natural language which we then imitated and analysed in order to understand how it works. Some learners aquired a foreign language in that way. They may not always be totally accurate, but their level of language ability is entirely adequate for their needs. Learners having ...


  • The components of the framework

    The task-based learning framwork basically consists of three phases; pre-task, task cycle and language focus. The pre-task phase introduces the class to the topic and the task by activating topic-related words and phrases. The task cycle offers learners the chance to use whatever language they already know in order to carry out the task, and then to improve that language. Exposure to language can be provided at different stages, depending on ...


  • Different types of tasks

    The kind of language learners are exposed to during the task circle can come from a number of sources. In the following section, the most important ones will be introduced. 4.1 Text-based tasks Text-based tasks require learners to process a text, any piece of spoken or written continuous speech, for meaning in order to achieve the goals of the task. This primarily involves reading, listening to or viewing the text with some kind of ...


  • Sense and sensibility - by jane austen

    The Author Jane Austen was born on 16 December 1775 at Steventon in Hampshire, England. She was the seventh child of a country parson. Her father, the Reverend George Austen, encouraged Jane in her love of reading. From an early age she was familiar with the works of Henry Fielding, Richardson and the poet George Crabbe. Her early attempts at writing include popular romances. Jane Austen did attract several suitors and even accepted a pro ...



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