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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • Die zeiten

    Simple Present Present Progressive Simple Past Past Progressive Beispiel I write I am writing I wrote I was writing Bildung Grundform des Verbs am, are, is + ing -ed bzw. 2. Form was/were + ing Form (bei he, she, it + s) Frage und Verneinung: Frage und Verneinung Frage und Verneinung did + Grunform mit do ohne do Anwendung wiederholte Handlungen momentale Handlungen abgeschlossene Handlung abgeschlossene Handlung ...


  • Quentin tarantino

    Quentin Tarantino is a 41 year old American who's a film producer, director, author and actor. Quentin Tarantino is born in Knoxville Tennessee on the 27th of March in 1963. His mother is a 16 years old nurse and his father, who studies law, is 21 years old. Quentin Tarantino is named after the character \"Quint\" of the film \"Gunsmoke\". When he is two his father leaves the family and so his mother moves with her son to South Los Angele ...


  • Speaker's corner auf englisch!!

    What is Speakers\' Corner? Speakers\' Corner in the northeast corner of Hyde Park in London is, by tradition, an area where public Speeches can be made by anyone who has anything they want to say - no matter how eccentric or implausible. The area was set aside f or such use in 1872, after Hyde Park itself became a popular centre for public speaking. Speakers talk to the crowds from a soapbox - an improvised platform once made from wooden ...


  • Das politische system in großbritannien

    Die Gewaltenteilung: Exekutive Legislative Judikative (ausführende Gewalt) (gesetzgebende Gewalt) (richterliche Gewalt) à Premier Minister à Parlament àCourt of Appeal heute: Tony Blair/Labour Partei Das Staatsoberhaupt - Die Queen: - Konstitutionelle Monarchie - hat nur eine repräse ...


  • Summary - the egg -

    Summary The Egg The text \" The Egg\" by Sherwood Anderson was written in 1921. The narrator talks about a farmhand who tries to be successful in his life but never really does. His wife pushes him into starting a new business but he decides to raise chickens. Over the years the man starts collecting deformed chickens which he puts into jars with alcohol. By doing that he is hoping to get peoples attention and to become rich like ...


  • Steckbrief

    Name: Henryk Goldszmit Pseudonym (Künstlername): Janusz Korczak Geburtstag: 22. 09. 1878 Geburtsort: Warschau (Polen) Beruf: Arzt Familie: Vater war ein angesehener Rechtsanwalt, verlor alles beim Glücksspiel, starb in einer Irrenanstalt; Mutter erzog Henryk - zusammen mit seiner Schwester Anna - zu einem braven Knaben Büchertitel: Die Kinder von der Straße, Das Kind des Salons, Wie man ein Kind lieben soll, Das ...


  • Romeo und julia

    Reading activities: Describe the setting of "Romeo and juliet". Speculate about possible reasons for the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. Characterize both Romeo and Juliet in an explicit and implicit way. Find examples of puns, images and oxymorons. (words containing two contradictory words like "loving hate" ) Summarize one szene. what are themes in "Romeo and Juliet" ? Refer to the text. In how far can young ...


  • New york -the city that never sleeps ...

    New York is a city of over seven millionen people, covering 780 sq km. The city gives it name to the state of New York, the capital of which is Albany (251 km) in the north. New York is also a good base from which you can visit the historic towns of Boston and Philadelphia, as well as the spectacular Niagara Falls. New York is located on the Eastern Seaboard of the US and lies 380 km south of Washington DC. New York is made up of ...


  • Englisch hausaufgabe - my perfect teacher

    First of all my perfect Teacher has to be like a friend. When I go to school I try to put 100 per cent of all my effort and get good grades but it is impossible to follow the words of your teacher carefully if he\'s unfriendly because it is no fun if you just sit on your seat and hope that the bell will ring before the teacher screams into your face by using the words \"lazy\" and \"bad\". So on the one hand you need a teacher who is polit ...


  • The yosemite national park

    The Yosemite National Park consists of different natural experiences. The most interessting and most visited part of the park is Yosemite Valley. Through Yosemite Valley flow(s) for example the clear Merced River with its numerous giant waterfalls. At least just as impressive are the many high standing huge graniterocks, for example the Half Dome. All this lies in the midst of giantic forests. In addition you come across with several ...


  • Zeitenspicker 2

    Present progressive Past progressive infinitive I am being seen I was being seen It can be said that You are being seen You were being seen (Man kann He is being seen He was being seen Sagen, dass We are being seen We were being seen .) You are being seen You were being seen They are being seen They were being seen Present continues Present Past I being seen I am seen I w ...


  • Lifestory of humphrey bogart

    Humphrey DeForest Bogart My assignment is about a great actor of the Fifties. His name was Humphrey DeForest Bogart. He was born in New York on December 23, 1899. Right after his birth, his mother drew a portrait of him for an advertising Campagne. So he became famous when still being a little child. After 8 Years on the Trinity Eltie school in New York, he had very bad marks and stayed away often. After that, he attended the Phillips Acadamy in ...


  • The vietnam war

    Outline I. Causes Of The War A. The French B. Vietminh And America Involved II. The War A. The War Began B. The Tet-Offensive C. The End Of The War I. Effects A. Political B. Immigrations C. Effects of the media on the war D. Effects Of The Music E. Death, Wounded, Costs F. Veterans and PTSD ...


  • Dancing

    VIENNESE WALTZ The Waltz is a dance performed to music with three beats to the bar. This means that if a step is taken on each beat, then each bar starts with the opposite foot to that of the previous bar. This can be a source of great difficulty for the beginner, but when mastered gives the dance a delightful romantic lilt. The first record of a dance to 3/4 rhythm is a peasant dance of the Provence area of France in 1559, as a ...


  • Queensland

    Präsentation über QUEENSLAND The Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest connected coral reef formation of the world. It`s like a garden under the sea. There are 1,500 different kinds of fish. There are also snails and shells. Some shells are danger for people because they are toxic. The coral reef is very colourfull and there are over 400 kinds of corals. Many people said that the coral reef is the 8th world miracle. T ...


  • Aids (englisch)

    1) WHAT IS AIDS? AIDS STANDS FOR Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Acquired. It is a condition that can be acquired, it is not inborn. Immune: concerns the body's defence mechanism - the immune system. Deficiency: concerns damage to the immune system. Syndrome : a set of diseases or symptoms. AIDS is a condition in which progressive damage to the immune system has led to the development of certain illnesses. AIDS first came to ligh ...


  • The wave - the classroom is out of control

    Morton Rhue Summary: Ben Ross, history teacher at Gordon High School, teaches within his history lesson, the second World War and the Holocaust ( the loss of many Jews especially by burning). One day his pupils ask him why the majority of the Germans didn't do anything to avoid the Nazi Regime - he has no answer. As he wants to find out an argument he decides to start an experiment with his class. He drills his pupils for discipline ...


  • History of the settlement of the aborigines in australia

    The history of native Australia goes back to a time 50,000 to 170,000 years ago. Today the population of Aborigines, a term which comes from the latin word \"aborigen\" meaning native, is about 380,000, making up about 2.3% of the Australian population as a whole and slightly more than the estimated aboriginal population of 350,000 at the time of European colonization in the late 18th century. The Australian natives are dark-skinned and ha ...


  • Aboriginal life before the europeans arrived - australia

    From the time Aborigines arrived first in Australia until Europeans arrived slightly over 200 years ago, the Aboriginal way of life was centred on hunting and gathering practices. Like other hunting and gathering peoples, Aborigines had a detailed knowledge and a great appreciation of their environment, including the plants and animals upon which they depended for survival. The deep connection between Aborigines and the natural world shape ...


  • Economy of australia

    Within specific environmental regions, Aborigines developed characteristic methods of obtaining and preparing foods and medicines and they made different kinds of tools, clothing and shelter. Thus the Aboriginal economy varied from region to region. Aborigines also created extensive networks of trade. Food: Aborigines generally enjoyed a mixed and abundant diet of plant and animal foods that varied according to time of year and local e ...



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