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  • Under the lake

    Stuart Woods was born in a small Georgia town. After universi:ty, he started his writing career in advertising. He worked in New York and London. Then he moved to Ireland and started to write his first novell \'Chiefs\". This book won the Edgar Allan Poe award from the Mystery Writers of America. Now he lives in America and whenever he has time, he is on a holiday on the Isle of Wight. \"\' Characters: John Orwell: He is a very good known repo ...


  • Unemployment -

    We have to differentiate a few types of unemployment: - seasonal unemployment: e.g. tourism-areas, construction sector - cyclical unemployment: if a country has an economical boom then people have jobs, if their is an economical bust people lose jobs - frictional unemployment: you stop working in December and start your new work in March, this period between this months is called frictional unemployment - structural unemployment: in factori ...


  • What is unemployment?

    Unemployment is always the result, when the available workplaces cannot adapt to the vacancies and opposite. When the number of persons, who offer their working capacities, climbs over the number of available workplaces, this leads to a lack in workplaces. Unemployment has become a serious economic problem. In societies like ours the majority of people can make living only by working for others. Many millions of people are both able and wil ...


  • Reasons and causes of unemployment

    In the last years there were many changes concerning the market situation, the technology developments and other parts of the labour market. Firms that don't adopt their production program, got a problem, because in the market situation goods that were sold former times are not needed anymore. A typical example is a typewriting machine. Until the 1980's a typewriting machine was irreplaceable in an office it was the technological standard in t ...


  • Consequences of unemployment

    In our society where money means success the unemployment feels useless and he will consider himself a failure. They are dissatisfied and depressed and this may lead to alcoholism drug problems and homelessness and even to crime Especially for families it's difficult because they don't have enough money to afford their basics of life. So because of that government has to help financially, but this causes high costs for working people who h ...


  • Solution of unemployment

    Possible solutions: Early retirement Job-sharing New jobs (new economy ) A general reduction of working hours Reduction of overtime It is very hard to find good solutions on the long run. Some ideas such as job-sharing or early retirement are in discussion. But my opinion on that is that both, job-sharing and early retirement aren\'t the right way. Because if you share your job you won\'t earn enough money to affor ...


  • Three tales of the unexpected

    1.)WILLIAM AND MARY: After William left this earth the widow Mary was given his property and a letter, which seemed to be very personal. In this letter her deceased husband excuses himself for always having been that formal through the years and also thanks her for having been such a good wife. He as well tells her about an experiment, in which a close friend of him, John Landy, tried and did remove Williams' brain and one eye from the rest of h ...


  • Unidentified flying objects

    Nobody knows, what are UFOs really, and there is only a few of peoples, who have see one. The most of them say, it looked like a plate, sometimes they say, there were some bright lights. In the year 1967, whole England was take of the UFO-fever. In this Year there were 360 appearances registered, normal there are about 180 appearances. I will tell you about a story in Dartmoor, its in the south-west of England: A man stopped his car because h ...


  • United nations organisation

    The United Nations was established on 24 October 1945 by 51 countries committed to preserving peace through international cooperation and collective security. Today, nearly every nation in the world belongs to the UN: membership now totals 189 countries. When States become Members of the United Nations, they agree to accept the obligations of the UN Charter, an international treaty which sets out basic principles of international relations. Ac ...


  • The united nations

    U.N. History Foundation The signing of the "Charta of the United Nations" was finished at the 26th of June in 1945 in San Francisco/ USA After the ratification from China, France, Great Britain, USSR, and USA as well as the majority of the other signing - nations, the Charta came into force. Primary Objectives Preservation and consolidation of peace and international safety. Establishment of peaceful relations between t ...


  • Government in the usa

    General Principles: The form of government is based on three main principles: federalism, the separation of powers, and respect for the Constitution with its seven articles and 26 amendments. Americans are subject to two governments, that of their state and that of the Union, and each has its own distinct function. The states have, under the Constitution, the primary functions of providing law and order, education, public health and most of th ...


  • Principles of american government

    The constitution America was the first country with a constitution since 1787. It contains nature-rights like the right on lives, freedom and property. The constitutions Founding Fathers understood the state as an union of citizens* , The constitution protects the rights with a balanced system of the three forces* . The peoples independence belongs to the principles of the American constiution. In elections it empowers the president, the senat ...


  • School system of the usa

    The American school system is in many ways different from the German one. At the year of two you start your school carreer: You go to a \"Nursery School\" (Kleinkindergarten ). Then ,at the age of four, you join the kindergarden. and at the age at six you start with the so called \"Elementary School\" (Grundschule). After you stayed there six years, you go to a High School (Oberschule). The first three years you are in Junior High School, a ...


  • Using limking words for text construction

    Before the writing stage the relationship between the various ideas and different arguments should be indicated on the mind map. Here is a list of linking devices to choose from. Purpose Linking words Contrast and comparison While, whereas, in contrast, however, but, (al)though Reference Both/neither, all/none Beginning First(ly), to begin with, as a start, in the first place Addition Second(ly), moreover, in addition, besides, furtherm ...


  • Vegetarianism

    The term "vegetarianism" generally describes a range of diets that exclude all animal flesh (meat, fish and poultry). Meat may be replaced with either greater quantities of other "normal" components of a traditional omnivore diet (e.g. more cheese, eggs, bread) or with the introduction of "replacement" products not typically consumed in a western omnivore diet (e.g. nutburgers, soya-based products). Vegetarianism is a life choice, not a politic ...


  • The merchant of venice by william shakespeare

    Author William Shakespeare was born in 1564. His father was a glover and wool-dealer; so Shakespeare probably attended grammar school. Many years later, he married the widow Ann Hathaway to inherit the money from her dead husband; three children were born to them. In 1586 he left Stratford; nothing is known about him for the next six years. In 1592 he was already a well-known actor in London, but he also had a constantly growing reputation as ...


  • Mr. vertigo by paul auster

    The Author: Paul Auster was born in New Jersey in 1947. After attending Columbia University he lived in France for four years. Since 1947 he has published poems, essays, novels and translations. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Characters: Walter Clairborne Rawley: He is an orphan boy living in Saint Louis. Walter, called Walt, lives with his uncle Slim and aunt Peggy until he meets Master Yehudi. He is taught by Master Yehudi how to fl ...


  • Queen victoria

    Queen Alexandria Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, in London, on 24 May 1819, as the only child of the fourth son of King Georg III, Edward, duke of Kent. She hadn`t had a happy childhood. Her father died very early, shortly after she was born and victoria became heir to the throne because her uncles had no legitimate children who survived. Victoria had a gift for drawing and painting and kept a regular jurnal all trough her life. At th ...


  • Vienna:

    Vienna is a city that will fill you with wonder and enjoyment. Flirt with the summer and meet waltz king Johann Strauss. In the City of Music you will become an ear- witness- to hits and Viennese songs, musical and opera, operetta and waltz, pop and classic. You will find all kinds of music your heart desires in Vienna! Feel the Austrian \"Gemütlichkeit\" at a \"Heurigen\" because relaxed atmosphere is the main characteristic of these typ ...


  • The geography of vietnam

    For a better understanding of the whole text facts about the geography of Vietnam are very useful and necessary. Vietnam has been likened to two rice bows at the opposite ends of a carrying pole. The rice bowls represent the Red River delta in the north and the Mekong River in the south, and the carrying pole is the long, narrow territory in between. The whole country is located in South East Asia and has a common frontier with China in the nor ...




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