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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • The passive voice

    Present perfect Past perfect Futur I I am was have been had been will be You are were have been had ben will be he/she/it is was has been had been will be we are were have been had been will be you are were have been had been will be they are were have been had been will be Dabei is ...


  • Australia3

    Australia Today I'm going to deliver a speech about Australia. First of all I want to start with the fundamental data about the continent. Australia is a big island to the south of Indonesia which belongs to the continent of Asia. It is the world´s largest island and smallest continent. With more than 7.6 million sq km, it's bigger than the USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Nevertheless, Australia has a population of only 16 million people. If th ...


  • The dictatorship of adolf hitler

    Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th april 1889 (eighteen-eighty-nine) in Hanau in Austria. First he worked as an opportunity worker In the first world war he fight for the german army as an private. 1921 (nineteen-twenty-one) he became the chairman of the National Socialist German labour party. Two years later it came to a revolt-attempt against the government. Hitler appointed himself as the chancellor of Germany. But this ...


  • Four weddings and a funeral

    About: Four Weddings and a Funeral Director Mike Newell\'s witty, hysterical, memorable, heart-pulling scenes make Four Weddings and a Funeral a movie that is sharp, honest, and very funny. An undeniable appetite for more comes from watching this yummy English dish served with flashy comedy, a heavy dose of romance, and dialogue that is so quirky and sweet, it\'s simply genius! Charles (Hugh Grant) by definition is a bachelor and has sworn ...


  • Aaliyah--

    Today I will tell you something about Aaliyah, the singer who died 2 years ago. Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on the 16th of January 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. She had one elder brother named Rashad. Her mother Diane and her father Michael like the meanings of names. Aaliyah means \"the highest, the best.\" When she was 5 she and her family left Brooklyn and moved to Detroit. Already at the age of 9 years she sang in different TV-productio ...


  • Holes - kurzzusammenfassung

    The Yelnats family is cursed. The curse began with Stanley Yelnats "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-steeling-great-great-grandfather," Elya Yelnats, and has continued down through the generations to Stanley himself. Elya Yelnats, poor, young and in love, has nothing to offer the family of his love. He makes a deal with an old fortune-teller, Mme Zeroni, but she warns him that if he breaks it she will put a curse on him and his family. Elya bre ...


  • The guardians by john christopher

    The author: - he was born as Samuel Youd in 1922 in Lancashire - after the war he started writing short stories - his first successful adult novel The Death of Grass was filmed in the 60s - his first book for younger readers, The White Mountains, appeared in 1967 ...


  • The history and the downfall of enron co.

    Enron was founded in 1985 by Kenneth Lay, when the two gas companies Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth merged. It was the first company to build a nationwide national gas pipe system. By the 1990s, Enron moved into trading business, beginning with natural gas and moved then into electricity. It became the largest trader of electricity and according to Fortune 500 it was the 7th greatest company in 2001. Enron's stock exchange value had grow ...


  • New zealand

    New Zealand New Zealand is a wonderful country. The climate is tropical in the south and cool in the north and east. They have dry climate in the west. In the south you can see many crazy animals and plants because of the tropical climate. Besides, New Zealand is the shootingplace of the movies " Lord of the Rings" and "The Tribe" and others. From Auckland came extreme sport there Bungee jumping etc. . So you can say New Zealand is one of the bes ...


  • Stonehenge

    Stonehenge is not only the most famous stone circle in Britain, but also the best-known ancient monument in the World, with at least ½ a million visitors each year. Located on Salisbury Plain, north of Salisbury, England, it is famous for debate,mysterie and speculation surrounding it. 2. Construction and builders Stonehenge was not build in one single step. Most historians divide the construction into three stages, each marking a cha ...


  • Australia artikel

    1) Schools in Australia o Lessons have come by the radio network o E-mails make communication between students and teachers easier o Email is used to send, check and return lessons to students o Teachers regulary visit remote homes to help students and parents o School camps offer a chance for students to meet other and do activities such as art, drama and music 2) Polit ...


  • Boy lost in cave

    Steve Gilmore, a thirteen-year-old boy, and his friends went into a cave in the Black Mountains in Wales. While they were looking for berries, Steve got lost. A team of rescue workers searched every part of the cave, but they couldn't find the boy. Only after three days the police allowed Jim Harding, a local from Cambridge, to help the rescue workers. Jim showed the rescue workers a tunnel hidden behind a waterfall. They found Steve who had ...


  • Comment, shopping in thy internet

    Pros and cons of shopping in the Internet Pros: Cons: - It is more comfortable - Shopping-Feeling - Better overview to compare - Danger by credit card cheaters - More information about products callably At fi ...


  • Hilary duff- idol from many teenagers

    Hilary Duff Her real name is Hilary Ann Lisa Duff. She is born on the 28th September 1987 in Houston, Texas, USA. Her parents are Susan and Bob and the name of her elder sister is Haylie. Susan Duff helped by the production from "A Cinderella Story" and "The Perfect Man". Hils showbiz-career began when she was 6 years old. She danced by the Cechetti Ballet and later Hilary got a part in a commercial. Then her actress was thow up. Hi ...


  • Bob marley--

    Bob was born February 6, 1945 in Nine Mile in the parish of St.Ann, Jamaica to Norval & Cedella Marley. In 1961, at the age of sixteen, Bob released his first song, Judge Not, which did not do well. He continued to pursue a career in music and in 1965, he formed a group called The Wailers with Bunny Livingstone and Peter Tosh. Bob acted as front man for the group and wrote most of the groups material. The trio released Simmer Down, Rule Them ...


  • Dionne warwick

    The person, that I have dedicated this report, is Dionne Warwick. She is the silky-smooth singer who remain the best-ever interpreter of sophisticated, stylish Bacharach-David Songs. The main reason, why I selected Dionne Warwick is the fact, that she is the first afro-American who has ever been awarded with a Grammy. Furthermore she became the first black female singer to record a dozen Top 100 singles. It´s easy to describe her resume, b ...


  • Die folgenden materialien sind im rahmen einer unterrichtsreihe zu arthur millers drama "tod eines handlungsreisenden" entstanden

    Zum Inhalt des Dramas: Willy Loman, seit 36 Jahren reisender Handelsvertreter, ist ausgebrannt. Seine Verkaufsstrategien funktionieren nicht mehr, die Kunden lachen nur noch über ihn und seine Sprüche. Auf Anordnung arbeitet er seit fünf Wochen nur mehr auf Provisionsbasis. Dies stellt für ihn eine Erniedrigung und eine finanzielle Katastrophe dar, denn Loman kommt immer häufiger ohne einen einzigen unterschriebenen Vertrag nach Haus ...


  • Mlk- i have a dream

    I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Ich freue mich, heute mit euch zusammen an einem Ereignis teilzunehmen, das als die größte Demonstration für die Freiheit in die Geschichte unserer Nation eingehen wird. Fivescore years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous ...


  • Die midlands

    Die Midlands sind mitten in England zwischen dem Süden Englands, Ostenglands, der Nordsee und dem Norden von England sowie Wales auf dem Westside mit den Cambrian Bergen. Das Klima ist mild. Es gibt hohen Niederschlag, starke Winde und niedrige Unterschiede zwischen der Temperatur im Sommer und dem Winter, am Tag und Nachts. Die Landschaft ist hügelig. In den Midlands ist die Quelle des Flußes Thames. Einer der Werte der Region ist d ...


  • The beatles

    1. The 1950's and the early 1960's: a success story starts On June the 6th in 1957 Paul McCartney got to know John Lennon on a party in Woolton. (Part of Liverpool). A few weeks before this meeting Lennon found together with school friends the group QUARRY MEN. McCartney convinced (überzeugte) through his good guitar play and became a member of this group. In February 1958 George Harrison pushed (hinzustoßen) to the QUARRY MEN. The ...



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