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  • Muhammad ali vs george foreman

    October 30, 1974: "THE RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE" Kinshasa, Zaire The 1974 \"Rumble in the Jungle\" between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman is probably the most famous and most depicted of all heavyweight title bouts ever. One reason for this fascination might be that it was one of the most dramatic heavyweight bouts of all times. The features of the two opponents couldn't have been more different - on the one side the patriotic Foreman who had wave ...


  • Muhammad ali vs. joe frazier (iii)

    September 30, 1975: "THE THRILLA IN MANILA" Manila, Philippines Muhammad Ali\'s third fight against his rival Joe Frazier was a spectacular ending to the long lasting struggle of the two Heavyweights who faced each other for a total of 123 minutes in the ring. The \"Thrilla in Manila\" is considered one of the most brutal and bitter bouts in the history of boxing; it was the only time an Ali - Frazier bout did not last for the scheduled time. ...


  • The strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde by robert louis stevenson

    Apart from Treasure island it is probably his best known work. Robert Louis Stevenson He was born in Edinburgh, the son of Thomas Stevenson, joint-engineer to the Board of Northern Lighthouses. He enters Edinburgh University in 1867 to study engineering but, since he had no interest in his father\'s profession, changes to law and was admitted to advocate in 1875. He showed his interest in literary career by student contributions to T ...


  • The systems of law in england and germany

    English law The history of the English law did not go in one straight line, just as much as England was invaded over the centuries, the system of law received many changes. The Common Law as it is known today was built up in Plantagenet times by the professional lawyers of the kings courts, but in Anglo - Saxon times there was no such body of men and no body of case law for the whole nation. Certain written laws were sometimes issued b ...


  • The tell-tale heart

    1) Write a brief summary of the story In "The Tell-Tale Heart", the narrator confesses to a murder he has committed. He tells about how he felt compelled to kill the old man living with him because of the man´s "evil eye". After watching the man in his bedroom for seven nights in a row, he finally kills him, cuts the body into pieces, and hides them under the planks of the floor. When the police arrives the next morning to inquire about a scre ...


  • The tenses - die zeiten

    Die Zeiten Bildungsweise Beispielformen Simple Present 1. Verbform bei 3. Person Einzahl: +-s I work he works Present Progressive am/are/is +1. Verbform +-ing I am working you are working he, she, it is working we, you, they are working Simple Past 2. Verbform I worked/went he worked/went Past Progressive was/were + 1. Verbform +-ing I was working you were working he, she, it was working we, you, they were working Present Perfe ...


  • The tenses:

    1.) Present Tense Simple: regelmäßig wiederholte Handlungen in der Gegenwart Signalwörter: always, often, sometimes, usually, every Beispiel: I wash my hair every day. 2.) Present Tense Progressive: just now Beispiel: I am singing in the rain.. 3.) Past Tense Simple: für kurze abgeschlossene Handlungen in der Vergangenheit Signalwörter: yesterday, last, ago Beispiel: Yesterday I met my friend Sue. 4.) Past Tense Progressive: für ...


  • Graham greene - the third man

    A classic tale of friendship and betrayal 1. LIFE OF THE AUTHOR Born on the 2 October 1904 in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshie, England - attended local scholl where his father teached - 1922-1926 Balliol College, Oxford - 1926 after graduation started working for the London Times where he met his later wife Vivien Dayrell-Browning - in 1929 his first novel "The Man Within" was published - until 1950 when "The Th ...


  • The third man by graham greene

    A classic tale of friendship and betrayal The author: Henry Graham Greene was born on 2.10.1904 in Berkhamsted, England, and was one of six children. At the age of eight he attended the Berkhamsted school, where his father Charles was the head teacher. As a teenager he was under so immense pressure, that he got psychological problems and suffered a nervous breakdown. In 1922 Greene was enrolled on the Balliol College, Oxford and i ...


  • Graham greene: the third man

    I. The story is narrated by Calloway who reconstructs his police files. II. Rollo Martins travels after World War II to Vienna to visit his old school friend Harry Lime, who had invited him to Austria to report on international refugees. When arriving, Martins finds out that his friend was run over by a car and died. At Lime's funeral he meets Colonel Calloway who states that Lime was the worst racketeer in Vienna who would have been arres ...


  • The three poems - from patriotism to doubts and irony

    Having analyzed these three poems and the ideas conveyed , it is quite obvious that one can see a development : Sadler's poem stands like a rock with ist positive , idealistic patriotism. In " Blowing in the Wind" this " rock" is attacked by doubts and questions , yet no answers are given. This changes , however , in " With God on our side: Here, a definitive answer is given : the clear , outspoken message is " stop the next war! ". Dyla ...


  • The time machine - -h. g. wells

    1 The Time Traveller (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us. His grey eyes shone and twinkled, and his usually pale face was flushed and animated. The fire burned brightly, and the soft radiance of the incandescent lights in the lilies of silver caught the bubbles that flashed and passed in our glasses. Our chairs, being his patents, embraced and caressed us rather than submitted to ...


  • The true story of spit macphee by james aldridge

    Title+Author: The book is called \"The True Story of Spit MacPhee\" and it was written by James Aldridge. Other Information: It was published by Penguin Books in 1986. Type of book: It is an original novel and it is a biography of a young boy. Subject: It is about an eleven-year old boy, who does not want to do what the grown-ups have decided for him. Setting: The story takes place in St. Helena, a town in Australia, in 1928. ...


  • The twelfth day of july

    The book "The Twelfth day of July" takes place in Ireland in the streets of Belfast. There are two groups with different religions. The Protestants and the Catholics. In the Protestant area there is a mural, which is the pride of the street. It is the picture of William of Orange called King Billy and his famous horse on the wall with the inscription "No surrender" It commemorates the battle of Boyne, which was fought in 1690. William of Or ...


  • The two towers - being the second part of the lord of the rings-

    Chapter I - Many Meetings When Frodo woke up, he felt better and he asked Gandalf, who sat by his bed, for the events after the last assault at the ford. He told him that the whole hunting group of black riders was washed away, down the Mitheitel. That could not destroy them, but killed their mounts and slowed them down. Gandalf said, that they first had to visit their master in Mordor and only then they could resume their hunt for the ring. ...


  • The use of the imagery of archetypes in shakespeare's as you like it

    Table of Contents 1. Introduction ........................................................................ 1 2. The archetype in Jaques' speech of 'Seven stages in a man's life' ............................................ 3 2.1. Orlando - the archetypal character ........................... 4 2.2. Oliver - an archetypal character? ............................. 7 ...


  • French colonialism in vietnam through 1945

    Until 1887 France had subdued the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and began to expand its colonial power there by establishing the Indochinese Union. When in 1897 all Vietnamese resistance was broken, the French started to centralize the administration, to restrict the autonomy of the villages and to introduce forced labour. Receipts from forced expropriations were used for extending the infrastructure. It was only a small (urban) par ...


  • The united states and the french indochina war, 1946-1954

    According to the Potsdam Conference, British forces, followed by French ones, occupied the southern part of Vietnam, whereas the north was occupied Chinese. In March of 1946 the Vietminh negotiated a compromise with the French by accepting French comtrol for five years in North Vietnam, too, where the sphere of Vietnam influence was greatest. In return the French recognized Vietnam as a free state within the French Union, but subsequently Fra ...


  • Nation building in south vietnam, 1954-1960

    On the occasion of the Geneva Conference (from May to July of 1954), the belligerent powers and other nations representing the West or the East negotiated on a solution. Apart from a cease-fire agreement the Geneva Accords of 1954 planned the temporary partition of Vietnam along the seventeenth parallel surrounded by a demilitarised zone. The French and the Vietnamese fighting under French command were to go south of the demarcation line and ...


  • Insurgency and counterinsurgency, 1961-1964

    In 1961, infiltration into South Vietnam increased to nearly 4,000 men. The NLF was remarkably successful in recruiting new members and in training them to be guerrillas (also known as "Vietcong", meaning "Vietnam Communist"). They gained control over the villages in the mountainous regions in the western part of South Vietnam and rapidly extended their power southwards. In reaction, the U.S. government whose president became John F. Kennedy ...




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