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  • Novelle

    Novelle - Was ist das? Novelle: novella (italienisch) = Neuigkeit Novellen gehören zu der Epik und sind kurze Erzählungen in Prosa, jedoch seltener in Versform. Die erste Form einer Novelle tauchte in Italien im 14. Jahrhundert auf. Diese sind Boccaccios "Decamerone" (1348/53). Darauf folgten im 17. Jahrhundert die "Novelas ejemplares" von Cervantes (Spanier). Doch auch in Deutschland schrieb man Novellen. Die Ersten sind von Goethe beka ...


  • A long way to freedom

    A long way to freedom The so-called Underground Railroad was the name of a system which helped slaves in their escape to the Northern States, Canada, Texas, Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The UGRR was neither in the underground nor was it a railroad, but a secret network of safe houses, called stations, and antislavery supporters, who were people from different kinds of races and all walks of life. Although the UGRR was never formally organised, i ...


  • Pink floyd

    Pink Floyd is a British progressive band it is one of rock\'s most successful acts, ranking seventh in number of albums sold worldwide. Pink Floyd formed in 1964 from earlier bands whose names included Sigma 6, T-Set, Meggadeaths, The Screaming Abdabs, The Architectural Abdabs, and The Abdabs. The band was again renamed The Pink Floyd Sound and then simply The Pink Floyd (after two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council). Pink Fl ...


  • Abraham lincoln-

    Contents 1 Early life 2 Early political career and law practice 3 Toward the Presidency 4 Election and Early Presidency 5 Lincoln on Slavery and Emancipation Proclamation 7 Civil War and Reconstruction 8 Assassination 9 Lincoln memorialized Abraham Lincoln Order: 16th President Term of Office: March 4, 1861 - April 15, 1865 Date of Birth: February 12, 1809 Date of Death: April 15, 186 ...


  • Geschichte bilingual - wwii

    In England, the holocaust takes an important place, although events that directly affect Britain may take more importance, such as the Blitz (the bombing of England in 1940) and the battle of England, D-day (the invasion of the Normandy in 1944). Britain of course looks back at the war as a victorious and heroic war. The hero of the war there is undoubtedly Sir Winston Churchill who is seen as the one who rallied the British people around him (hi ...


  • Eminem

    The average rapper wouldn\'t be able to grace the pages of Rap Pages, VIBE, Spin, The Source, URB and Stress and go on a national tour months before their major-label debut album is released. Then again, Eminem isn\'t an average rapper. He\'s phenomenal. The impending release of the Slim Shady LP, his first set on Aftermath/Interscope Records, already has underground hip-hop heads fiending for Eminem. Chock full of dazzling lyrical escapades ...


  • Bookreport: the browning version

    Author: Sir Terence Rattigan ( 1911-1977) In 1911 one of England´s most successful playwriters was born. As his grandfather had already received a knighthood and his father was in the diplomatic service he was educated in England´s best schools. At Harrow he became interested in theatre. Once they had to write a dramatic scene in French. His teacher wrote under it:"French execrable, theater sense first class!" (p 4) At Trinity College, he was int ...


  • Ocean thermal energy conversion

    In the past century, it has been seen that the consumption of non-renewable sources of energy has caused more environmental damage than any other human activity. Electricity generated from fossil fuels such as coal and oil has led to high concentrations of harmful gases in the atmosphere. This has in turn led to many problems being faced today such as global warming. Therefore, alternative sources of energy have become very important and relevant ...


  • Votrag über ac/dc

    AC / DC The Hardrockband ACDC was established in December 1973 by the brothers Angus and Malcolm Young. ACDC is pronounced one latter at a time and is suggested by their sister Margaret after she read it on a sewing machine.It means alternating current/direct current in german: Wechselstrom/Gleichstrom. Although the band is also known to its Australien fans as \"ACCA DACCA\" The two boys was born in Scotland and moved with their fa ...


  • Australia - canberra

    Capital: Canberra Flag: union jack (great Britain), big star= states, the others= the tack of the south 1. History The first people came from Indonesia to Australia 60.000 years ago. Not before 1606 something important happened. Then the Dutchman William Jansz, who was the first European on Australian ground, arrived at the west-coast of Cape York. Australia was ...


  • The smell of apples by mark behr

    1.)What is an initiation story? - the process of growing-up, - different stages - from childhood to adulthood - usually from inexperience to experience - individual events, experiences play an important role 2.) narrator/ setting /action - - from Marnus Erasmus' point of view, not always a reliable narrator - first person narrative interweaving two plots on diff ...


  • Legally blonde (teil 1)

    Elle Woods is blonde, her favourite colour is pink and she has a little chiwawa-dog whose name is "Brutus". Tonight\'s the night: Warner, her boyfriend, is going to propose, isn't he? No! He thinks that they should break up. Elle\'s world crashes down at that moment. Warner, the love of her life, is ending their relationship, and he\'s doing it because she\'s too blonde! With her broken heart she returns home and stays there for a week, dep ...


  • Snow white in new york

    Snow White in New York Once upon a time in New York there was a poor little rich girl called Snow White. Her mother was dead and for a while she lived happily with her father, a rich businessman. But one day he married again... Her new stepmother wanted to be the most beautiful women of all. Every day she used to read the "New York Mirror" if she was the most beautiful woman in New York. She was always happy when she read the article until one da ...


  • The loch ness monster

    The loch is a tectonic lake resulting from a movement in the earths crust. Around 500 million years ago earthquakes opened up the crack that is now Loch Ness as the land to the north moved around 65 miles south westerly. During the last ice age, which ended about 10 to 12 thousand years ago, the whole area was covered in 4 thousand feet of ice. In fact the only land mark would have been Ben Nevis to the south. It was this ice which gauged out ...


  • Statue of liberty!-

    Englisch Prüfung "Statue of Liberty" ****** Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman. My name is ***** and I'd like to tell you about the "Statue of Liberty" as the topic of my today's exam. The Statue of Liberty is the most famous landmark of New York. It's a woman with a crown, who holds a torch in her right hand. Her nickname is "Lady Liberty". Bartholdi worked more than 21 years at his idea to set a sign for freedom in the whole world. Together he b ...


  • Sudan - afrika

    My Report about Sudan 1. General 2. Climate 3. Capital and population 4. Religion 5. Tourism 6. War and Peace SUDAN (Arab. Bilad al-Sudan) = Land of the Black A big country in the north of Africa, same time the term since 1956 independents state of the Republic SUDAN. 1. General The Sudan is the biggest state Africa's with the size of 2, 506 Million km² seven times as ...


  • Balance between individual and collective responsibility

    "In the end, we must restore a balance within ourselves between who we are and what we are doing. " Discuss the question of individual and collective responsibility with respect to major issues of our time. COMMENT There is no day on which we can't get new information about politics, war or the pollution of the environment and also we get to know the results of our actions. If I hear such news, then I ask myself sometimes why ...


  • The netherlands

    GEOGRAPHY OF THE NETHERLANDS Introduction Without human inventions the Netherlands wouldn't exist. The inhabitants say: "God created the sea an we Dutch created the land.". The name "Netherlands" tell you the geographic position. Ca. ¼ of the country with 41526 smaller than Switzerland, lie underneath sea level. 1/10 of all are midland. The highest point of the Netherlands is the Vaalsermountain with 321m. The lowest point is the polder by ...


  • Dolphins

    The big kind of dolphins are the whales. Dolphins live in the sea. Dolphins are mammal, they are powerful swimmer and they swim in groups. They have a trap with globular teeth and a back fin. They are between 1 and 9 meters long and weight 100 kg. Dolphins eat fish, shrimps and crabs. They eat one third of their body weight. They live in warm areas, for example in the Pacific. A dolphin is 10 till 11 months pregnant. The children must suckl ...


  • Elvis presley (quali arbeit)

    Elvis Presley On January 8th in 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tubelo / Memphis. His father Vernon Presley worked at a farm and his mother Gladys Smith was a seamstress in a factory. With the age of eight he sang in a choir. With ten he got 2nd in a singing Contest. On his 12th birthday he became a guitar from his mother. One year later, his father lost his job, so they had to move to Memphis / Tennessee where V ...



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