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  • The development of letters and books-

    1 Table of contents: 1 Table of contents: 2 2 Introduction: 3 3 Letters: 4 3.1 Why was a writing system introduced? 4 3.2 First beginnings ... 4 3.2.1 In Mesopotamia: 4 3.2.2 In Egypt: 5 3.3 The big breakthrough: 5 3.4 The alphabet: 5 3.5 The exception of today´s writing systems: 5 4 The Book: 6 4.1 Materials: 6 4.1.1 Papyrus: 6 4.1.2 Parchment: 7 4.1.3 Paper: 7 4.2 Copying books: 8 4.2.1 By ha ...


  • S: e. hinton - the outsiders

    "The Outsiders" is a story of US teenage gangsterism. Summary Ponyboy Curtis lives in a city of Oklahoma. He is the narrator of the story. He lives together with his two older brothers. They live on the east-side of the city where all the Greasers are situated. The Greasers are a gang. The opposite gang are the Socs. They live on the west-side of the city. Socs is an abbreviation for the socials, the jet set, the rich kids. In the greas ...


  • The digital divide

    The digital divide, which is a gap between the most and least wired countries is a big problem. At the G8 summit in Okinawa heads of state and government spoke about a bid to bridge the digital divide and announced help for developing nations, which have to catch up on technology. Experts say that communication technologies would improve the situation of developing nations, but it is impossible to close the gap, no matter how much money is pledge ...


  • The discovery and colonization of australia

    First "settlement" and first human activities There are really not many absolutly sure things to tell about the first settlement of Australia, so the first dates about human activities in australia are even not exact. After the archaeological things of the last years had been found, it´s clear that there were humans , surely 45000 years before our time: The Aboriginies, who were settlers, too. With the help of a new dating-system-technolog ...


  • Study guide for ursula leguin: the dispossessed (1974)

    Introduction After World War I, the writing of utopian fiction gradually declined, until thegenre almost disappeared in mid-century, to be replaced by dystopias (descriptions of ultimately evil places) like George Orwell\'s Nineteen-Eighty-Four (1948). However, in the mid-seventies therewas a spate of new utopias written by Americans inspired by the upsurge ofsocial reform begun in the late sixties and continuing into the new decade. Themost ...


  • "the doll´s house" by katherine mansfield

    Katherin Mansfield was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1888. Her father was a banker and he sent her to London where she attended Queen´s College. In 1909 she married a musician. She left him and in1918 she married a famous literacy critic, Murry. She wrote many stories "Bliss And Other Stories", "The Garden Party", "The Dove´s Nest" and some other well known stories. She died in 1923 in Paris. "The Doll´s House" is almost autobiographical ...


  • The doors-

    founded 1965 vocals: Jim Morrison (bandleader) keyboard: Ray Manczarek guitar: Robby Krieger drums: John Densmore albums: 1967 \"The Doors\" \"Strange Days\" 1968 \"Waitig For The Sun\" 1969 \"The Soft Parade\" 1970 \"Morrison Hotel\" 1971 \"L.A. Woman\" On the 3rd of july in 1971 (three months after the release of \"L.A. Woman\") Jim Morrison dies. After his death The Doors still re ...


  • Drugs - the drug abuse

    AUTOR: The drug abuse market is a multi-billion dollar business, yet the international drug market is one of the most undocumented areas. Nobody knows how many drugs addicts there are in the world. There are a lot of theories, why people start taking drugs, but none of them have been proved. 1. "Weak Personality" Theory: This theory says that drug-takers take drugs in order to escape from their problems. 2. "Evil Pusher" Theory: This theo ...


  • The eagle has landed

    Date of publication: 1975 Site: Studley Constable, a small English coastal village Main characters: Adolf Hitler, the German Leader Heinrich Himmler, Head of the SS Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Chief of Military Intelligence, Abwehr Colonel Max Radl, working for Canaris Mrs. Joanna Grey, a German agent in England Sir Henry Willoughby, Home Guard Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Kurt Steiner, leader of a special unit of German soldiers Steiner' ...


  • The eagle has landed by jack higgins

    Main characters: Adolf Hitler, the German Leader Heinrich Himmler, Head of the SS Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Chief of Military Intelligence, Abwehr Colonel Max Radl, working for Canaris Mrs. Joanna Grey, a German agent in England Sir Henry Willoughby, Home Guard Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Kurt Steiner, leader of a special unit of German soldiers Steiner's men: Altmann, Neumann, Sturm, Brandt, Dinter, Berg, Becker, Jansen, Meyer, Riedl, ...


  • Iraq`s offensive against kuwait: reasons, means and strategy

    To start from the very beginning, one should take into consideration how everything commenced when Iraq invaded Kuwait within 3 days in August 1991. Saddam Hussein, the leader, or rather dictator of Iraq, justified that blitz attack with religious motives, although the economic aspect of his justification was apparent. He accused Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of conspiring with western-orientated Israel and the USA. He us ...


  • The allies` military intervention in the gulf crisis

    The USA for its reputation as the "typical" representative of the West and its ideologies and best-armed and best-trained strike forces turned out to be this outside nation. Together with some other countries of the Occident and of the Middle East, it freed Kuwait from its enemy aggressor by force. The allies can be roughly devided into two groups: the ones who only supported the rest with money or logistic equipment and did not send an ...


  • The economic consequences

    With those pictures taken from US fighter planes over Iraq, the USA wanted to strengthen its reputation as a powerful nation. Rumours about the "(...) ökonomische and technologische Dekadenz der USA (...)" were widely spread and prompted some countries to doubt the position of the US as a great power. At the time of war, the US economy was in a deep recession with a high unemployment rate (6-7 % in 1991) and a high federal budget defici ...


  • The european union-

    What is the EU? The EU is a union of different European countries to realize their common goals.The members are Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Finland.The EU represents a desire for peace and cooperation among European states. With increased growth the EU may become a major economic rival to North America and Asia. History Wo ...


  • The existence of god and the beginning of the universe

    William Lane Craig William Craig earned a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Birmingham, England, before taking a doctorate in theology from the Ludwig Maximiliens Universitat-Munchen, West Germany, at which latter institution he was for two years a Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung. He is currently a vis ...


  • 'the experience of war pervades the literature of the period, even if in unacknowledged ways'

    'Wars are funny things. Apart from reducing the population in a rather dramatic way, they sometimes have surprising side-effects.' FARMAN The Very Bloody History of Britain (143). 'The years between 1910 and the Second World War saw a revolution in the literature of the English language as momentous as the Romantic one of a century before.' HOUGH Image and Experience (4). When ...


  • The farm by clarence cooper jr.

    First of all I´d like to tell you something about the author: Clarence Levis Cooper Jr. was born in Detroit in 1934. He got married soon and fell in drug addiction, and because of that he had to go to prison for two years, where he wrote for and edited the black daily newspaper Chicago Messenger. In this, time it was in the year 1960, he also published his first two novels. All of his books are placed in the drug-scene. The critics wrote a ...


  • The fat girl marilyn sachs

    Title: The fat girl Author: Marilyn Sachs Characters: Jeff, Ellen, Norma Jeff is only interested in slim, pretty girls. Soon after joining the ceramics-class he falls in love with a pretty girl like Norma. She is such a slim, pretty girl and Jeff laughs about this fat girl, who has problems to come through the door every morning. Ellen de Luca, called \"the fat girl\" by Jeff is a still person and rather clumsy by doing ceramics. And then on ...


  • The thirty - nine steps john buchan

    Title: The thirty - nine steps Author: John Buchan Characters: Richard Hannay, Franklin Scudder, Sir Walter Bullivant Mr. Richard Hannay was reading a newspaper when suddenly the doorbell rang and a very nervous looking man came in. His name was Franklin Scudder and he introduced Mr. Hanney in his job. He was a spy and in big troubles. Hannay heard much about politics and soon he was totally involved in everything when he found Mr. Scudder\ ...


  • The fauna of australia

    The fauna of Australia is hardly to compare with other regions. This is mainly because the continent is one of the oldest landscapes and the isolated location, which favored an independent fauna. For us as Europeans this animal world is very beautiful but sometimes also dangerous. Bird world One of the most famous birds in Australia is the Emu, which measures up to 1.60 meters. Kakadus, rainbow-parrots are some of the most beautiful anima ...



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