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  • Study guide for giuseppi verdi (1813 1901): la traviata

    When Alexandre Dumas fils (\"junior\") fell in love with a notorious if charming courtesan named Marie Duplessis, his father was not amused. As the author of such hugely best-selling novels as The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, he was both highly respectable and very wealthy. He feared that his naive son would ruin his reputation and his fortune by becoming involved with such a woman, and he forced the young man to break off the ...


  • Go ask alice (anonymus)

    The Book GO ASK ALICE is about Alice, an American girl. Alice is fifeteen years old. She is a normal girl with normal behaviour. She loves Roger from her school, but he doesn't even take notice of her. Alice hates herself and she is bored by everything and everyone and doesn't even go to parties when she's invited. At this time, her parents want to move because her father has the chance to get a job in --. Alice is very happy of this, but a bi ...


  • Go ask alice - anonymous

    This book is based on the actual diary of a fifteen -year-old drug user . It is about sex , drugs , alcohol , teenagers` emotions , innermost thoughts and things and it shows other problems , young people have to face when they are growing-up. This diary tells us about various stages in Alice's life . In the beginning her family is moving and so she has to go to a new school , to adopt a new life style and to make new friends . At first ...


  • Goodbye, mr. chips by james hilton

    This book is about a teacher, who is very beloved. It tells about his life in school. Mr. Chipping ( his nickmame is "Mr. Chips" )gets over eighty when he dies but he works until he feels very tired and old. He even doesn`t go in pension because he loves his job so much. He never has children, although he says that he has a lot of children and all are boys - his pupils. Mr. Chips also married, but his much younger wife died soon. ...


  • Goodbye, england's rose, ...

    Goodbye England's rose; Lebe wohl, Englands Rose, may you ever grow in our hearts. blühe ewig in unseren Herzen. You were the grace that placed itself, Du warst die Anmut an den Orten, where lives were torn apart. an denen Leben sich verlor. You called out to our country Du warst zu hören in unserem Land and you whispered to those in pain. wenn du den Leidenden zuflüstertest. Now you belong to heaven , Nun ruhst du im ...


  • Government in britain

    The british parliament has two Houses, or Chambers; the House of Lords and the House of Commons. House of Lords: The members of the House of Lords are not elected. Often they are members of aristocratic families, bishops, judges or people with titles. That means that most members of the House of Lords are there because of something their ancestors did. House of Commons: The House of Commons is the most powerful House and consists ...


  • Diana - princess of wales queen of hearts

    Als Diana ein kleines Mädchen war, hatte sie Angst vor der Dunkelheit. Sie zündete eine Kerze an und suchte Trost bei der Wärme der flackernden Flamme. Später war sie eine strahlende Prinzessin und die Welt erwärmte sich an ihrem Lächeln. Ein Traum war vorbei als die Nachricht ihres Todes um die Welt ging und sich blankes Entsetzen bei Milliarden von Menschen breitmachte. Und so ist das Leben dieser strahlenden Persönlichkeit verlaufen: ...


  • Life of the author henry graham greene

    Henry Graham Greene was born on 2 October 1904 in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England and was one of six children. At the age of eight he attended the Berkhamsted school where his father Charles was the head teacher. As a teenager he was under so immense pressure that he got psychological problems and suffered a nervous breakdown. In 1922 he was enrolled on the Balliol College, Oxford and in 1926 after graduation he started to work for the Lond ...


  • Literary works of the author henry graham greene

    . NOVELS The Man Within The Name of Action Rumour at Nightfall Stamboul Train It\'s a Battlefield England Made Me A Gun for Sale Brighton Rock The Confidential Agent The Power and the Glory The Ministry of Fear The Heart of the Matter The Third Man The End of the Affair Loser Takes All The Quiet American Our Man in Havana A Burnt-Out Case The Comedians Travels with my Aunt The Honorary Consul The Human Factor Doctor Fis ...


  • The novel of henry graham greene

    . Dramatis personae Rollo Martins alias Buck Dexter, English author of cheap westerns Harry Lime, old school friend and idol of Martins Colonel Calloway, English police officer and observer narrator Anna Schmidt, actress and Lime's girl-friend, feigns to be Austrian but is Hungarian Dr. Winkler, Lime's doctor and present doctor at the accident Colonel Cooler, a friend of Lime Herr Kurtz, a friend of Lime Herr Koch, Lime's caretaker a ...


  • Graham greene - the third man: summary of chapters

    Chapter 1 & 2: Rollo Martins, who is a writer of books, arrives in Vienna. Someone tells him that his friend Harry Lime has been the victim of a car accident and his funeral is on the Central funeral at this day. So he goes to the funeral by taxi and arrives just before it ends. There he meets a police officer called Colonel Calloway, who is English and he is also the storyteller. He invitees Rollo to a bar where he asks him some questions about ...


  • Graham greene: "the third man"

    Author Graham Greene was born in 1904. After Balliol College, Oxford, he worked as a sub-editor at "The Times" for four years. In 1935 he made a journey through Liberia described in "Journey Without Maps". Then he worked for the Roman Catholic Church and visited Mexico to report on religious persecution there. He wrote "The Lawless Roads" and later "The Power and the Glory". He became literary editor for the "Spectator" for one year and ...


  • Relativpronoun: london

    In London there are many tourists __________ want to visit Buckingham Palace. The Tower__________was a prison once, is housing the Crown jewels today. I know a lot of children __________like going by double-decker-busses. The Royals__________live in Buckingham Palace, are very rich. Madame Tausand\'s museum __________ is very famous, has a lot of wax-models. WHICH: ___________________ WHO: ________________________ Compare: n ...


  • Grammar exercices

    Find the correct sentences: help - I - my parents - often - at home listening - less - than - For Helen - interesting - reading is - to records - . do you - a walk - How - the week - go for - during - often - ? the Red cross - our school - collect - Every year - money - for - we - at - . he - Simon - work on - was six - was able to - When - a computer - . had - away - after - She - a - ran - him - clap - she - given - . because - is call ...


  • Grammar -



  • The picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde

    Dorian Gray: Dorian Gray is really beautiful. There is something in his face that makes one trust him at once. Dorian fascinates everyone with his beauty and youth. Lord Henry Wotton: Called Harry is as fascinating as Dorian but he fascinates with theories and thoughts, not with looks and is very cynic. Basil Hallward: A painter who paints a portrait of Dorian. Basil needs an ideal in his art, this ideal is Dorian, so he becomes ...


  • Great britain and nuclear bombs by max - josef schmid

    Introduction Today many people do not know that Great Britain is a nuclear power. Of course Russia, France and the United States of America tested thousands of atomic bombs during the last fifty years. However, Great Britains is still in possession of large amounts of these weapons. This country was the third country, who became a thermonuclear power after some tests on the Christmas Islands. Types of nuclear Weapons  An at ...


  • Great highways of the world - introduction

    The romance of the open road has always been a favourite theme of novelists and poets, songwriters and film-makers; there is something intensely exciting about setting out on a journey. I will present you the new experiences, interesting encounters and the amazing variety of the natural world around us; I will show you fascinating sights, whether the journey is from Bangkok to Singapore through tropical Malaysia or through the awe-inspiring vas ...


  • The corniche from marseille to menton - great highways of the world

    For glamour you won't better it, for Modern Art lovers it will be a joy and of course there are the spectacular and varied views. This is surely one of the most beautiful journeys in the world, although you won't be enjoying it alone. Since the middle of the 19th century this small section of France's coastline has attracted both society's elite and most of the great artists of the time: their glittering legacy has endowed this stretch of coast ...


  • Great highways of the world - the garden route across the foot of africa

    There's only one better trip in South Africa than a quick half-day drive along the Garden Route: a slow leisurely one. The relatively brief 142 mile (227km) journey between Mossel Bay and Storms River packs in mountains, rivers, gorges, bays, forests, bays and some of the best sandy beaches in the world. The best way to enjoy the area is to wander off the main road and explore the coastal towns and national parks, or to head for the hills. At ...



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