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  • The midlands

    The Midlands 1. geography 2. economy 3. cities of the Midlands ( with some facts about their own history, their sights and something about them in general ) 4. some special men ( who are born in the Midlands ) The Midlands are in the middle of England between the South of England, East Anglia, the North Sea and the North of England as well as Wales on the Westside with the Cambrian Mountains. The climate is mild. There are high precipitation, str ...


  • Richard m. nixon

    Content 1. Biography 2. Nixon's Presidency 3. Watergate Biography January 9, 1913: Born in Yorba Linda, California 1934: Graduated from Whitter College (California) 1937: Received Law degree from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina 1937 - 1941: Practiced law in Whitter, California June 26, 1942: Married with Thelma Catherine "Pat" Ryan 1942: Attorney in the Office of Price Administration in Washington D.C. 1942 - 1946: Served in U.S. Navy d ...


  • Australia as a former british colony

    When 1770 the first European settler put his feet on Australian ground, the time of European colonialism had also been ring in in the fifth continent. In the next 150 years the native aboriginal culture of Down Under became victim of British oppression and the country economically dependent on the market of their colonisers. Traditional aboriginal culture was checked and mainly replaced by European ideas. The time before, during and after British ...


  • Western africa as a major source of slaves for the americas

    Western Africa as a major source of slaves for the Americas When in the middle of the fifteenth century the Portuguese, originally in search of gold, exported the first slaves from West-Africa, a decade of African oppression and dependency on the European colonisers began. During the time of mercantilism most of the West-African slaves ended up as plantation workers in the American colonies. Reasons for the so-called "black holocaust" as well as ...


  • New zealand/ neuseeland

    Englischvortrag Thema: New Zealand I believe that each already heard something of the books or the movie "The Lord of the rings". Many thought that one can never bring such a great book on screen. Middle earth is invented, but who saw the film and knows, what the director, the actors and the entire crew said, knows that that middle earth existing- middle earth is New Zealand. The Maoris calls it Aotearoa. The most remote "western n ...


  • Stages of life - gedicht

    Stages of Life What are the stages of life? Come on, we'll cut them with a knife. The first cut we have to make, is when the baby awake(s). This cute human being is helpless and small, crys all the time until it is tall. But there are more problems when the child starts to speak, the parents become more and more weak. The child likes to play with toys, but with the beginning of the puporty it prefers girls or boys. Then school becomes less import ...


  • Genetic engineering-- not everything is perfect

    Genetic engineering promises much in the fields, animal husbandry, food crops. If we take genetically modified food, especially plants, we can improve crop fields for example. It is all too easy that we forget about the risks. The risks are great. Genetics are experimenting with the substance of life and the ultimate price could be the life itself. Although I am not in favor of genetic engineering, there are several arguments ...


  • Smoking tobacco on the occurrence of bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer and addiction to nicotine

    Bronchitis Tar and other chemicals from cigarette smoke make smokers more likely to develop bronchitis. The air passages become inflamed. The cilia, lining the air passage stop beating, so the mucus, dirt and bacteria stay in the lungs. Emphysema Is a dangerous disease of the lungs. The substances in cigarette smoke cause a 'smoker's cough' which bursts the weakened alveoli. It causes the gaseous exchange surface in the lun ...


  • The effect of temperature on enzymes

    Aim: I am investigating the effect of temperature on the enzyme amylase and the breakdown of starch. I want to find the optimum temperature the enzymes work ay. I will keep the same volumes of amylase and starch but always change the temperature of the starch and amylase. Prediction: Since enzymes are proteins, I predict that they will denature if the temperature exceeds 50 degrees. It will no longer work. Above 50 degrees ...


  • Z for zachariah

    Ann Burden, a sixteen-year-old girl is - as far as she knows - the only person left in the world after a nuclear war. She has survived because the radiation has not touched the valley where she lives. One day, unexpectedly, a man wearing the only existing "safe-suit" against radioactivity arrives. Ann is frightened but when the man, Mr. Loomis, becomes ill, Ann takes care of him. When Mr. Loomis becomes better, he starts to react violently tow ...


  • Australien-

    KURZDATEN Land Australischer Bund Kennzeichen AUS Fläche 7,713,364 km² mit Tasmanien (fast so groß wie USA ohne Alaska) Einwohner 18,53 Einwohner ( meisten an der Ostküste) Bev.-dichte 2,4 pro km² Hauptstadt Canberra Staatsform Parl. förderat. Mon ...


  • Ronald wilson reagan

    Introduction Irresolute (unentschlossen) person - 40th president - Also film star, commentator for sport events - person who made the American dream come true? (An American Hero) ->Ronald Reagan 1)Biography a) How he became a president February 6 1911 born in Tampico, Illinois, to Jack and Nelle Reagan (4of4) like in story Dad said: "h ...


  • Outback

    »Es gibt keine Zeit im Outback. Nur die Tyrannei der Distanz und die Herrschaft der Weite. Entweder man haßt sie oder man liebt sie. Kompromisse gibt es nicht.« Zitat aus Rolf Henniges \"Australien\" Das Outback, frei übersetzt, \'das Land draußen vor der Tür\', ist überall dort, wohin die Zivilisation mit ihrer dichten Besiedelung und ihren Annehmlichkeiten noch nicht vorgedrungen ist. In Australien ist das freilich fast ü ...


  • Pink

    Biographie: Birth Name: Alecia Moore Hometown: Philadelphia, PA (USA) Age: 24 Birthdate: September 8th 1979 Starsign: Virgo Height: 5`4 Mothers Name: Judy Fathers Name: James Sibling(s): Brother Jason Musical Influences: Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige, Billy Joel and her dad Fav Songs on her CD: \"Stop Falling\" or \"Split Personality\" or \"Can`t take me home\" Eye Colour: Blue Natural Hair Colour ...


  • Whoopi goldberg's life

    Whoopi Goldberg Whoopi Goldberg, who's real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, was born in 1955 in New York City This woman who says: "acting is my life's blood" wanted to be a performer from the very beginning of her life. But making her dream come true wasn't always easy for her. At the age of eight she started acting in a children's theatre. But by the time she reached high school, Whoopi lost her desire and vision, as she was hooked ...


  • Germany

    Important Facts Germany has an area of 357042km². It borders in the north to Denmark, in the east to the Czech Republic and Poland, in the south to Austria and the Switzerland, in the west to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Germany has got 81,82 Million inhabitants. The capital Berlin has got nearly 3,5 Million inhabitants. In Germany we pay with Euro, but the old currency was DM (Deutsche Mark). Famous Bui ...


  • Discrimination, racism and xenophobia

    Racism To intoduce my report, I want Christian to read a short information about the genocid in Rwuanda in 1994. In my opinion the Tutsi massacres are the most important example for racial violence after the second world war! I've devided this report in the six following parts: ....... 1. "DISCRIMINATION - THE ENDLESS AND ONGOING STRUGGLE FOR EQUALITY" The principle that all human beings have equal rights and should be treated equally is a corner ...


  • Aborigines-

    The first people which live in Australia were called Aborigines. They were the original inhabitants. The people called the Aborigines are descendents of these first Australians today. Originally there were about five hundred aboriginal tribes. Each of these tribes had its own language. Today there are still a large group of the aborigines in Australia. They are trying to preserve their heritiage and identity by gaining ...


  • Ku klux klan

    My topic is the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan is a symbol for brutality, violence and hate. It is the most famous and oldest terror organisation of the USA and in some states they even have a political influence and power. First I talk about the Klan's history because I think it is very interesting how and why the Klan was founded. Before I start, you have to know some background informations: In 1865 the civil war had end, and the s ...


  • The tainted food in the uk

    Europe sees Britain as home of tainted food Did you know that Europe sees Britain as home of bad food. That's only because of the BSE - disease that had shocked the whole world. Even in Austria there was a case of BSE, but the sick cow was imported from another country and so Austria had not any more a case of BSE. A little bit later in the UK there was the next disease. The foot and mouth disease. And so the English food got even wors ...



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