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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • Englisch

    Have got I have got I've got I haven't got You have got You've got You haven't got He/she/it has got He/she/it has got He/she/it hasn't got We have got We've got We haven't got They have got They've got They haven't got ...


  • Emma - jane austen

    1. Jane Austen Jane Austen was born on December 16th in 1775 in a vicarage in Steventon, Hampshire. There, her father worked as a clergyman. Jane Austen had six brothers and one older sister, named Cassandra, to whom she had a very close relationship. Her two brothers Frank and Charles entered into the navy, where one of them even reach the rank of an Admiral of sea. After the death of her father in 1805 Jane Austen, her mother and h ...


  • Philadelphia - filmzusammenfassung

    Andrew Beckett is the rising star of Philadelphia\'s most prestigious law firm. Unbeknownst to his co-workers, Andrew is gay and has AIDS. When the truth is suspected, he is fired on trumped up charges of incompetence and decides to sue his former bosses for AIDS-based discrimination. Nine lawyers refuse the case as does Joe Miller, an avowed homophobic and AIDS-phobic man. He later changes his stance and takes the case as a matter of simple just ...


  • New york -

    When you hear the name New York most people think of the city, skyscrapers and the statue of liberty but N.Y. is also a state. THE STATE: The state N. Y. is in the Northeast of the USA. It has got 127190 squarekilometers and there live about 18 million people. 85 per cent live in N.Y. city. A lot of people do not know that the capital of N.Y. is Albany because they believe it is N.Y. city. Many years ago N.Y. had the largest number of pe ...


  • Drogen

    Drugs are substances, which create/cause moods, perceptions and sensations. There are illegal drugs (hashish, cocaine and LSD) and legal drugs (alcohol and nicotine). They are distinguished by their potency in hard and soft drugs. In former times drugs were quite rare and mainly used for medical purposes. In the 60ties, however, the hippies propagated dope. Consuming drugs was a common habit leading to a downright epidemic. In th ...


  • Aborigines -

    When the white people first came to Australia, about 300.000 Australian Aborigines were living there, in about 600 different groups or tribes. They came to Australia 100.000 years ago, at that time the land was joind to New Guinea in the north. The Abotigines spoke many different langues, told wonderful stories about the "DREAMTIME" and painted pictures of them on the walles of caves. They lived in small familygroups, hunting and tryin ...


  • Basketball in the nba

    NBA = National Basketball Association - Basketball is very popular in the USA - Stars have got high - endowed1 contracts History of Basketball and the NBA: - 1891 basketball was originated by Dr. James Naismith - 1936 basketball was an event o ...


  • Elvis presley -king of rock'n'roll

    Today I want to talk about Elvis Presley. I am sure you all know him, but let me show you a picture of him. First I want to teIl you something about himself. Then I will teIl you a man's opinion of EI vis Presley. Elvis Presley was born at the eighth of January 1935 in East Tupelo. He was a twin, but his brother died after birth. Elvis\' family was very poor. Elvis had a good education. He sang in a choir. At the age often Elvis got his fir ...


  • The hispanics in the usa

    Basic Information not uncommon to hear Spanish spoken in cities the USA ->1950: 4 million U.S. residents were from Spanish-speaking countriesToday: 27 million 50% of Hispanics in the United States have origins in Mexico other 50% come from a variety of countries: + El Salvado + the Dominican Republic + Colombia 36% of the Hispanics in the United Stat ...


  • Aborigines- -

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Worlds Oldest Inhabitants? The word \"aboriginal\" means \"the first\" or \"earliest known\". The word was first used in Italy and Greece to describe people who lived there, natives or old inhabitants, not newcomers, or invaders. Australia may well be the home of the worlds first people. Stone tools discovered in a quarry near Penrith, New South Wales, i ...


  • Bewerbung

    Eigene Adresse Mrs. B Edwards, Personnel Officer 24th February 2004 123 Sunshine Street Oxford Application for a traineeship Dear Sir/Madam, I have been studying graphic design at the Median college in Cologne since 2007.The course includes six months practical training with a company. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to complete my training at your company. Initially, I completed training as a designer with the Kontrast Fotofachlabor ...


  • California -

    Today I want to tell you something about Los Angeles. I have selected this Topic because I thinks it's the most beautiful city. I have arranged my Topic in following Points: 1.General Information 2.Sights 3.History As first I start with General Information: Los Angeles lies in the South-West of California. It is also the capital of the District which have the same name. Los Angeles has about 15 Million Inhabitants an ...


  • The firm

    Contents: 1 Synopsis This story is set in 1985, although it was written in 1981. John Grisham tells us a story of the Mafia and a young student out of law school who could have any firm in the country but choose lowly Bendini, Lambert and Locke. This boy is Mitchell McDeere, who is at the top of his class at Harvard Law and so he has his choice of the best in America. He has got three job offers and decides to take th ...


  • Rainforest

    Rainforest Basic Informations: Rainforests provide a critical habitat for many of the Earth´s plant and animal species. They cover less than two percent of the globe. But they provide a home for more than fifty percent of all living things (more than five million species of plants, animals and insects), fifty million indigenous people live there. Rainforests play an important role in sustaining life outside of them selves: - 25 percent of all mod ...


  • Nebraska

    Nebraska is one of the Midwestern States, which make up America's heartland. The Midwestern States are geographical centre and the centre of American agricultures and industry. Area ~ 200.000 sqkm Inhabitants ~ 1,6 million Capital - Lincoln Nebraska is famous for the cattle and hog industries; and also famous fo ...


  • Conditional sentences

    There are three types of conditional sentences which consist of a subordinate clause with if and a main clause. The subordinate clause is unsally introtuced by if (=wenn/falls). We can also use the conjunctions unless (=wenn nicht, außer wenn), in case (=falls, wenn, für den Fall), as long (=solange, sofern), suppose/supposing (= angenommen). Don´t use would in the if-clause Conditional sentence 1 A conditional s ...


  • A letter... about ireland

    English-profert I will tell you something about a girl who is called Susan. She is from London and twenty years old. Susan was one week in Ireland and wrote a letter to her friend Daisy. Now I am reading it out to you: Hello Daisy, How are you? I'm fine. At the moment I am in Ireland, but tomorrow I am going to return to England/London. I visited some sights and I learned something about this country. Do you know something abo ...


  • Gold

    Eigenschaften und technische Daten Physikalische Daten Dichte: 19,3 g/3 Schmelzpunkt:1060 Grad C Spezifischer Widerstand: 0,024 bzw. 1/42 Ohm mm/m Mechanische Eigenschaften Gold ist verhältnismäßig weich und dehnbar. Es wird meist legiert verwendet. Chemische Eigenschaften Gold ist widerstandsfähig gegen chemische Einflüsse. Es wird nur von Königswasser angegriffen. www.peterlutz/lernen/werkstoff/metalle/mmet3m.html ...


  • Australia -

    History: Australia is a country of contrasts. It is as big as the USA without Alaska, but has only 17,1 millions inhabitants. The first humans, who already came 40.000 years ago, were the aboriginal inhabitants from Asia. But its written history began only 200 years ago with the beginning of the colonisation of the continent through the Europeans in the seventeenth century. In 1606 a Dutch ship docked on the west coast and further ...


  • Food -

    Today I want to talk about food in general and especially in the United Kingdom. Food is the most important thing in everyone's life because it is the base of our existence. Humanity always tried to improve the taste of food and we are finding new ways of cooking and preparing it. So I would say today for most of us eating and drinking is more than a job that we have to do, but it is fun and perhaps a kind of hobby. Many people believe that ...



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