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  • The children by john morrison

    The short story \"The children\" by John Morrison was written in 1972. In the beginning a journalist visits a man, who just packs his truck. The journalist wants to ask a few questions, but at first the man is unfriendly and tries to get away without answering any questions. The journalist doesn\'t want to give up and involves the man in a conversation. One can find out, that there has been a big fire in the village where the man is from, and t ...


  • On the train by olga masters

    In the short story \"On the train\" a mother and her two little girls leave their home, one doesn\'t know exactly why. At first the mother can\'t really decide in which direction to go, but once decided, she hurries down the street without thinking about her little children who can hardly follow her. They reach a train-station and the mother buys three tickets, still not noticing her girls. The passengers look at the small family noticing the chi ...


  • Neighbours by tim winton

    Neighbours by Tim Winton is a very short story about a young couple moving into a new neighbourhood. They notice that their new home was full of European migrants and don\'t feel quite at home in the beginning, always having to listen to the loud conversations of their next door neighbours, a Macedonian family and the hammering of their other next door neighbour, a Polish widower. At first they only see the strange and sometimes disgusting cust ...


  • Movie - crocodile dundee

    The movie \"Crocodile Dundee\" was released in 1986 and became the most famous Australian movie in the United States. The two main characters are played by Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski. The character of Crocodile Dundee is based on a real man called Rodney William Ansell who was killed in a gunbattle with the Australian police after having shot Sgt. Glen Huitson. In the movie the female American reporter Sue Charleston hears about an Australi ...


  • Canada -canada

    Facts The capital of Canada is Ottawa. Edmonton and Calgary are also very big cities. Population centres are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Official languages are English and French. The currency in Canada are Canadian Dollars. There are six times zones. Canada is a parliamentary monarchy in Commonwealth of Nations. So the head of the State is Queen Elizabeth the II. Head of the Government is the Prime Minister, Jean Chretien. Land ...


  • From gliders to rockets

    To be able to fly is one of the oldest human ambitions. Icarus, who was a legend, flew with feathers and wings out of wax too near the sun. So the wax melted and Icarus died. People in the ancient world tried to copy him, but all with disastrous results. First, people thought that the way to fly would be to design a machine with flapping wings like a bird\'s. But the first people who took to the air did it with the help of a hot air balloon. ...


  • Englisch spezialfrage - the internet

    . The history of the internet In 1957, the Russians launched the first artificial satellite, which was called Sputnik. This event flamed up the cold war, because the United States was near hysterics thinking of that metal ball orbiting the globe overhead. But president D. Eisenhower and the U.S. didn't want the Russians to own outer space without a fight. So the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was initiated within the Department of ...


  • Unemployment

    Technological changes are responsible for a good deal of unemployment. Mechanisation and automation are major jobkillers. Many functions that were performed by machines. First unskilled workers were made redundant, then even more qualified workers and white-collar workers. On the other hand job recruits with good knowledge of electronics and mechanics, a rising technical competence and also a wide general education are needed. The market has al ...


  • Englische sprache

    Englische Sprache, die Sprache, die den Menschen in Großbritannien, den Vereinigten Staaten, Kanada, Australien, Neuseeland, Südafrika und zahlreichen anderen Ländern als Hauptkommunikationsmittel dient. In vielen Ländern des Commonwealth ist Englisch Amtssprache und wird dort von fast allen Menschen verstanden und benutzt. Englisch wird in mehr Teilen der Welt gesprochen als jede andere Sprache und ist nach dem Chinesischen die Sprache mit der g ...


  • Euthanasia -

    The magazine The Nursing Times asked it's readers with questionnaires, what they thought about euthanasia. The people had to decide in 13 fictitious cases if euthanasia could be applied or not. Euthanasia means literally 'good death', but for most people it means 'hastened' or 'assisted' death. Most respondents supported the concept of euthanasia, but nearly nobody wanted to help someone else to die, or to do euthanasia. There were two exampl ...


  • The royal flying doctor service of australia

    History The History of The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia inseparable connected with John Flynns life. John Flynn is the, you can say, the inventor of the RFDS. He was born at Moliagul in Centeral Victoria on 25. November 1880. His Mother Rosetta died, when he was three, and after this cruel event, he lived several years with his relatives in Snake Gully. Later the Flynn Family moved to the western suburbs of Melbourne. After ...


  • Dritte welt länder

    Today we will tell you something about the third world. Once a wise man said:¡§ If you have something to eat in your frig, clothes to put on, a bed to sleep and a roof over your head, you will be richer than 75 % of the world¡¦s population. Can you blieve that? Yes, it is rearly true. A big part of the world is very poor. (Folie 1) The green lands are the poor lands and only the red ones are the rich countries. So you can see: Much more lands ...


  • Child abuse generally

    Child Abuse is a widespread though underreported phenomena and still a present issue. Every 4th girl is sexually or physically abused and so is one in six boys. So nobody of us can deny the presence of abuse and it's important for everyone of us, to be confronted with this theme at least once to act the right way if someone of us suspects a child being abused. But before presenting you the hard facts I'd like to tell you something about the d ...


  • Child abuse - who are the abusers?

    Child sexual abuse is a crime most commonly committed by men (95% of the abusers are male) against both girls and boys. Children are most likely to be sexually abused by someone they know and trust or by someone in authority than by a stranger. 85% of those incidents are caused by family members, neighbours or friends, persons who are often not suspicious at all, because they just seem to "like" the child. They do not necessarily look dirty, ...


  • The prevalence of child sexual abuse

    The most recent and comprehensive study of child sexual abuse in Britain undertaken by the University of North London showed that, including any unwanted sexual event that occurred before age 18, over 1 in 2 females and 1 in 4 males had experienced at least one such event. The most common from of sexual abuse was "flashing" - which accounted for 27% of the experiences - the second most common was "touching" which 23% of the people had suffe ...


  • How to recognise a child... when is abused

    4.1 ...who is sexually abused: Behavioural changes are often one of the most common signs. These changes may include any or all of the following indications: Sudden fear or refusal to spend time with someone the child has loved before or with a relative. On the same note a seemingly unreasonable fear or refusal to go to certain places. Some children run away from home, while others turn to drugs or alcohol. But also eating disorders and pro ...


  • What can i do if i know that a child is abused?

    Children often do not tell about their abuse, but if they do it's important to react the right way. The most important thing is to stay calm and to ensure that the child is safe and feels safe. You should show real concern, but not alarm or anger, when questioning the child about possible sexual abuse. It has to be able to trust you and believe that you're taking it's feelings and experiences seriously. After the conversation you should take ...


  • How to safe children from child abuse

    No one is able to protect his or her child all the time and in every situation and to lock out any dangerous moments in its life, but we may reduce the danger by following these 2 advises: - Check all persons, who are left alone with the child or take care of it. - Talk with the kids about maltreatment and abusers and how it may recognise them and react, if it gets in contact with them (yell, run, tell). Also explain the difference between "s ...


  • Introduction of racism

    Racism in the USA was once blatant: slavery, segregation and lynching were all highly visible manifestations of a violent antipathy toward racial minorities by members of the white majority. Many of these racial based human rights violations were committed with the sanction or even active participation of the authorities. Today, visible symbols such as the 'Whites Only' signs of the 1950s would be totally unacceptable to the majority of US ...


  • Historical perspectives: ignoring the lessons of the past - rasism

    "Many citizens consider it insensitive and unseemly, if not immoral, for a country, with our historical record on slavery and race discrimination, to persist in using a punishment that is administered and controlled almost exclusively by whites and serves no demonstrated function, but has a profound adverse impact, physically, psychologically, and symbolically on its black citizens." - David Baldus and George Woodward, experts on race and the US ...



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