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  • The elizabethan era

    Queen Elizabeth I (*1533-+1603) Queen of England (1558 to1603) Under her reign England became an economic power Elizabethan England 5million inhabitants 4/5 of the population lived in the country London was the trade center of England and had 25000 inhabitants most of England was covered with forests although the deforestation started at that time because of the need for building materials and firewood Big ...


  • Eu enlargement

    The European Union's foreign ministers met at Luxembourg at the October the 25th and 26th to discuss enlarging their club. The European Commission proposed to open talks next year with the five Countries: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Estonia, as well as Cyprus. But there are many other countries like Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria which want to join as well. Some of these countries were considered to be beyond the pal ...


  • Making use of the internet for english studies

    Preface The Internet. The media everybody talks about and wants to get use of . Newspapers and magazines are covered with articles about this complicate network, even though they are presenting the issues on their own homepages in the Internet; every single company, may it be a little store or a tycoon, presents itself and its products throughout the web. Today, on every letter head and buisnesscard email addresses can be found. Yet today ...


  • Batchelor boys - the young ones book

    This is a book spin-off of the infamous TV serial, written by Ben Elton. Stark (1989) From the backnote of the book.... \"Stark has more money than God and the social conscience of a dog on a croquet lawn. What\'s more, they know the Earth is dying. Deep in Western Australia, where the Aboriginals used to milk the trees, a planet-sized plot takes shape. Some green freaks pick up the scent. A Pommie poseur, a brain-fried Vietnam Vet, Abo ...


  • Die bedeutung der eisenbahn für die erschließung der usa

    OSTEN 1830: erste kommerziell betriebene Bahnlinie in den USA (Baltimore « Ohio) in der Folgezeite: Anbindung der Metropolen und westliche Ausweitung des Eisenbahnnetzes bis zum Mississippi Philadelphia/Charleston (1840), Wheeling/Ohio River (1852), Chicago, St. Louis, Great Lakes, ... Trassenbau insbesondere in den Nordstaaten, die konservativen Südstaaten standen der neuen Technologie "Eisenbahn\" skeptisch gegenüber und zögerten mit ...


  • Philadelphia

    Subject: Andrew Beckett is a young and successful lawyer who works for a famous law-office in Philadelphia. One day he is suddenly fired by the senior partners although he is doing his job perfectly. But Andrew knows that he was fired because of his disease. Andrew has AIDS. So he tries to fight against the unfair decision. Main characters: Andrew Beckett He is a successful lawyer who loses his job because of AIDS. He is a homosexua ...


  • Civil rights

    Civil Rights are given by a state to its inhabitants, for example the right to obtain employment and the right to use public facilities like trams, toilets and schools on equal terms with all other people. The term Civil Rights is closely related to minority groups in the USA, especially to black people. History: Amendment XIII (1865): Abolition of slavery Amendments XIV / XV (1868 / 1870): definition of citizenship and protection of r ...


  • Capitalism - and other important items of the western world's systems

    In my last upload, \"For God\'s sake, teach us!\", I promised a short piece in defence of capitalism if anyone asked me for one. Well, they have; so here it is! At the end of 1989, with the Wall knocked down and the Czechoslovaks, Poles, East Germans, Balts -and not a few Russians - and the rest all running free of the Soviet bear, I never thought that anyone would have to publish articles like this one ever again. Then, in 1991, when the ...


  • My left foot

    Chris was born in 1932 as the tenth child of a Dublin bricklayer. The family later consisted of 22 children, 4 already died in infancy. His was a difficult birth. After four month his mother realised that there was something wrong with him, six month later they went to a doctor. He told Mrs. Brown that her son suffered form cerebral palsy, he could not control his speech and body, apart from his left foot. Everybody meant that there is no hope ...


  • Cry freedom

    AUTHOR The author of the book ist John Briley. He is an American journalist and writer. At present he lives in Spain. CONTENT The story plays in November 1975 in the south-east of South Africa in the city East London. In this city Donald Woods is an editor of the Daily Dispatch. One morning he gets news of a police raid in the black township Crossroads which lies in Cape Town in the south-west of South Africa. To this news he also ...


  • War in bosnia

    The former \"Socialist Republic of Jugoslawia\" split 1991/92: The first of the six states proclaimed Slovenia, Croatia and Mazedonia 1991 their independence. Bosnia - Herzegowina followed on April 7, 1992. On April 27, 1992 Serbia and Montenegro united to \"Federal Republic of Jugoslawia\", better known as \"Rest-Jugoslawia\". Slowenia had the best initial position and realised the independence: The Republic is ethic bind (only 2,4 % Serbs ...


  • Aborigines-f-

    The word Aborigine is derived from Latin and means "from the beginning". This is the name given to the native Australians by the Europeans. This is not the name they called themselves. They prefer to call themselves: Koori. They are a dark-skinned people belonging to the Australoid group who probably came from Asia. Nobody is quite sure how they came to Australia around 60000 years ago. They may have walked and sailed here from Asia. They hunted ...


  • Blacks in america

    Blacks in America In 1619 the Africans are brought to work as "servants" in Jamestown, and later to work on the tobacco and cotton fields. Slavery is declared legal in the South, but illegal in all states north of Missouri in 1820. In 1861 eleven southern "slave" states leave the Union, afraid that Lincoln will abolish slavery, which is the basis of their economy. So the Civil War breaks out. The North defeats the South. In 1868 Blacks become Afr ...


  • Universal aspects of shakespeare's tragedies

    Universal aspects of Shakespeare\\\'s tragedies Tragedies share a lot of characteristics-- some found in almost all tragedies, others not so universal-- but I think that for Shakespeare, the big divider between what\\\'s called a comedy and what\\\'s called a tragedy is whether it ends with the important sympathetic characters alive and well or with the important sympathetic characters, especially the one the play\\\'s named after, dead. ...


  • Essay about the u.s. state colorado

    Essay about the U.S. state Colorado Near 1600 Spanish discoverers came to Denver, which is now the capital city of Colorado. Denver was settled by different Indian tribes for example the Sioux or the Apaches. The Spanish gave the whole area the name ´´Colorado´´ (= farblich, rötlich) because of the ´´Red Rocks´´- formation. In 1858 the ´´Bust Gold Rush´´ broke out. Denver got it's first railroad and the west was recognized. Since ...


  • Report about san francisco

    I want to tell you everything about the most important attractions of San Francisco, and I will start with the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is the connection between the Pacific Ozean and the San Francisco Bay. It was built in 1937. It's 67m high and 2739m long. In the past many people who have considered to commit suicide, jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Nowadays it's secured with a higher fence. There's permanently a lot ...


  • About the pentagon

    The Pentagon, headquarters of the Department of Defense, is one of the world\\\'s largest office buildings. It is twice the size of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, and has three times the floor space of the Empire State Building in New York. The National Capitol could fit into any one of the five wedge-shaped sections. There are very few people throughout the United States who do not have some knowledge of the Pentagon. Many have followed news ...


  • Assessment of marching

    I want to tell you something about the assessment of marching. Nearly every brassband in Austria participate on those assessments. The idea of assessments: The brassband appears in public. It has to present the music as good as it can for the ear. And it has to present the marchmusic in the best formatting for the eye. The "Magic of the uniform" is very important for machmusic. That mean, that the uniform should be neat and goodlooking. H ...


  • Mother teresa

    Mother Teresa is known all over the world as a small old woman with many folds. She was away a lot on all continents with her blue and white Sari and sandals. Teresa also received the Nobel price of peace. The church and famous persons of the world liked to be near her, to profit from her charisma. Journalists, photographs, reporters and television made her to an international star, to the holy person of the poor, to the angel for ill persons. ...


  • Jacqueline lee bouvier

    I.BIOGRAPHY Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born on July 28, 1929 in Southampton, New York. Born into an aristocratic, rich family, Jackie was riding horses at age four and winning equestrian championships at age five. After her parents divorced when Jackie was eleven, her mother remarried and moved the family to a Virginia estate called Merrywood. Jackie attended prestigious private schools and vacationed at a huge Rhode Island farm. She w ...



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