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  • Urban development in china

    The structure of cities in the LDCs Urban development in China "³ China¡¦s inland cities have served and controlled particular rural areas over thousands of years. North: walled cities had social districts South: with commercial centres, lots of small streets and craftsmen¡¦s houses - 19th century: European intrusion created CBDs of shanghai and Guangzhou ¡V> serve commercial interest, financed railways: ind. Cities could develop on t ...


  • Central park

    Central Park is one of the urban wonders of the world, a green oasis in the great concrete, high-rise landscape of New York City. This entirely man-made Park is so naturally part of the Manhattan environment, and a place where all of us can escape from the frenetic rhythms that make New York the most exciting city in the world. Facts Central Park stretches from 59th street to 110th street and from Fifth Avenue to Eighth Avenue. I ...


  • The amisch people

    Words: baptized = getauft confess their belief = ihren Glauben bekennen seclude = absondern plain = schlicht sleeve = Ärmel bun = Haarknoten bonnet = Haube Mustache = Schnurrbart persecution = Verfolgung? buggies = Kutschen suspenders = Hostenträger I will tell you sth. about the Amisch people. It´s a religious group , who have their roots from the anabaptist movement in Europe in the century. In this time it was usual ...


  • Aboriginies artikel

    In Australia there are 1,5% Aboriginies. They came 40.000 years ago to that continent. The Aboriginies lived in more than 250 tribes which were made up in smaller groups which are called "clans" and spoke 300 different languagse and dialects but now there are only 50 left. The numbers of Aboriginies before the white men - European-came is not clear but experts think that there were ca. 300.000 - 1.000000 Aboriginies. There are now 18 millon peo ...


  • The british school system-

    Compulsory education in Britain begins at the age of 5 and ends at the age of 16. At first children have to go to primary school, which corresponds to the german Grundschule. Primary school consists of Infant school, for the 5-7 year- old pupils and Junior school, for the 8-11/12 year- olds. The results of primary education should be that pupils are able to read, to write and to calculate without any problems. That's why these three subjects a ...


  • English grammar0

    page content 1 Cover 2 Content 3 Simple present 3 Present progressive 4 Simple past 4 Past progressive 5 Present perfect 5 Past perfect simple 5 Will-Future 6 Going-to- future 6 Future progressive 6 Futur 2 6 Negation 7 Passive 7 Reported speech 8 Conditional sentences 9 Reference Simple present The 1st verbform The simple present is used to express repeated situations Every sunday I play tennis. Or for actings th ...


  • Muhammad ali

    In all of boxing history, Muhammad Ali stands alone. In early boasts, he called himself \\\"The Greatest,\\\" and by the time his storied career came to an end, most fight fans agreed. Ali had also become the best-known athlete in the world and, very possibly, the best loved as well. Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. was born January 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky. The son of Cassius Marcellus Sr., a sign and mural painter, and Odessa Grady, a house ...


  • Dr. martin luther king jr.

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King was born in 1929 on January 15th as the son of the teacher Alberta King and the Baptist minister Michael Luther King in Atlanta (Georgia). In 1948 he left the Morehouse College in Atlanta and went to the University, where he studied theology. When he was 24 years old he got married to Corretta Scott in Alabama. Later they had four children together. M. L. King fought always for the colored's righ ...


  • Washington d.c.

    - capital of the USA - population 4.2 millions - area 68 square miles - until 1964 people no right vote president - few factories - most work in office - government largest employer - work 345000 - 4 parts: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest - on Potomac River - 1.12.1800 government transported Philadelphia - Washington - end of the 18th century the north want Philadelphia or New York as the capital - southern states à would ...


  • Globalization - vocabulary

    Globalization - the increase of trade around the world, especially by large companies producing and trading goods in many different countries To go into production - start the process of making or growing goods to be sold manufacture - to make goods on a large scale using machinery distribution of sth - the transport and supply of goods, etc to various people or places national, multinational/global - (adj)involving several different countrie ...


  • Australia----

    In the late 18th century James Cook discovered Australia. English settlers came soon afterwards. At first Australia consisted of several prisoners` camps for dangerous criminals (murderers, arsonists, rapists...). The prisoners built barracks and they had to live there. But there were many dangerous animals (poisonous snakes and spiders) and diseases. Australia is the world's smallest continent and the largest island. It is as large as the U ...


  • Australian aboriginees

    About 40.000 years ago the Aboriginees came from somewhere in Asia. Nowadays they make up 1,5% of the Australian population. Before the first settlers arrived in the 18th century, there existed about 500 rather small family groups of Aboriginees. They lived from hunting and gathering and they always did everything to protect nature. But the contact with the British settlers was not good because there was a loss of political autonomy and peopl ...


  • James cook

    James Cook was born in 1728 in England. He commanded three voyages of discovery for Great Britain, and sailed around the world twice. He is considered to be one of the world\\\'s greatest explorers. In 1768 the British Navy sent him to Tahiti and to seek a southern continent. He started his first voyage round the world. The trip to Tahiti was successful, the search for the southern continent was not. Bu in 1769 Cook was the first European t ...


  • India:

    India is a prime example of a Third-World country. There are many extremely poor people who must live under terrible conditions. A lot of people starve to death or are at least so poor that they can hardly afford enough food to survive. There is not enough clean drinking water too.The climate is very hot, especially in the south and every year floods but also droughts kill thousands of Indians. Millions of Indians are illiterates. There exist ...


  • Charakterisierung von laurie saunders

    Laurie Saunders ist ein sehr hübsches Mädchen mit hellbraunen Haar und einem fast immer währenden Lächeln, das nur schwindet , wenn sie aufgeregt ist oder an ihrem Kugelschreiber kaut. Laurie ist die Chefredakteurin von der Schülerzeitung "Ente". Sie findet das Amt der Chefredakteurin nicht sehr gut, da das Amt der Chefredakteurin hauptsächlich darin besteht, jede Art von unangenehmen Arbeiten zu erledigen. Eines Tages zeigt ihr Lehrer Ben Ross ...


  • S.e.hinton- the outsiders

    THE OUTSIDERS, by S.E.HINTON The Author: Susan Eloise Hinton wrote the novel The Outsiders when she was 16 years old. She grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was a publishing author by the age of 17. She has always enjoyed reading but wasn\\\'t satisfied with the literature that was being written for young adults, which influenced her to write novels like The Outsiders. When she wrote this book the publishers suggested that she use her name a ...


  • Drugs---

    Drugs are substances, which create/cause moods, perceptions and sensations. There are illegal drugs (hashish, cocaine and LSD) and legal drugs (alcohol and nicotine). They are distinguished by their potency in hard and soft drugs. In former times drugs were quite rare and mainly used for medical purposes. In the 60ties, however, the hippies propagated dope. Consuming drugs was a common habit leading to a downright epidemic. In the following ...


  • New-york--

    New York, or also Big Apple mentioned, belongs for us to the most exciting cities of the world. We were in the middle of there Decembers for 1 week and experienced the New Yorker ones in the full vorweihnachtlichen consumer intoxication, an experience of the extra class. But except Shopping it gives to undertake naturally still much much more. A travel with the Circle LINE over one-had around or however a helicopter round flight are only re ...


  • Mein abba artikel

    Entstehungsgeschichte: Zuerst waren es nur Björn Ulvaeus und Benny Andersson, zwei Musiker die miteinander sangen und Lieder schrieben. Und eines Tages Trafen sich Björn und Agnetha und Benny und Frida und es entstand die legendäre Popgruppe ABBA. Die ABBA Geschichte fängt im Sommer 1966 auf einer Party in Västervik. Dort lernten sich Björn und Benny kennen. Björn spielte bei den Hootenanny Singers 1967 als in dieser Band drei Bandmitgliede ...


  • The spanish riding-school

    1. The History: It was founded in 1572 by the Habsburg emperors. In 1942 the Nazis removed the horses to Czechoslovakia. From there they were returned to Vienna by the US-Army under General Patton in 1955. A plaque commemorating that event can be seen in the entryway to the Riding School. The horses the Habsburgs bred and trained originally came from Spain - that's why the Riding School is called "Spanish" Riding School. At the Spanish Ri ...



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