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  • Animal farm (deutsch)

    INHALTSANGABE Der Autor George Orwell erzählt in seiner Geschichte "Farm der Tiere" von einer verwahrlosten Tierfarm, wogegen die hungernden Tiere revoltieren. In einer Nacht halten die Tiere eine Versammlung ab, hecken einen Plan aus, und vertreiben am nächsten Tag den Bauern von der Farm. Nun führen die Tiere ein schönes leben, sie machen ihre eigenen Gesetze, bewirtschaften Hof und Feld und legen fest, das Haus des Bauer ...


  • Florida

    Information about Florida Florida is a state in the south- east of the USA. The 'Floridastraße' divides Florida from Cuba. Florida has an area about 155. 213 square kilometres. There live 16.71 million people. Florida has only 4 big rivers, they're all in the north of Florida there names are: Apalachicola, the Suwannee, the St. Johns and the Escambia. Nearly 47 % of the landscape from Florida is forest. Florida is ...


  • Tolkiens leben/ tolkiens biografie

    HANDOUT Tolkiens Life Elias Knell Page 1 Years Description 1892 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is born on January 3rd in Bloemfontein. 1895 Mother, Mabel Tolkien, returns with the sons to England. 1896 Father, Arthur Tolkien, dies in South Africa. Mother with the sons moves to Birmingham suburb and begins to teac ...


  • Marketing process

    Hello, and welcome to my presentation about "The Marketing Process"! The main subjects are: v Marketing Concept v Situation Analysis v Marketing Strategy v Marketing Mix Decisions v Implementation & Control At first, let me explain you what the Marketing Concept is all about: With the concept the firm tries to find out, what needs the customer has and how to fulfill them. The process it ...


  • Australien some information

    Some Information about Australia Australia (sometimes referred to as the Land Downunder) is located southeast of Asia in the southern hemisphere. It is the world\'s largest island (and smallest continent) covering an area of 7,713,360 square kilometres (2,978,145 square miles). The island together with the nearby island of Tasmania forms the Commonwealth of Australia. It is the only nation to occupy an entire continent and, as an island ...


  • London-capital

    London is the capital of Great Britain and it has got about 7 million inhabitants. London is built on the riverside of the Thames. Over the Thames there are a lot of bridges. One of this it's the Tower Bridge who was built 100 years ago. In London there are a lot of statues, castles, boutiques, places of history, restaurants, churches, .. The most famous things are Big Ben, Houses of Parliaments, St. Pauls Cathedral, Tower of London and the ...


  • 'to kill a mockinbird' critique

    "To Kill A Mockingbird" Critique First I have to say, that I really liked the play. I think it is amazing how high school students can work together and realize such a big event. From costumes to the amazing stage picture, they made that all by themselves. I think that earns praise. I really liked the stage picture, it wasn't a "cheap" one just with carton buildings which should look like houses but don't. Their stage picture really looked like a ...


  • The marketing concept

    Companies cannot survive today by simply doing a good job. They must do an excellent job if they are to succeed in the increasingly competitive global marketplace. In the middle of marketing stands the customer. A company can choose four alternatives to make sales politics. Ø The production concept holds that consumers will favour products that are affordable and available, and therefore management's ma ...


  • Death of a salesman-summary+analysis of act i

    Summary and Analysis of Act I Act I (Loman Home, Present Day): The salesman, Willy Loman, enters his home dressed in a dark gray business suit and carrying two large sample cases. He appears very tired and confused, a sixty year old man with calluses on his hands, yet he has powerful strivings and a mercurial nature. Linda Loman, his wife, puts on a robe and slippers and goes downstairs. She has been asleep. Linda is mostly jovial, but h ...


  • Bob marley

    Bob Marley Hello ladies and gentlemen. What I want to do today is to tell you something about Bob Marley. If there are any questions, please stop me at any time, and I will be happy to answer them. My presentation is divided in 3 parts. Firstly I want to give you a short introduction about Reggae. Secondly I'll try to describe what Reggae and Rasta means. Finally I'll be looking at the life of Bob Marley. Introduction First of all I like to say t ...


  • Dead poets society-

    Dead Poets Society shows the conflict between realism and romanticism. These two contrasting ideals are presented to the students at a bording school for boys. Welton Academy is founded on tradition, Honor, Discipline and Excellence. Every year, hundreds of parents leave their sons in the hands of Welton and hope that they will raise doctors. The story is told from Todd Andersons point of view. He is a newcomer at Welton ...


  • Agriculture of america

    Agriculture of America Contents 1. The Rainfall 2. The Temperature 3. The Plant Life 4. The Corn Belt 5. Farm and Village 6. Diversification 1. THE RAINFALL In the Northern Hemisphere, the western portions of continents are especially favored by the prevailing winds. This is because the western lands gather the rains as they come off the ocean, blown by storms that circle from west to east. Unfortunately, the Cascade Mountains and the Sierra Neva ...


  • Animal farm, alle kapitel

    Kapitel1 Mr. Jones ist Farmer auf der Herrenfarm. Er ist ein Trinker und vernachlässigt seine Tiere. Old Major, der alte Eber, hat einen seltsamen Traum. Er erzählt den anderen Tieren davon. Dazu versammeln sie sich nachts in der Scheune. Old Major erklärt dort, was für ein elendes Leben die Tiere auf der Farm führen. Alle Tiere sollten gegen die Menschen kämpfen, die ihre Feinde sind. Zum Schluss singt Old Major ein Lied. Alle singen es la ...


  • Statue of liberty/freiheitsstatue (einmal auf englisch und einmal

    auf Deutsch = gleicher Text) Statue of Liberty Everybody know that the Statue of Liberty the classic emblem of New York is and it symbolise the freedom of the world. When one shipping with the boat to New York, strike it. But today you must make a very expensive boattour to admire she. The Statue of Liberty was a present by the French to the american folk. The statuary Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi has designed she. He works 21 years on h ...


  • Übersicht über die zeitformen

    The tenses of the main verbs (active form) Tense Form(simple/progressive) Signal words/ examples Use of the tense(rules) Present Simple I write/ He writes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progressive Be (is, am, are)+ -ing I am wiriting. Often, sometimes, always, usually, never I know some godd games. -------------------------------------------- ...


  • National recreatin area lake powell

    Table of Contens Cover Table of contens Introduction Origin and History Discovery Glen Canyon Dam Climate Leisure time activities Sources List of Vocabulary Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, it is situated in the west of the USA. In the very huge Canyon is a lake he is named Lake Powell. For the most part the Canyon (lake) is in Utah but he stretch to Arizona. The history Origin: "Most of Glen Canyon's nar ...


  • American school system/ american high schools

    General educational system Facts about school in the USA 88 % of all American children go to public schools. These schools are free and open to all students. So nearly all children from one neighborhood go to the same high school. Students are not divided up into different types of school, as they are in Germany. The age years have specially names, for example "freshman", "sophomore", "junior" or "senior". The school ...


  • 11.9.2001 world trade centre

    Dorian: Today we will tell you something about the attack on the 11th September 2001 Dorian: First Gabriel tells you some facts about the WTC. Gabriel: The WTC was built between 1966 and 1973. It was 412 metres high and had 110 floors. It consisted of two towers and it belonged to the largest buildings of the world. There worked over 40.000 employees on a 1,2 millions m2 office-, restaurant-and buisness area. For buildi ...


  • Market analysis

    The goal of a market analysis is to determine the attractiveness of a market and to understand its evolving opportunities and threats as they relate to the strengths and weaknesses of the firm Dimensions of a market analysis: Ä Market size (current and future) Ä Market growth rate Ä Market profitability Ä Industry cost structure Ä Distribution channels Ä Market trends Ä K ...


  • Animal farm- georg orwell

    Titel: Animal Farm Autor: Georg Orwell but his real name was Eric Arthur Blair Purpos- Absicht He wants to present the unpleasant facts of the Russian Revolution up to his own day. For Orwell it's very important to inform the people about the facts of injustice, brutality and to think out for themselves some way in which a true and \"democratic socialism\" will be brought about. He writes it in an easy way that all people can understan ...



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