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  • The challenger accident

    On the 28.1. 1986 the orbital glider Challenger exploded briefly after the start from the Cape Canaveral. This misfortune could have been avoided. With the explosion the entire crew died: Francis Scobee, Michael Smith, Christa McAuliffe, Gregor Jarris, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka and Judith Resnik died an unnecessary death. The minitioes reconstruction of the incident exposed a brittle rubber seal ring at one of the booster rockets as direct ...


  • The history of apartheid in south africa

    South Africa (see map) is a country blessed with an abundance of natural resources including fertile farmlands and unique mineral resources. South African mines are world leaders in the production of diamonds and gold as well as strategic metals such as platinum. The climate is mild, reportedly resembling the San Francisco bay area weather more than anywhere in the world. South Africa was colonized by the English and Dutch in the seventeenth ce ...


  • The history of the english language

    I would like to talk about the orgin and history of today's English. I will start about 5000 B.C. (Before Christ). At that time a tribe called the Indo-Europeans discovered and spread through central Europe until 3000 B.C. A small part of them were the Celts. They travelled to Britain and brought their own language with them. 2000 years later the Romans arrived in Britain, and Latin was brought into England. 410 A.D. (Anno Domini) the Angles ...


  • The history of the ku klux klan

    Preface: It is not very simple to write down the history of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), because there are many contradictory information about the Ku Klux Klan. A good example for this is the number of the members in the 1920\'s. In the Encyclopedia Americana is written down they have had 1.5 million members, on the contrary, the Encyclopaedia Britannica says they have had 4 million members. I think, the reason for these differences are that the Kl ...


  • The ku klux klan today

    For what does the Klan stand? The Ku Klux Klan was reconstructed after World War II and is still existing. Today there are many fractions of the Ku Klux Klan like the \"Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan\", the \"New Order Knights\" or the \"Invisible Empire\". There are also many Klan-like organizations which have some differences but in the most cases they have the same opinion. After the review of many WebPages written by Klan and Klan-near organiz ...


  • The terror acts of the ku klux klan today and in the near past

    To reach their aims, some Klan organizations use the same methods as 100 years ago. They create a atmosphere of fear and terror. They use hate and violence. A good example for this fact is the \" Fiery Cross\". It was used at first in the 1920\'s to fear opponents of the Klan. The \"Fiery Cross\" is a burning wooden cross which stands near the house of their enemies. While the cross burns the robe and hood wearing members make a procedure around ...


  • Symbols used by the ku klux klan

    The Ku Klux Klan still uses many symbols. Since the Ku Klux Klan is a very religious organization, the Cross is a very important symbol. The most famous symbol of the Klan is the \"Fiery Cross\". The Klan claims that it is used to \"represent the ideals of Christian Civilization\". They contend that they \"light the Cross with fire to signify to the world that Jesus Christ is the light of the world.\" However, this symbol was and is often used to ...


  • The history of the pc

    Today computers are used everywhere: in banks, supermarkets, offices or at home. But how was the modern computer Invented? The predecesser of the digital computer was the calculating machine. It was invented in 1642 by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal.Analogue computers were built at the beginning of the 20th century. During the first and second world war mechanical and electrical analogue computers were used in submarines and pla ...


  • The horsewhisperer by nicholas evans

    About the author Nicholas Evans is born in 1950. He studied law in Oxford and after finishing his exams he worked as a journalist. He wrote unusual reports about the USA and the Near East. Promoted by film director David Lean he began at the beginning of the 80`s his career as a scriptauthor. His first novel was the Horsewhisperer which was the number one international bestseller in 1995. When he finished only the first part of this 50 ...


  • The hound of the baskervilles by arthur canon doyle

    Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh in 1859. As the son of a civil servant, he was educated at Stonyhurst School and then spent a year in Austria, before taking a dergree in medicine at Edinburgh University. Later he began to write detective stories and became the author of more than 50 books, including historical novels, science fiction, poetry an other subjects.His most famous books with Sherlock Holmes are \"A Study in Scarlet\", \"T ...


  • The house of the spirits by isabell allende

    The plot of the novel stretches from the 30s of our century to the present. The story is about two families of the chilean upper class, the Truebas and the Del Valles (spricht man übrigens "dell vajes" aus). Esteban Trueba - whose father was a drunkard and a gambler and lost all his money - decides to seek his luck in the goldmines in the nord of the country. He hopes to get rich as fast as possible to be able to marry the beautiful Rosa ...


  • "the hunt for red october" by tom clancy

    About the Author: Thomas L. Clancy, the so called Master of techno-military thrillers, was born on the 12th of April 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland / USA. He was educated at the Loyola College in Baltimore. Then he worked as an insurance broker and finally he became a famous novelist. "The Hunt for Red October" was his first novel, which was published in 1984 and immediately was a bestseller. Other also well-known works followed, e.g. "Red ...


  • India - the indian culture

    The Indian culture is full of stories which have been handed down from generation to gener-ation. The stories are not only entertaining but also teach moral lessons. This is probably the reason why storytelling is still very populal~ in India and is an important part of the country \'s traditions. At the beginning of the 16th century, before the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British and the French started trading with the Indian people, India was ...


  • The industrial revolution-

    Without any doubt the industrial revolution is and was one of the most important parts of human history. It changed the life of nearly every human being on our whole planet and the results are so common for us that we don't even think about them in our daily lives. Industrial changes: The industrial revolution began at the 2nd half of the 18th century. There exists no uniformed theory how it came up. We can separate the industrial revolu ...


  • Internet ---

    1 INTRODUCTION In the first part of my speech, I will try to answer the question "What is the Internet?". That question is rather difficult to answer because the Internet is so many things to so many different people. But what exactly is the Internet ? It\'s simply a series of computer networks linked together around the world, communicating almost all the time with one another. A single network of computers, is for example, all the compute ...


  • The invisible man -

    One wintry, cold and snowy February day Griffin arrives at the Coach and Horses Inn in Iping. The hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Hall, who are the owner of this inn, is absolutely great. But something seems to be very strange for them because Griffin doesn't want to take off his clothes. Only his nose could be seen by other people. He tells that he was an experimental investigator and that he has had an accident and uses this as a rea ...


  • The invisible man - summary of the plot

    On a wintry day in February a stranger arrives at the Coach-and-Horses Inn at Iping village and takes a room. When Mrs. Hall, the Innkeeper's wife, goes in to serve lunch he is still wearing his hat and coat. He is also wearing blue spectacles and a big beard. When he takes lunch he removes his hat and Mrs. Hall sees that his head is covered with a white bandage, leaving nothing exposed but his pink pointed nose. Mrs. Hall thinks that the man m ...


  • The irish language

    The Irish language is also called Gaelice. Irish is the "first" language of Ireland's inhabitants. Almost 55.000 people speak Irish as their first language. These people live in the Irish-speaking region of Western Ireland and are known as "Native Speakers". Western Ireland is also known as the Gaeltacht. The counties of Gaeltacht are Kerry, Clare, Galway, the Three Aran Islands, Mayo, Sligo and Donegal. Galway has a flourishing Irish spea ...


  • The island of dr. moreau

    A man - he is also the narrator of the story - finds himself in a lifeboat with two other men after their ship, the Lady in Vain, has sunk. After some days drifting through the sea the two other men start to struggle for water, fall over board and drown. The narrator himself is saved by a ship called the Ipecacuahna, a little trader from Arica and Callao in South America. When Prendick, that is the narrator\'s name, regains consciousness he ...


  • The korean war - -

    1.) Introduction The Korean War has been called the \"Forgotten War,\" historically overshadowed by World War II and Vietnam. It was one of the first episodes of the Cold War and involved many of the great personalities of the era: Truman, McArthur, Mao, and Stalin. The Korean War began in the early hours of 25 June 1950, when North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel and invaded South Korea. Here are some numbers to give a short overv ...



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