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  • Stephen king - carrie

    Carrie is Stephen King\'s first published novel, released in 1974 as a title from an unknown author. It was fairly well recieved and sold modestly. No one could have predicted that it was the beginning of what would become the biggest publishing phenomenon in history. But, as the novel\'s own opening proclaims, \"No one was really surprised when it happened, not really, not at the subconscious level where savage things grow.\" Savage things did g ...


  • Still missing christy

    Christy Brown's sudden and tragic death in October, 1981 left his wife Mary (an agency nurse) devastated. The film of his autobiography is nominated for five Oscars. Her sense of pride is mixed with a sadness. The film only touches on their relationship, but it does capture their instant mutual attraction. Christy had been invited to appear on the David Frost show, and his brother had thrown a party to celebrate his visit. Christy was sitting a ...


  • The rolling stones

    Today I´m going to talk about the best Rock ´n´ Roll group ever, the Rolling Stones. The group members (now) are: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts & Ronnie Wood (Ian Stewart, Brian Jones & Mick Taylor were members too, but they are not anymore in the band). The Rolling Stones have taken their name from a Muddy Waters song called "Rollin´ Stone Blue". The Rolling Stones have had longer than 30 years gigs and concerts. Keith Rich ...


  • Stress

    Stress can be a really dangerous health hazard. So avoid reaching your pressure point altogether. A list of the most effective stress stoppers. 1.) Screaming, punching, boxing It¡¦s good for stressed people to act out their frustrations in a physical (but completely harmless) manner for example smashing old plates on the floor. Stress eyperts agree that releasing tension and anger can set free the stress hormones that are rampaging around you ...


  • Study guide for goethe's faust

    These notes refer to the Kaufmann translation of Faust. There is an 1808 translation by George Madison Priest online as one huge text file. The German original is available at There is also an edition of Christopher Marlowe\'s much easier play on the same subject, Doctor Faustus. This work is rich in wonderful contradictions and conflicts. Faust: ATragedy is the title given his masterpiece by ...


  • Study guide for nizami: layla and majnun (1188)

    Source: The Story of Layla and Majnun, by Nizami. Trans. R. Gelpke. OmegaPublications, 256 Darrow Road, New Lebanon, NY 12125. Phone: 800-443-7107 or518 794-8181. ISBN #0-930872-52-5. Begin by reading the first two pages of the \"Postscript\" which begins on p. 200, where it is made clear that there are many retellings of this tragic love story. Nizami\'s is perhaps the most famous (even immortalized in two songs by Eric Clapton: \"Layla\" and ...


  • Study guide for philip k. dick: blade runner (1968)

    Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17,Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 21, Chapter 22 Philip K. Dick is one of the crucial figures in modern science fiction. He wastoo prolific for his own good, churning out dozens of novels for cheap paperbackpublication, often in such haste that their conclusions ...


  • Study questions for zola's germinal

    Not content merely to follow in the footsteps of such realists as GustaveFlaubert Madame Bovary ), Émile Zola decided to createhis own literary movement and call it \"naturalism.\" A variant ofrealism, it emphasizes even more than realism careful research to preparesettings and other details to be described. Zola\'s theories also embody a kindof determinism in which the characters\' heredity and environment essentiallydetermine their actions. C ...


  • Sue townsend: the secret diary of adrian mole aged 13 ¾

    extract - from: The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾ Thursday, January 1st These are my New Year\'s resolutions: 1. I will help the blind across the road. 2. I will hang my trousers up. 3. I will put the sleeves back on my records. 4. I will not start smoking. 5. I will stop squeezing my spots. 6. I will be kind to the dog. 7. I will help the poor and ignorant. [Adrian believes that he\'s an intellectual] ...


  • Letters 1-10

    Summary Celie is 14 years old. Her father, Alphonso, raped her and told her, \"You better not never tell nobody but God. It\'d kill your mammy.\" Celie begins keeping a journal of letters to God. She asks God to give her guidance because she does not understand what has happened to her. Her mother recently gave birth to a boy, but Alphonso began pestering her for sex. She refused becau ...


  • Summary - the case of eleanor and david by phyllis hamilton

    Eleanor and David have been together for almost thirty years. Eleanor is sitting in a chair, waiting for David to come home. She is mentally preparing for a talk with him, aiming to win him back, as she suspects him of having a relationship with another woman. She finally falls asleep over her nervous reflections, and wakes up when David enters. Yet when she starts to talk about the change in his behaviour towards her, he stays indifferent to ...


  • Dreams - the language of subconcious

    1. The history of dream research: About 5,000 years ago, in what is the Iraq now, high priests of the Mesopotamien civilization of Sumer considered dreams to be direct instructions from heaven to the kings. The Egyptians, a thousand years later, regarded dreams as a source of supernatural wisdom and kept inventories, which have since been recovered by archaeologists, of the most important types of dreams and what they might predict. Even tod ...


  • Summary of the picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde

    Basil Hallward paints a picture of his pure and beautiful friend Dorian Gray. It is the best portrait Basil has ever drawn. While posing for it, Dorian met Lord Henry, another friend of Basil's, who has a bad influence on him. He tells to be vain and to enjoy his life before his beauty declines. So he wishes the picture to get old instead of himself, and he would give away his soul for it. Very soon, he shares Henry's paradoxical conceptions a ...


  • Summary of "the tell-tale heart" by edgar allen poe

    Definitive, the Poe writes, that he's not mad, but after reading his story, nobody would say he's normal. An old man with a vulture eye is his only motive. At one night, the ray of his lantern shines into the "evil eye", which is wide open, for the first time he sees him sleeping. In consequence to his plan, the old man must die now. After slaying him, he lays him into a space under the floor and Though the policemen can't find the corpse, ...


  • Internet - summary

    History Internet is know by everybody since 1995, but the setting up was in 1969. The name of the net in the seventies was Arpanet and it was developed for the military and the science. It serves just for communication. In the seventies there was a boom because a lot of universities became connected to the Internet. The scientists detects the enormous advantage in fast communication one below the other. So a standardised language had b ...


  • Seventeenth summer

    Summary: Then story is about Patrick Pennington´s seventeenth summer .But the story begins already in his schooltime and you can see under which conditions he must live. He has a bad situation at home and most teacher try to ignore him expect the P.E. and music teacher because he is very good at sports and he has the gift of music. He wasn´t stupid ,he was just lazy and that caused his bad marks and the most teachers hated his long hair. As if ...


  • Summery from matilda, written by roald dahl

    \"Matilda\", which was written by Roald Dahl, tells about a small exceptional girl. When one day she is attacked by her headmistress, Matilda discovers that she has got an unusal talent. Matilda, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warmwood and sister of Michael, is a very sensitive and brilliant five years old girl. Because her parents are not very interested in her, Matilda learns very early to live on her own. She learns very quick and so ...


  • Sydney the real capital of australia

    Sydney is Australia's largest city and its economic, industrial and tourism centre. 4 mio. of the 18. mio Australians live in Sydney. The Olympic Games 2000 brought the city into the focus of the world. What is this city like, who are the Sydneysiders and what makes this city so special? I will try to answer this and start with its special history that began already 50000 years ago. The history Scientist say,that Sydney is one of the o ...


  • Sydney's history

    The First Fleet, commanded by Thomas Townshend, Baron Sydney, set sail for Botany Bay on May 13, 1787, led by Captain Arthur Phillip. The fleet comprised of the frigate HMS Sirius, four storeships, the armed tender Supply, the Golden Grove, Borrowdale, Fishburn and six transports, the Scarborough, Lady Penrhyn, Friendship, Charlotte, the Prince of Wales and the Alexander. The fleet assembled at Mother Bank, the Isle of Wright, later arriving a ...


  • The winter's tale

    The action of the play takes place in Sicilia and Bohemia. The main charakters are Leontes, King of Sicilia, Hermione, his wife, Perdita, his daughter, Polixenes, King of Bohemia and Florizel his son. The two Kings are friends, it seems they are brothers. At the beginning Leontes is visited by Polixenes and he wishes him to stay longer finally Hermonie, Leontes wife, persuades him to remain. That´s why Leontes becomes jealous all at once becau ...



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