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  • Brave new world

    by Aldous Huxley 1. On the Author: Aldous Huxley was born in 1894 in Godalming near London, England. He visited Eton College and Oxford University. When he left university he started writing for several newspapers and magazines. In 1921 he wrote his first book \"Crome Yellow\". In 1932 the book \"Brave New World\" was first published it was followed by more than 45 other books. In 1963 Huxley died of cancer in Hollywood, Californi ...


  • Happiness

    Here are some descriptions of happiness: Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804-1864, American Novelist said: \"Happiness is like a butterfly which you cannot catch: if you sit down quietly it may come to you.\" Herman Cain, American businessman, fast food millionaire said: \"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, You will be successful.\" ...


  • Fighting for equality-the black americans

    Fighting for equality-The Black Americans Start: \"How should we punish Hitler?\" a reporter asked a young American black girl towards the end of the Second World War. \"Paint him black and bring him here\" was the reply. This bitter answer was the result of being treated as a second class human being, of being told no, you can\'t attend this school, have this job, live in this house, sit on this park bench. And the reason is that your skin is bl ...


  • The wave - summary of chapter four

    Tonight Ben Ross is sitting at his kitchen-table reading a book about the \"Third Reich\" because he doesn´t understand why he wasn\'t able to answer the student\'s questions. He cannot imagine that the behaviour of the majority of the German population is really so inexplicable. When his wife Christy arrives home from a tennis game with a friend her husband is still involved in his books. Therefore she goes to bed because she knows very well tha ...


  • Winston churchill

    Die meisten britischen Premierminister waren gut in der Schule. Das ist etwas, das du erwarten kannst; aber Winston Churchill, vermutlich der berühmteste aller Premierminister, war es nicht. Er hasste die Schule. Erstens brachten sie ihm nichts Nützliches bei, so dachte er und zweitens musste er im die meiste Zeit des Jahres in der Schule (Internat) leben und ging nur während der Ferien nach Hause. Er wünschte sich oft, er käme auf eine ...


  • The aborigines

    The Aborigines are the Australian original inhabitants. People say, that the Aborigines came 40.000 years ago from the Asian continent and moved to Autralia. Through the ascent of the sealevel, the continet was seperated from Australia. The land gave them all what they needed to survive. The men went to the hunt and the women collected fruits and plants. The first Europeans who had land there, were the Dutch. Some years later, the ...


  • Job decision

    The decision for a job is always influenced by a variety of factors. Discuss the aspects that affect ones choice. At the time my parents and grandparents often ask me what job I want to do in my future life after I have finished school. At first I want to say that this decision is not easy and so I changed my decision often in the last years, but why is this so difficult ? I think this refers to the fact that many different factors have ...


  • A street with no name

    A Street with No Name Last summer, I wrote about some of the pleasures and peculiarities about living in the country. What I hadn`t come to appreciate at the time was the frustration that would come from living on a street that has no name. At first, the idea of having a nameless street seemed rather nice. In this day and age where it seems even the most personal information about yourself somehow ends up in the hands of marketers and government ...


  • Death penalty

    Today about 108 countries in the world do not have a death punishment including Germany, Greece and Turkey. But still more than 100 countries use death penalty as a way of punishment. For example China, Japan, Russia and the USA. Some of those countries still execute by using the Death injection, the Electric chair, Shooting or throwing stones. China has the highest number of executes with at least 1000 known executions each year. The fol ...


  • Piercings

    My Presentation is about the topic piercing. I've chosen it because I like piercings very much and I'm very interested in Piercings. At first I would like to explain to you what "to pierce" means: The Piercing is stitched in a part of the body like the tongue or through the skin like the belly navel. The history of the Piercings: Like tattoos Piercing has it's origin in the culture of the natives of some countries like Africa. As pegs ...


  • San diego zoo

    Good afternoon, Now i do my presentation and it´s about the San Diego Zoo. San Diego is one of the world- famous zoos. First i want to tell you where the Zoo is,then about the opening times and the prices,after that about the animals and finally about shows,restaurants and shops. San Diego is in the South of America,in California. The zoo is in the south of San Diego. The opening times are different. Daily it´s opened from 9 a.m to 4 p.m al ...


  • Letter to the editor of the article

    Dear Mr Dacre, I am writing to you because I would like to give you a short reply to your article of 3/7/1990 "Tamed by tough talk" regarding David Lane's views on how to react on classroom troublemakers. It is said that "tough talking and hard bargaining, rather than wishy-washy couselling, offer the only real chance of keeping classroom troublemakers on the straight and narrow". From my point of view Mr Lane's way of how to deal with the proble ...


  • Dead poets society

    Der Klub der toten Dichter Inhalt: In dem Internat Welton Academy beginnt ein neues Schuljahr und der neue Englischlehre Mr Keating wird vorgestellt. Schon bald wird der neue Lehrer durch seine unkonventionelle Art und seiner Überzeugung, dass die Schüler selbständig denken sollten zum Lieblingslehrer und zur Vertrauensperson der Schüler. Doch die strenge und sehr auf Tradition bedachte Schulleitung sieht das al ...


  • Why do people from foreign countries insult each other?

    The reason for that is, both of them think they are the better nation. People look for mistakes that others from different countries do or typical habits. Then they give each other names to insult each other. An Example for this are words like: "Inselaffe" for people from Great Britain or "Rothaut" for American Indians. I think, they do that just for fun. The deeper reason for that might be, that everyone of them thinks that his pe ...


  • San francisco

    My prenstation is about San Francisco. I will tell you something about the city, the history, some sights and a little bit about the environment. I start with the city. Above the city San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. The many sights are to part world-famous: Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Car, steep streets, Chinatown, Alcatraz... The Golden Gate Bridge and the Cable Cars are for the legend bec ...


  • Robinson crusoe (bio;summary;interpret.)

    ROBINSON CRUSOE 1. BIOGRAPHY 2. SUMMARY 3. INTERPRETATION 1. BIOGRAPHY . ! 1660, Cripplegate \" 1731, London - Age of Enlightenment . 1695 he changed his name from Foe to Defoe . 1682 he abandoned his father's plan to become a Presbyterian priest and became a merchant in Cornhill . 1697-1701 he served as a secret agent for William III . 1701 appeared his satirical poem "The True-Born Englishman", a bestseller . 1703 he was arrested for "The Short ...


  • Wasted

    by Marya Hornbacher This book is based on a real story. It shows a part of Marya Hornbachers life. She has had anorexia and bulimia for a long time. Her weight ranged from 135 pounds to 52 pounds and she could have died from the belief that she was fat. Will to live made it possible to Marya to recover from her illness so that she could live a "normal" life again. Writing this book she wanted to show her experiences, which she made wit ...


  • Summary giving thanks

    In the text \"Giving Thanks\" by Laurie Halse Anderson a girls talks about the course of thanksgiving and the stress that\'s involved. Despite of an own story, which already means a lot of stress for a day after thanksgiving christmasseason begins, her mother want to surprise her family with a delicious thanksgiving-meal. One year ago the consequence of this unbelievable stress was, that she forgot the bag with the innards in the turkey\'s stom ...


  • Bildungssystem usa (englisch)

    USA In the USA there isn't a national education system, which is settled by the government - except for the Military Academies. Relevant for the education is every single state. Every state makes its own laws, which leads to huge problems between the educations of different states. Only the compulsory education of 12 years is the same. Every state charges that teenager visit school till they're 16 or 18. In the USA there are National ...


  • Australien

    A characteristic, distinct vegetation, the \"Flora australis\" with ca. has Australian plants the Australian continent. 20,000 different plant types. In the tropical north, there are rain forests with Lianen and fern. In the coasts zone, Mangroven grow into the sea in. They adapted themselves outstanding to the tide change and the brine. The sumps are living space of innumerable plants. To the peculiarities of the rain forest, also the ma ...



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