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  • All the king's men: section two: friends

    Willie tells Jack, \"Get Stanton.\" This new assignment amuses Jack. After all, Adam is a friend of his youth, and he knows that Adam is not at all fond of the Boss. In fact, Jack sees the task of convincing Adam to head the Boss\'s hospital as being more nearly impossible than it was to unearth a past scandal about Judge Irwin. Nevertheless, Jack goes to Adam\'s apartment to make Willie\'s offer: \"Governor Stark wants you to be director of ...


  • All the king's men: anne stanton

    The discovery of Anne\'s involvement with the Boss deeply disturbs Jack, and he flees to California. NOTE: ANOTHER FRAME STORY Like Chapter 4, this chapter is a frame story. It is the story of the youthful romance between Jack Burden and Anne Stanton, framed in the narrative between Jack\'s description of his eight-day trip to California and back. Jack\'s way of telling the story, however, differs from the way he tells the Cass Mastern stor ...


  • All the king's men: section one: the great twitch

    Jack leaves California with a new confidence, acquired by his sense of having discovered a secret knowledge. He doesn\'t really understand this knowledge until he picks up an old hitchhiker in New Mexico. Jack becomes fascinated by a twitch on the old man\'s leathery cheek. The hitchhiker is not even aware of his twitch. Yet, the twitch seems to reveal all there is about the desperate conditions of the man\'s life. Suddenly, Jack feels that he ...


  • All the king's men: section two: judge irwin

    Governor Stark arrives at a plan for squelching the paternity suit against Tom. He\'s unable to arrange a deal with Frey and his daughter, because MacMurfee has hidden them in another state. His only alternative is to approach MacMurfee, his archenemy. Willie decides to use someone to whom MacMurfee owes a favor. He thinks of Judge Irwin. The Boss asks Jack whether he has found anything on the Judge. Jack indicates that he has, but before re ...


  • All the king's men: section one: tom stark

    Jack begins this chapter by observing that no story is ever over. The \"Case of the Upright Judge\" ends tragically; yet, life goes on. The Judge\'s story, he says, is merely a chapter in the longer story of Willie Stark. Instead of going into a Great Sleep or escaping West, as he has done during other crises, Jack returns to work, filled with resolve. He tells Willie that he will no longer do any of his dirty work. Surely, the Boss teases ...


  • All the king's men: section two: the fall

    Telegrams expressing sympathy flood Willie\'s office. Jack watches the Boss\'s men as they enter the office. Tiny comes in, his face a marvel of gloom. But when he discovers that the Boss isn\'t in, he perks up. Sadie arrives, looks around at the mournful gathering, curses, and goes into her office. For Jack, it\'s a rather pleasant day. Peering out a window, he describes the landscape as looking like \"the face of a person who has been sick a ...


  • All the king's men: section one: the bloody ground

    Jack attends Adam\'s funeral in Burden\'s Landing and the Boss\'s funeral in the capital. Then he returns to Burden\'s Landing to stay a while. Anne is also staying in Burden\'s Landing. So, as would seem natural, they spend much time together. Most of it is spent in peaceful silence or with Jack reading to Anne. Neither of them talks about what has happened. They drift along in a kind of numbness. But one day the question of who phoned Adam be ...


  • All the king's men: section two: the awful responsibility of time

    After Jack meets with Sugar-Boy, his need for revenge vanishes but his need to become involved grows. He decides to visit Lucy. She seems fine and asks Jack whether he knows that Tom is dead. He does. Then she shows him a baby, Tom\'s baby. She has named him Willie Stark, because, she says, \"Willie was a great man.\" And she adds, \"I have to believe that.\" Jack realizes that he, too, has to believe that Willie was a great man. By believ ...


  • Robert swindells brother in the land - main characters: danny and ben lodge, kim

    The scene is set in Skipley, England. One day in October, missiles with thermo-nuclear warheads, enough to kill everybody on earth, are dropped onto any city in Europe. There is also one missile for Branford, a city five miles away from Skipley. Danny Lodge, a teenager, his seven year old brother Ben and their father, an owner of a shop, have come through the holocaust alive. After burying Danny's mother, he and his family have to learn that o ...


  • Robinson crusoe by daniel defoe

    About the author: Daniel Defoe was born in the year 1660 in Cripplegate and died in the year 1731 at the age of Enlightenment. In the year 1895 he changed his name from Foe to Defoe. It was his fahter´s will to become a Presbyterian priest, but he finally became a merchant in Cornhill. From 1697 till 1701 he served as a secret agent for William III and in the same year his first poem "The True-Born Englishman" which was a bestseller appeare ...


  • Robinson crusoe

    1. BIOGRAPHY 2. SUMMARY 3. INTERPRETATION 1. BIOGRAPHY .  1660, Cripplegate  1731, London - Age of Enlightenment . 1695 he changed his name from Foe to Defoe . 1682 he abandoned his father's plan to become a Presbyterian priest and became a merchant in Cornhill . 1697-1701 he served as a secret agent for William III . 1701 appeared his satirical poem "The True-Born Englishman", a bestseller . 1703 he was arres ...


  • Rocket engines

    One of the greatest dreams of man is the exploration of the space. But the realisation of this dream is very difficult caused by problems like this: "« The vacuum of space "« Heat management problems "« The difficulty of re-entry "« Orbital mechanics "« Micrometeorites and space debris "« Cosmic and solar radiation "« Restroom facilities in a weightless environment "« And so on... But the biggest problem of all is to get a space ...


  • Rom

    What I would like to do today is to talk about Rom. Now I´d like to move on to the crices I face today. First I´ll give you some general information. In the second part you´ll hear something about the history of Rom. And finally I´ll talk about the sights and interesting places of the city. Before I´m going to start with the first point I ask you to interrupt, if you have any questions. Okay now let´s start. Rom is the capital city of Ital ...


  • Room at the top

    The author: John Braine is a Yorkshireman. After minor jobs he became library assistant at Bingley and followed this career until the success of this book, which is his first novel, and it is a remarkable one. Main characters: Joseph Lampton: short Joe He is the first person narrator and a very attractive and energetic young man in the age of 24. years. Susan Brown: She is a very pretty and rich young girl who falls in love with Joe. ...


  • Rowing

    For more then 1000 years people crossed the waters by rowing. It was only at the beginning of the nineteenth century that rowing became a sport and merely a method of conveyance. Rowing has been part of the Olympic Games since their start in Athens in 1896. History Rowing began as a means of transportation. Galleys, used as war vessels and ships of state, prevailed in ancient Egypt (on the Nile River) and subsequently in the Roman Empire ...


  • S.e. hinton - rumble fish

    Russel James, called "Rusty James", is a fourteen - year - old boy who lives in a crappy region. Although he stays together with his father, who has nothing better to do than to go into bars and to drink, and although his older brother and mother have left, he is a tough boy and very streetwise. Rusty James uses to play pool at Benny's and meets his friends there. Among them is Steve, as well 14 years old, but he is a lot weaker and hates to ...


  • How russia exterminates a people

    Tschetschenic people have fought against a Russian caption for 120 years. They are neither Russian nor orthodox. The situation in Tschetschenia now reminds us of the one in 1944, when Stalin wanted to deport the whole people to Central Asia what would have destroyed it. At the moment, Russia tries to get everyone who's not involved in the fights out of the country. This strategy was a success until now. Thousands of refugees are invading the ...


  • Death of a salesman -

    Characters: William Loman: A salesman. William, called Willy, is past 60 years of age, quietly dressed and exhausted by his job. Willy travels every week. He is the New England man of the Wagner company. "Personality always wins the day." Linda Loman: Linda is the wife of Willy. She more than loves him, she admires him. She would be content with a happy family. "Life is a casting off." "Why must everyone conquer the world?" Bif ...


  • Death of a salesman by athur miller -

    Author: Arthur Miller is one of the leading American playwrights of the twentieth century. He was born in October of 1915 in New York City, the son of a ladies-wear manufacturer who was ruined during the economic collapse of the 1930s. As a young man during the Great Depression, Miller was shaped by the poverty that surrounded him, which demonstrated to him the insecurity of modern existence. After graduation from high school he worked in a ...


  • Same time next year

    Characters: George A man Doris A woman Setting: The entire action of the play takes place in a room in a traditional country-style inn, two hundred miles north of San Francisco. In these hotel the two meet each other every year. Act I Scene 1: A day in February, 1951 Scene 2: A day in February, 1956 Scene 3: A day in February, 1961 Act II Scene 1: A day in February, 1965 Scene 2: A day in February, 1970 Scene 3: A day i ...



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