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  • The beatles--

    Beatles Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison * 18th June 1942 * 9th October 1940 * 7th July 1940 * 25th February 1943 + 8th December 1980 (NY) + 29th November 2001 ba ...


  • Mahatma gandhi-

    Gandhi Outline: 1. Introduction 2. Some facts about him 3. Gandhi in South-Africa 4. Passive resistance 5. Self - administration 6. The Salt-march 7. The struggle for independence 8. Sources 1. Introduction: Ø Well-known person because of his independence movement of India and because he is an advocate of non-violence resistance ...


  • Riots in france

    Compare the two articles about the riots in France. Find examples for their differences. Analyse their different treatment of the events in France (content) "The Sun" and "The Guardian" Both articles deal with the riots in France but the difference between them is the presentation of the facts. TS presents only important facts. The article has more statistics for example of the burned cars, which makes it more interesting for the reader who does ...


  • The freedom of speech

    It often happens that radical right- wing groups "march" through cities and chant their slogans; only seldom this happens without riots. Although the proper authorities know about this fact, they allow theses demonstrations of violence and terror again and again - but why? Because the right- wing extremists can refer to one of their fundamental rights - the freedom of speech! However, it's not allowed to say everything you want in Ge ...


  • Bushfires

    Bushfires: - fire"³one of the most paradoxical phenomenons in the nature - 1.:most destroying one of the 4 elements "³ lane of devestation and death - 2.:donate life - autralian outback ("³arid vegetation"³sun): BF=natural phenomeneon Fire climate: - geograph.location+topography of A."³almost all vegetation types"³fire prone"³ few high mountains, no truly alpine regions - only the tropical rainforests of North Queensland"³virtually fire-free - ev ...


  • Übersetzung: the united states supreme court--

    Übersetzung: The United States Supreme Court Englisch: In most courts there is only one judge. In the Supreme Court there are nine judges. These nine judges are called \"justices\", and together they make decisions about the cases that appear before them. The Supreme Court meets from October till April. In May and June the justices hear no new cases, but meet to make decisions. While all courts in the country are responsible fo ...


  • Florida--

    Florida Sports and RecreationFlorida's climate attracts millions of tourists each year. The famous sport are boating, jogging, water skiing, skin diving, and hunting. Florida also has in Orlando there are Disney World and Epcot Centre.Sebring and Dayton Beach are famous for car races. LandFlorida is a large peninsula which lays between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is a country in the southbound of the USA. The nearby states ...


  • Detroit

    - with 925.000 inhabitants the 9th biggest city in the USA - 82% black Americans (in the middle) - but in the suburb halfway 99% white people - from the black parts -> Detroit Techno - the superstar Eminem live in Detroit - founded 24. Juli 1701 from the French captain Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac under the name "Ville d'Etroit" - important fulcrum from the French in ...


  • Rocky mountains

    ENVIRONMENT AND LANDSCAPE The landscape of Rocky Mountain National Park is the steepest in the United States. Sixty mountain peaks over 12,000 feet high result in world-renown scenery and provide challenges for hikers and climbers. The extreme topography creates an amazing range of ecological zones within a short distance, similar to the changes that would be seen in a drive from Denver to northern Alaska. The continental divide, which ...


  • To kill a mockingbird

    characterlist 1) Scout: - little girl about 6 years old - real name Jean Louise Finch - narrator and main character - lives with father, Atticus and brother, Jem in Maycomb - intelligent, confident, tomboy - believes in goodness of people in her community 2) Atticus: - Scout and Jem's father, widower ...


  • Thames floodbarrier

    My Topic was about the Thames Flood Barrier In 1972 the Government decided to build a flood barrier to protect London from floods caused by storms and high tides. The last flood in 1956 had been devastating. The Thames flood barrier was completed in 1986 at a cost of £370 million. The Flood Barrier is 520metres long. It\'s along the 25miles coust on Greenwich and the biggest Stormflood-barrier on the world. When the barrie ...


  • The white house

    For two hundred years, the White House has stood as a symbol of the Presidency, the United States government, and the American people. Its history, and the history of the nation's capital, began when President George Washington held a Congress in December of seventeen-ninety (1790) which declares that the federal government would reside in a district, which does "not exceed ten miles square on the river Potomac.\" President Washington, together ...


  • Stigmata - english film presentation

    Director RUPERT WAINWRIGHT Producer FRANK MANCUSO, JR. VIKKI WILLIAMS Script editor TOM LAZARUS RICK RAMAGE Camera man JEFFREY L. KIMBALL, A.S.C. Costum designer LOUISE FROGLEY Cutter MICHAEL R. MILLER, A.C.E. MICHAEL J. DUTHIE Music BILLY CORGAN ("smashing pumpkins") Actor PATRICIA ARQUETTE (Frankie Paige) GABRIEL BYRNE (Andrew Kiernan) Supporting Character ...


  • Die karibik

    Die Karibischen Meere Eine Mischung der Kulturen. Das Karibische Meer ist eine Mischung der Rassen und der Kulturen von Europa, von Afrika, von Indien und von Asien. Europäische Kolonisten stellten sehr große Plantagen auf, die Produkte, wie Zucker, in die Heimatländer exportierten. Afrikaner wurden über den mittleren Durchgang als Sklaven geholt, die Plantagen zu bearbeiten. Z.B. wurde Jamaika eine wichtige britische Kolonie und eine Mit ...


  • Marie curie (1867 - 1934)

    Chemist and phycisist born in Poland as Manya Sklodowska, daughter of a teacher oh mathematics and physics first years were marked by the death of her sister because of Typhus and her mother notable for her amazing memory and diligent work, neglecting even food and sleep to study graduaded her Lyzeum (all-Greek examination) with distinction (after this suffered a mental breakdown for a year) Due to her gender and Russian anti-Polish rep ...


  • Presentaton about the inkas

    The geographycial location of the inka empire The empire of the inkas stretched from Ecuador to the center of Chile and the spanish conquestadors calles it Empire of the four quater. The center of the empire was Cuzco,it lay on a plateu. The inkas had no font therefore legends andexcavation are important.The first monach was Manco Capac who build Cuzco.Primary two hundread and fifty years later the inka Pachacuti begann to exp ...


  • Global warming: a vast world issue

    Inspecting the documentaries from CBC 'Everything is Cool' and 'The Big Melt' revealed both sides of scientists who believe in different causes of global warming. Whether it's human-caused or just the tilt of the Earth's axis. I personally judge that humans are the cause of increase in temperature. As the population grows, there are more cars on the road and more demand for food. Industries have to run 24 hours a day to fulfill the nee ...


  • The mirage city

    STADT, LAND, FLUSS Krystian Woznicki 15.05.1997 2 Über \'The Mirage City - Another Utopia\' in (Asiens) InterCommunication Center, Tokyo 5/97 The Mirage City 1.Will open! Open... Referenz URL Blanke Kanten, lederne Pipelines, Infosmog: Wolkenkratzer, Highways, Teledeltas, die 21stCentury-Schizoid-Stadt wie man sie sich nur so vorstellt: all das wummert einem in Shinjuku entgegen, dem größten, der sieben Zentren Tokios. Seit Jahren wird hier wiede ...


  • Gerund

    Gerund: Subject of a sentence Driving in a car is very interesting Object after certain verb Most people enjoy driving After certain verb+ preposition most people look strange by seeing young people in a car After certain adjective+ preposition Some of them are good at driving in a busy city After noun+ preposition In the early days for the most had difficulty a ...


  • Zeitformen im englischen

    Zeitform Kurzform Anwendung Beispiele simple present I do wenn etwas gerade geschieht I play football now. Simple past I did wenn etwas in der Vergangenheit abgeschlossen ist I worked very hard last Monday. Present progressive I'm doing wenn etwas angefangen wurde aber noch nicht zu ende gebracht ist Are you enjoying the party? Present progressive mit futuristischer Bedeutung I'm doing wenn etwas fest ...



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