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  • Duties and responsibilities of key executives and departmental managers

    -To build up and strengthen the company\'s ability to survive and to develop -To guarantee the organisation\'s success and a long- term ability to compete -To set up, improve and maintain standards -To ensure a maximum of quality and successful performance out of a minimum input -To create a satisfying system of teamwork and interdepartmental relations -To collect and evaluate information required for forecasting and planning Today, the ...


  • Lean management- a management style of the future?

    4.1 Introduction Lean Management(LM) is a concept of leadership developed in post- war Japan in times of depression. It is the logical and consequent extension of all modern and practicable western management and marketing methods. The expression refers to the term \"lean production\", a manufacturing concept consisting of several methods to produce small amounts of high quality- products without wasting precious resources. The LM- concept ha ...


  • Possible changes in the future

    I would like to give a short overview of the most possible changes in the close future, therefore I am not able to evaluate topics that would require major changes in human rights policy and law such as the possibility of cloning humans etc. Decentralisation of back- office operations It is useful for big companies that need large office facilities to relocate those departments that don\'t require direct customer contact to cost- saving off ...


  • Essay on 'education in great britain'

    Education is a highly topical issue in Britain since it affects nearly everybody. Everyone has at one stage of their lives attended school and after all it is there where people acquired their first long-time friends, developed their social personalities and gained a lasting sense of a communal identity. Governments both Labour and Conservative have always influenced the education system according to their believes and so the discussion around th ...


  • Euthanasia - -

    DEFINITION The Greek word ¡§euthanasia¡¨ means ¡§to help somebody to a good death¡¨ (¡§thanatos¡¨ = death and prefix ¡§eu¡¨ = good) In antiquity it wasn¡¦t understood in the sense of simply ¡§helping somebody to die¡¨, but in the sense of dying fast with dignity. Today euthanasia is to be seen as the intentional killing of agonised terminal ill people. There are different types of euthanasia: "« Direct euthanasia In order to shorten some ...


  • Euthanasia - arguments against euthanasia

    arguments against euthanasia "`Legalisation of euthanasia might lead to assaults on individual autonomy. Persons may be subjected to pressure to ask for their own death by being made to feel guilty for the burden they impose on family and carers. Further, professional carers (doctors, nurses) may be pressed into taking life against their own judgements. "`A person¡¦s expression of a desire to end his life may be influ ...


  • Eveline

    Evelines Thoughts Past: her mother was alive a pretty good childhood she used to play her father wwas not so bad then __________ the death of her mother; her promise to her mother to take care about the familiy Present: She has to take care of the family Her father is wild sometimes a live of commonplace sacrifices many friends leave (alltägliche Aufopferung) her work is not good (at hte ...


  • "executive orders" by tom clancy

    About the Author: Thomas L. Clancy, the so called master of techno-military thrillers, was born on the 12th of April 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland / USA. He was educated at the Loyola College in Baltimore. Then he worked as an insurance broker. He is now living in his second marriage after his divorce in 1998. With his first wife he has four children. In college he dreamed of writing novels. In 1984 this dream came true and he got his fir ...


  • Expert system / ai (artificial intelligence)

    Expert System Expert System, a type of computer application program that makes decisions or solves problems in a particular field, such as finance or medicine, by using knowledge and analytical rules defined by experts in the field. Human experts solve problems by using a combination of factual knowledge and reasoning ability. In an expert system, these two essentials are contained in two separate but related components, a knowledge base and ...


  • Pygmalion

    1.1 The author - about G.B. Shaw* George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin on 26th of July 1856 and died in November, 11th, 1950 in Ayot St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire. As a son of a successless, drinking grain merchant he grew up near the state of neglect in a protestant house. Through his mother he discovered his interests in music and literature. After educating himself he began to work as a music critic. At the age of twenty he decided to becom ...


  • Analysis - mrs. pearce

    2.1 Characterization Mrs. Pearce is Professor Higgins' housekeeper. She seems to be an ordinary woman out of the middle-class. Her standard is not as high as Higgins' is, but even higher than the Elizas'. She is rather educated and believes in good manners; she always attaches importance to a good behavior. ("You mustn't speak to the gentleman like that"; see Pyg. P.24) The striking charactertrades of Mrs. Pearce are resoluteness, rationality, ...


  • Educating rita -

    3.1 The author - about W. Russell* William Martin Russell was born as a son of a worker, who later buyed a fish-and-ship shop, in 1947 near Liverpool. He had an antipathy towards education and left school at the age of 15 with the idea of becoming a writer. First he began to work at a hairdressers. Then, after he discovered his faibl for bourgeosis theatre, he started learning how to become a teacher with the aim to write for the working cla ...


  • Mr. wright - invention of a new character

    Introduction: The plot of Educating Rita depends on two acting persons. Other characters, Denny and Trish for example, are involved only in an indirect way into the action; they only have a passive influence on the main-characters. None intervenes in the later rising conflict, like Mrs. Pearce in the parallel play Pygmalion does. Her function as a "buffer" between the main-character and her way of keeping them down to earth in a neutral and re ...


  • Mr. wright in educating rita; act 2/scene 5

    The light come up on Frank sitting in a chair by the window desk with a mug in his hand and a bottle of whiskey on the desk in front of him listening to the radio. There is a knock at the door Frank: Come in. Mr. Wright enters the room with a toolbox in his hand Frank: What the hell (turning around) - oh, it's you Mr.Wright. (turning off the radio) What's the matter? Mr. Wright (placing the toolbox besides the Door) Good morning Si ...


  • Fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury

    Fahrenheit 451 or 232° Celsius is the temperature at which book-paper catches fire. Summary: The Hearth and the Salamander Guy Montag was a fireman at a time in which firmen burn books, which are generally forbidden instead of extinguishing fire. They burn them, because they thought books would incite people to ask things they better shouldn´t know. One day on his way home Montag got know Clarisse McCellan, a 17 years old girl, who ...


  • Fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury-

    The author: Raymond Douglas Bradbury was born in Waukegan ( Illinois) on 22nd of August 1920. This city was later also described in his stories under the name \"Green Town\". At the age of 14 years he moved to Arizona and later to Los Angeles where he finally finished school. His parents, who were book publishers, and his aunt Neva, a fan of fairytales, influenced Bradbury very much. As a child he liked comics, horrorfilms and fantasy wor ...


  • Fahrenheit 451 -by ray bradbury

    Author: Ray Bradbury has published some 500 short stories, novels, plays and poems. Among his famous works are "The Illustrated Man", "The Martian Chronicles", "A Graveyard for Lunatics", "Green Shadows, White Whale". He wrote the screenplays for "It came from Outer Space", "Something Wicked this Way comes" and "Moby Dick". When one of the Apollo Astronaut teams landed on the moon, they named Dandelion Crater there to honour Bradbury's novel " ...


  • Family life in the 18th century -

    Introduction: In the 18th century families began to express affection more openly, children were no longer seen as small adults, but as people with special needs. It was also demanded to show more gentleness in the handling with children. Rich families: Girls were forced to have slim bodies, so they only got little food to avoid an unfashionably healthy appereance, they also had to have tight waists and a pale face.With all that, they had ...


  • Fbi - federal bureau of investigation

    What is the FBI ? The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the most important arm of the United States Department of Justice. The FBI is also authorised to provide other law organisations with cooperative services, such as fingerprint identification, laboratory examinations , and police training. The Mission The mission of the FBI is . to uphold the law through the investigation of violations of criminal law, . to protect the United Stat ...


  • Features of a short story

    - limited number of characters - short time spen - one main action - limited places of action - characters are not fully developed - often open ending - mostly no exposition: - text starts with the action itself - special event in the life of the charcters point-of-view: first-person-narrator The story is told from the pint of view of the first person narrator. We know it from sentences like...(I,me) third-person-limited-narrat ...



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