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New York (englisch)

New York

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New York
  • New york city-

    New York City I divided "New York" into three different parts: · About New York · Boroughs · Sights I want to begin with the topic "About New York". I think, well, I hope you all know, that the state New York is in the north-east of the US. Here you are able to see its exact location. On this second map it is possible to see New York more exactly. ...


  • Analyse des aphorismus "belehrung findet man öfter in der welt als trost" von g.c. lichtenberg

    Der Aphorismus "Belehrung findet man öfter in der Welt als Trost" von G. C. Lichtenberg verdeutlicht zwei Varianten wie sich Menschen untereinander helfen und beistehen. Dem Aphorismus nach zu Folge wären dies zum einen die Belehrung und zum anderen der Trost. Diese beiden Objekte werden mit dem Prädikat "findet", dem Subjekt "man", der Lokaladverb ...


  • The mafia

    The roots of the Mafia lay in Sicily 600 years ago. These times it were known as the "Mafia" and it had nothing to do with organized crime, loansharking, oppression, etc. The Mafia was Italy's first national resistance group against foreign rulers, they were the protectors of the weak and the poor and had a very good reputation within the lower c ...


  • New york history:

    1614 the Dutch founded the village of New Amsterdam on the area of one of the biggest cities today called New York. At that time the village only consisted of a mill, 30 houses and a fort with thick walls. In the year 1626 Peter Minnewitt has been instructed by the Dutch Westindian Company to buy the area of Manhattan; he only paid the amount of ...


  • New york city - the big apple

    The Beginning: Four hundred years ago, Manhattan Island was the home of the Algonquin Indians. In 1609, a man called Henry Hudson came up the river to Manhattan. He was British but he was on a Dutch ship, The Half Moon. Today the river is called the Hudson River. In 1626, a Dutchman called Peter Minuit came to Manhattan, and he pai ...


  • New york city

    I want to tell you something about New York now. New York City is the biggest town of the state New York. "New York City" is also called "Big Apple" It is a fantastic City, some call it the most exiting city in the world. It is also the home of the United Nations. But before I tell you something abo ...


  • The maori

    1) Origin Nobody knows for sure how the Maori got to New Zealand hundreds of years ago. According to legend, the first adventurous explorers arrived there around 1350 AD from Polynesia. Due to cramped conditions and a shortage of food, they launched 10 great canoes and set off for the virtually uninhabited island, which is known in Maori as Ao ...


  • Newspapers in the united kingdom

    The Mirror Table of contents 1 Basic information about newspapers. 2 How to compare newspapers? 3 Introduction 3.1 The Times 3.2 The Daily Telegraph 3.3 The Mirror 3.4 The Sun 3.5 The Observer 3.6 The Guardian 4 Conclusion 5 Words 6 Sources ...


  • New zealand-

    New Zealand New Zealand is a state in the southwest Pacific. It covers those approx.. 1600 km southeast from Australia hauptinseln north island and south island as well as several small inhabited and also uninhabited islands lain. New Zealand has about 3.4 millions inhabitants (1989) and a surface of 269.063 km². The capital of New Zealand is the W ...


  • New zealand - land of the kiwi -

    1 Introduction Surrounded by the huge Pacific Ocean, New Zealand lies far away from other countries. The nearest country is Australia and that is 1600 km away. The country which is as larg as Germany has a population of only 3 ¼ million. It seems unbelievable that early Polynesian explorers, many centuries before the first Europeans came here, fou ...


  • Immigration america

    Since the beginning of the 17th century Millions of immigrants from all over the world came and still come to the United States driven by the hope of finding freedom and a better future, how the statue of liberty promises them: \"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teemi ...


  • The american west

    The American West - Myth vs. Reality The Myth of the West in a Modern Mass Consumption Society Myth Reality colonization and new land different ways to the West red skinned enemies, the Indians the white man vs. the white man outlaws sheriffs & marshals cowboys women\'s role Ideologies of the American West Manifest Destiny The American Dream (Self- ...


  • New york ---

    ICQ # : 193-699-895 First Name : Tanja Last Name : F. Nickname : malibugirl_14 Email : New York is in the southeast of the United States of American on the mouth from the Hudson River into the Atlantik. It is one of the most exciting cities and it´s also the biggest city in the USA. There are five dis ...


  • Patricia cornwell

    Early Life Patricia Cornwell was born as Patricia Daniels on June 9, 1956 in Miami, Florida. Cornwell\'s parents separated when Patricia was five. Cornwell told the New York Times (3/23/97) that her father left the family on Christmas Day in 1961 to join his secretary, whom he had made pregnant. After her parents divorced, when Patricia ...


  • Television-

    1. Introduction: First I would like to give you general information. By way of introduction, let me speak about the history of television in Great Britain. First of all, let us consider how many British homes had televisions over the past years. In 1950, only eleven percent had televisions at home. By comparison, in 1963 over 85 percent of B ...


  • Genetic engineering (ge)

    1) Common features It is variously known as genetic engineering, genetic modification or genetic manipulation. All three terms mean the same thing, the restructuring of genes, usually from one species to another. Genetic engineering is a radical new technology, one that breaks down fundamental genetic barriers, not only between species, but be ...


  • Mass media

    The Mass Media News travel faster today than ever before. We see, hear and read more about world events than any other generation in history. Radio, newspapers, TV - nobody can live without them. But today also the Internet has become very important for business. The mass media play an immensely important part in modern society as a sourc ...


  • The industrial revolution in great britain - 1750 - 1850

    Population and lifestyle The Industrial Revolution was one of the most dramatic changes in English society. These changes affected lifestyle, working conditions and government. As a consequence of the Industrial Revolution, Britain became one of the most important trading nations in the world and developed from a rather rural nation into a pow ...


  • The french alliance america

    The new year, 1778, was a time of transition in the Revolutionary War because of Britain\'s inability to win in the northern colonies and because of the increasing part played by France. The French foreign minister, the Comte de Vergennes, eager to settle an old score with Britain, convinced his royal master Louis XVI to permit France to funnel se ...


  • New zealand - land of the kiwi

    0.1 Introduction Surrounded by the huge Pacific Ocean, New Zealand lies far away from other countries. The nearest country is Australia and that is 1600 km away. The country which is as large as Germany has a population of only 3 ¼ million. It seems unbelievable that early Polynesian explorers, many centuries before the first Europeans came here ...


  • New york - -

    Symbolically, if not geographically, New York City is the center of the US. It is the single place that most encompasses all the shades of the American experience. N.Y. is situated where New York Bay and the Hudson, Harlem, and East extends via the Erie Canal at Albany to the Great Lakes. The city is divided into five districts called borough ...



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