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  • The lais of marie de france study guide (12th century)

    Source: The Lays of Marie de France. London: Penguin. The introduction to this volume discusses mostly scholarly matters which will be of little interest to first-time readers, but pp. 23-34 provide much useful information. Beginning on p. 126 there are very scanty notes to three stories, having to do with issues of translation. The most important point to note is that the medieval French lai bore roughly the same relationship to the longer, m ...


  • The last inch

    1. Understanding the text 1. Ben was paid by the Commercial Television Stock Company. This company pay one thousand dollar for every five hundred feet of shark film and premiums for special fish films like perches (500 dollar) and hammer-head sharks ( 1000 dollar) so that it is money which is quickly earned. Besides he perhaps liked the danger of his job, so that it was every time for him an adventure trip and perhaps it gave him every ...


  • "the life and adventures of robinson crusoe" - by daniel defoe (1719)-

    Arrangement . Biography of Daniel Defoe . Plot . Background . The genre . Robinson and colonisation . Robinson and nature . Bibliography Daniel Defoe´s Robinson Crusoe Daniel Waidelich Biography of Daniel Defoe: Born in 1660 as Daniel Foe, he was the son of a London citizen who supported a religious sect outside the official Church of England. Su ...


  • The littleton massacre and the tightening up of the gun laws in usa

    1. The tragedy of Littleton on 20th April 2. The victims and the two gunmen 3. Reactions from all over the country 3.1.Clinton´s speech for a tightening up of gun controls 3.2.The NRA´s reaction 3.3.The parents of the victim´s opinion 4. Present gun law in the USA 4.1.The prerequisites for purchasing a gun 4.2.Statistics of gun holders in the USA 5. Consequences of the Littleton tragedy ...


  • The london theatres in the elizabethan london

    - London: large population, place of political and economical Power - main centre of English intellectual life - centre for inland and overseas trade - rich merchants interested to open up new markets for England - theatre-going one of the favourite pastimes public-theatres: - mixed audience - primary for the crowd - stood in the open around the stage - wealthier people sat in the distance in Lord¡¦s rooms or galleries private playh ...


  • The loons

    This was the story of Vanessa, a girl who lived in Manawaka. There were also the Tounerres the so called halfbreeds. The father Jules and the son Lazarus used to start fights in bars, they were often arrested by the Mounties for one night. The dougther Piquette went to the same school as Vanessa although she was older and she had a limbing walk. She had to spend one month in hospital because she had tuberculosis of the bone. Vanessa`s father, ...


  • "lord of the flies" written by william golding

    Today I'd like to talk again about the book "Lord of the Flies" written by William Golding. While last time I mainly gave a summary, I'd like to focus today on the following three aspects: . A brief description of the main characters, . the discussion of a selected passage from the book and . my personal opinion. But first I'd like to freshen up your memories by giving you a general summary: Summary The book is an adventure story about ...


  • The fellowship of the ring - being the first part of the lord of the rings -1, 2

    BOOK ONE Chapter I - A Long-expected Party Bilbo Baggins, owner of Bag End, decided to left his home on his 111 birthday. He celebrated a big birthday party which included his birthday and the birthday of his cousin and heir Frodo Baggins, who became 33 years old. Bilbo was a very old guy, even for a Hobbit, and, despite of his 111 years, he was in a very good shape. He had a secret which he kept very well and the only two persons which ...


  • The two towers - being the second part of the lord of the rings

    BOOK THREE Chapter I - The Departure of Boromir Boromir, who has found his mind again and repent his action against Frodo, followed the two little Hobbits, Merry and Pippin, to guard them. In the moment he reached them, they were attacked by Orcs, who had hid in the forest. He killed many of the Orcs but finally they shot him with their bows and took the Hobbits away. But Aragorn heard Boromir, who blew his horn for help, but when he rea ...


  • The return of the king - being the third part of the lord of the rings

    BOOK FIVE Chapter I - Minas Tirith Pippin and Gandalf rode to Minas Tirith, because Gandalf knew that time was melting away. They entered the city and went on to Denethor, the steward of Gondor, because he wanted to speak to Pippin. Gandalf told him not to mention Aragorn except he must, because he don't wanted Denethor to knew of the coming of the king (who Aragorn actually was, although no one knew it beside few people). After the spee ...


  • The lord of the rings: book 1: the fellowship of the ring

    Length: 492 pages The author: John Ronald Reuet Tolkien was born on the 3rd January 1892. He studied literature and English language at the Oxford University. 1972 he was promoted by the queen of England with the title of a Commander of the British Empire. He died on the 2nd September 1973. He devoted nearly his whole life to create and build up an own world in his books, which is so real that it could be ours. The main character ...


  • The loved one - evelyn waugh

    When Francis Hinsley lost his job as a writer in a film company in Hollywood he kills himself. Dennis Barlow a friend of him works in the happier hunting ground which is a funeral home for pets. Dennis now is instructed to arrange about Francis funeral. For this he visited Whispering Glades which is huge cementry. There you can chose the way of beeing buried. The ways of disposal are inhumement , entombment , inurnment , inmurement and insarc ...


  • The l-shaped room by lynne reid banks

    - author: Lynne Reid Banks was born in London, July 1929 and was evacuated to Saskatchewan, Canada during World War ll. She was educated at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, graduating in 1949 and was an actress for five years. She worked as a journalist and was the first woman reporter on British Television. In 1962 she emigrated to Israel, where she lived in a kibbutz, because she felt Jewish even though she was no Jew. The pe ...


  • The l-shaped room

    was written by Lynne Reid Banks in 1960. It has sold all over the world and is one of the most famous post-war novels. The story isn't based on reality, it's fiction. Unfortunately, there is no more information about the author. The main character is Jane Graham, who works at a hotel as an assistant of the Public Relations Officer. She has to make sure that all the important guests are kept happy. She tells the story from her point of view. A ...


  • The mafia

    The roots of the Mafia lay in Sicily 600 years ago. These times it were known as the "Mafia" and it had nothing to do with organized crime, loansharking, oppression, etc. The Mafia was Italy's first national resistance group against foreign rulers, they were the protectors of the weak and the poor and had a very good reputation within the lower class of society. The illegal history of the Mafia is only a hundred years old, back then Italians st ...


  • The main theories of sentencing linked to the different types of sentences

    By looking at the theories of sentencing and the different types of sentence available it is important to understand what types of activity are regarded as criminal. In general criminal behaviour is defined by law and for which the state will bring court proceedings resulting in punishment of the criminal. An important question is, why some antisocial behaviour is criminal whilst other antisocial behaviour just results social disapproval. ...


  • The main tourist attractions in australia

    Ayers Rock The compact rock provides an overwhelming view with a height of 348 m and a scope of nearly 9 km. It is the biggest Monolith of the world. It is also called the red heart of the continent. In 1872 it was discovered by the Europeans and it has already been a holy shrine of the Aborigines for more than 10 000 years. The deep red Monolith changes its colour at the light of the evening sun. A visit of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta cutural cent ...


  • The man without a face

    The book is about a fatherless fourteen-year-old boy who develops an unusual relationship with \"The man without a face\" who helps him to prepare for his entrance exams to boarding school. The main characters are Chuck Norstadt and Justin McLeod. Chuck wants to leave his home and go to St. Matthew\'s, a military school where his father was. He doesn\'t know much about his father. Gloria, one of Chuck\'s sisters, only tells him what a jerk ...


  • The mass media

    News travel faster today than ever before. We see, hear and read more about world events than any other generation in history. Radio, newspapers, TV - nobody can live without them. But today also the Internet has become very important for business. The mass media play an immensely important part im modern society as a source of information and entertainment. In former times people generally found out what was happening in the world via the pres ...


  • The merchant of venice by william shakespeare

    Facts The Merchant of Venice was written around 1596/97. It is a comedy in 5 acts, written in verse and prose. The first performance took place in London before 1600. It was first printed in 1600. Shakespeare used sources like e.g. \"The jew of Malta\" by Christopher Marlowe, or \"Il Pecorone\" by Ser Giovanni Fiorentino. There appears the pound-of-flesh story for the first time. Plot Antonio, a well-off, venetian merchant is expectin ...



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