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  • Volcanoes

    This is a type of volcano called a stratovolcano. You can see how this very tall volcano has been built up by layers of ash and lava from previous eruptions. The volcano is currently dormant. But it is about to re-awaken! Because it is lighter than solid rock, magma (molten rock) has been rising to form a huge pool, called a magma chamber, beneath the volcano. The volcano will erupt when gases held within the magma burst out explosively, now ...


  • Englisch vokabeln unit3 cornelsen b6

    Vokabeln Unit 3 fable - Fabel (to) be astonished (by, at) - erstaunt, überrascht sein (über) (to) go on - vorgehen, im Gange sein (to) govern - regieren informed - informieren, (gut) unterrichtet (to) inform - informieren, benachrichtigen court, lawcourt ...


  • Californian climate

    General California is situated on the western coast of the United States of America. It has almost 800 miles of Pacific coast that varies from warm sandy beaches in the south to rugged rocky shores in the north. A series of low mountains along the coast shelter the broad central valley than runs down the middle of the entire state. This valley forms one of the most productive agricultural centers in the country. A bit further ...


  • George orwell - 1984

    Plot Summary: The novel, published in 1949, takes place in 1984 and presents an imaginary future where a totalitarian state controls every aspect of life, even people\'s thoughts. The state is called Oceania and is ruled by a group known as the Party; its leader and dictator is Big Brother. Winston Smith, the central character, is a thirty-nine year old man living in London. He secretly hates the Party and decides to rebel by starting a diary in ...


  • The cold war by mehmet sabih

    The Cold War (1947-1991) The Cold War was a geopolitical, ideological and economic struggle that emerged after World War II between the Superpowers, the United States of America (USA) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), supported by their partners. It took place from about 1947 to about 1991. The struggle is called Cold War because there was no direct conflict between the superpowers. They fought with instruments like selective ai ...


  • Finance in britain

    Finance in Britain Britains banking and financial institutions Britain is the world`s leading financial centre and the home of thriving international banking an financial markets. The city of London`s historic `square mile` holds the greatest concentration of banks in the world and is responsible for a fifth of total international bank lending. It also accommodates the world`s largest insurance and reinsurance industry and one of the world`s larg ...


  • Louisiana

    Louisiana Louisiana is a state in the south of the USA which belongs to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA since 1861. The state has an area of 134.275 sqare kilometres. You can put Luisiana into thre areas: The ?FLATLAND?, the COAST, and the MISSISSIPPI River with its many other little rivers. In 1687 Robert Cavalier went down the mississippi to built a french fort .This was the ?birth? of Louisiana. After some years the capital of Louisiana was New O ...


  • Da vinci code book report

    1. Title of the book 2. The author 3. Date of publication 4. Setting of the book 5. Plot 6. Character descriptions 7. Themes 8. Personal statement 9. Extra task 1. Title of the book The Da Vinci Code 2. The author Dan Brown is the author of several bestselling novels like: "Angels and Demons", "Digital Fortress", "Deception Point". He is the son of a math professor a musician. He graduated at Amherst College and Phillips Exeter Academy. There he ...


  • The midwest industries and agriculture

    States: - Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska Nebraska - one of the Midwestern States - which makes up America's heartland - Midwestern States are geographical centre and the centre of American agricultures and industry ...


  • The remains of the day - miss kenton from 1922 - 1936

    characterization Characterize Miss Kenton as she appears to be in the years 1922 - 1936 Miss Kenton is the former head housemaid of Darlington Hall; she and Stevens\'s father were hired at the same time. Just like Stevens, Miss Kenton turns out to be one of the best in her duties, therefore Miss Kenton is equal in efficiency and intelligence to Stevens, but she has a warmth and personality, which Stevens is never able to show in public. One can ...


  • The wave summary

    The Wave, written by Morton Rhue, is an experiment that grown out to a serious problem. The Wave is a kind of a cult that disrupted an entire school. After seeing a film about Nazis in the history lesson with the teacher Ben Ross, the kids in the class couldn't believe why people didn't do anything against the Nazis. Ross thought what to do about it and in a way the students could learn something about it. He introduced the Wave. By introducing ...


  • The american west

    The American West - Myth vs. Reality The Myth of the West in a Modern Mass Consumption Society Myth Reality colonization and new land different ways to the West red skinned enemies, the Indians the white man vs. the white man outlaws sheriffs & marshals cowboys women\'s role Ideologies of the American West Manifest Destiny The American Dream (Self-Determination, Self-Activity, Self-Assertion) The Mixture of Myth and Reality Pocahontas Sitting Bul ...


  • Eurocom essay about health

    Today I would like to present you my essay about health. Health isn`t only the absence of illness but more. Health means: healthy eating a good fitness social contacts and friends no cigarettes and drugs holiday/ relaxation a good job 1. Healthy eating Nowadays people are much more interested in what they eat than in former days. Today they know more about food and it`s components. It`s very important to have a balance of five things in our food* ...


  • Immigration in australia

    Short immigration history: - 1st immigration 1788àBritish colonization - 1851: Gold Rush, mid 1853: 60 000 diggers plus families arrived - 1945: post war migration, betw. 1945-60: 1,7 mill. Immigrants - since 1945: 6 mill. immigrants in total Policies: - 1949: non-discriminatory immigration policy replaced White Australian Policy (favoured the British) à dual citizenship was allowed, naturalization poss ...


  • The kkk (ku klux klan)

    Would you be frightened, if you came home, finding a burning cross standing in your garden? If you'd have lived in earlier times in the USA, when the Ku-Klux-Klan, also called the KKK, was more active and powerful, than it is today, you had definitive a reason to be. This burning cross-in the most cases-meant, that someone of your family, not rarely your whole family, would suffer, often die. Because this burning cross meant being hunte ...


  • Chicago music

    1. The Chicago Blues - Between 1911 and 1914 many people were interested in the publications of W.C. Handy - "Memphis Blues" (1912) and "St. Louis Blues" (1914) Situation after the Second World War: The Blacks packed their belongings and went towards the North The influence of these blacks brought Chicago a lot of capital Muddy Waters, a young slide guitarist, came from Mississippi to Chicago and the Chicago Blues was born. It's the thank to Mudd ...


  • Hamlet

    Hamlets Vater, König von Dänemark, ist plötzlich gestorben. Seine Mutter verlobt sich mit dessen Onkel Claudius, der nun König von Dänemark ist. Als Prinz Hamlet von Wittenberg nach Dänemark zurückkehrt, um bei der Leichenfeier seines Vaters teilzunehmen, trifft er seinen Freund Horatio. Dieser erzählt Hamlet, dass ein Geist mit dem Aussehen seines Vaters auf der Terrasse des königlichen Palastes gesichtet wurde. Hamlet beschließt diesem Gerüc ...


  • Australia/australien

    Australia Australia is with an area of 7.686.848 km² the smallest continent of the world, roughtly 21 times bigger as Germany. Compared with other continents Australia is also the most flatest. Bigger montains can only found in coast areas ans two areals in the centre with a height of around 1500 meters. The middle of australia, the so called outback, consists mostly of deserts, where e.g. the world famous Ayers Rock, a huge single stone ...


  • Natural disasters

    Natural disasters A natural disaster is a change of the surface of the earth which has enormous effects on all creatures. These disasters are not caused by humans. When a humans release a disaster it is called "eco-catastrophe". There are several types of natural disasters. Today I want to point out storms, especially Hurricanes, earthquakes and Tsunamis, forest-fire, flood and avalanches. STORMS/HURRICANE First I tell you something about storms ...


  • Volcanic eruption

    Types of Volcanic Eruptions During an episode of activity, a volcano commonly displays a distinctive pattern of behavior. Some mild eruptions merely discharge steam and other gases, whereas other eruptions quietly extrude quantities of lava. The most spectacular eruptions consist of violent explosions that blast great clouds of gas-laden debris into the atmosphere. The type of volcanic eruption Is often labeled with the name of a well-known ...



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