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  • Humberside

    Humberside, county in the east of England, which at North Yorkshire, which borders North Sea, Lincoln-almost, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. Humberside is divided by the Humber. The county was formed with the regional reorganization of 1974, when parts of Lincoln-almost and Yorkshire were folded up. The surface of Humberside consists of 3,513 square kilometers. The coastal plain the chalk layer stage of the York Wolds follows to the west no ...


  • Kairo - englisch kurz-artikel

    Kairo Kairo was founded in 969 and became the economic and cultural life center. Though it has not been the capital city since the beginning, Kairo became the capital city about 1000 years ago. Before Kairo, Alexandria was the capital city of egypt. Kairo is the biggest city in africa and has about 15 millions inhabitants. Kairo's sights Kairos museum The Egyptian museum in Cairo was established by the Egyptian government in 1835. The museum exhi ...


  • Vortrag über greenspeace 1

    Greenpeace is a non-profit organisation, with a presence in 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. To maintain its independence, Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants. As a global organisation, Greenpeace focuses on the most crucial worldwide threats to our planet\'s biodiversity and environment. HISTOR ...


  • Scotland and traditions!

    Scotland! Scotland comprises the northern part of the island of Great Britain, bordering to the south on England. Scotland consists of a mainland area plus several island groups, including the Shetlands, the Orkneys, and the Hebrides, divided into the Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides. Three main geographical and geological areas make up the mainland: from north to south, the generally mountainous Highlands, the low-lying Central Belt, ...


  • The hound of the baskervilles4

    The Hound of the Baskervilles About the book The book is cut into 15 chapters and includes 91 pages. It is written in the simple past. On some pages there are illustrations to explain the action for the readers. It was first published in 1902. About the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived since 1859 by 1930. He studied medicine and worked as a doctor until 1891. In 1902 he was knighted after working with a field hospital during the South African ...


  • Idioms deutsch - englisch

    Idiomatische Redewendungen deutsch-englisch L-Z Ladenhüter - drug on the market Ladenpreis - retail price lang und breit erzählen - to tell a long rigmarole lange nicht gut genug - not good enough by half Laß das! - Drop it! Laß dich nicht aufhalten. - Don\'t let me keep you. Laß dich nicht entmutigen! - Don\'t lose heart! Laß dich nicht unterkriegen! - Keep your tail up! Laß dir nichts anmerken! - Don\'t let on anything! ...


  • Lord of the flies: main characters

    Main characters of Lord Of The Flies Ralph The protagonist of Lord of the Flies. He is 12 years old, tall, blond, and attractive. Ralph is a natural leader and after discovering the conch shell, he is elected as leader of the boys. Throughout the novel Ralph tries to establish order and focus on rescue. He decides that a boy can only speak at the meetings if he is holding the conch shell. He wants to keep the fire on the mountain going ...


  • History of mobile for the eurocom

    History The development of the portable radio actually began 1926 with a telephone service in the course of the German National Railroad and realm post office on the distance between Hamburg and Berlin. This telephone service became only the passengers the 1. Class offered, but 1918, approximately five years after the invention of the Meissnerischen transmitter, by the German National Railroad already attempts with radio telephones were ...


  • Sue townsend- the secret diary of adrian mole

    Index - Summary - The Themes - Bullying - Adrian Mole - Pandora - Bert Baxter - Father, George Mole - Mother, Pauline Mole - Divorce - Unemployment - Identity - Rebellism - My Position Summary The book deals with the problems of a 13¾ year old boy. Adrian starts his diary on January 1st, when he is 13 ¾ years old. He makes some resolutions for the New ...


  • Kalifornien

    California This talk is about the United States state California. California is a state located on the west coast of the United States. It ´s borders are the Pacific Ocean, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and the Mexican State Baja California. History The californien coast was discovered in 1542 from portuguese Cabrilho. Since 1846 California is an independent state.1850 it was included in the Union as the 31. st ...


  • Submarine volcanoes

    Schematic representation of a typical submarine eruption in the open ocean. Submarine volcanoes and volcanic vents are common features on certain zones of the ocean floor. Some are active at the present time and, in shallow water, disclose their presence by blasting steam and rock-debris high above the surface of the sea. Many others lie at such great depths that the tremendous weight of the water above them results in high, co ...


  • The history of mobile telephone systems

    Mobile transmitting is used to broadcast signals or messages bidirectional between one or more broadcast- and receive antennas. One antenna is moveable and the other is fixed. And so the moveable antenna with their process unit is called Mobil station in the German speaking vernacular it is called handy. The beginning of mobile transmitting reaches back till the year 1920. At that time the German national railway ...


  • Badminton

    Professional Badminton isn´t the same as people play it on the street. The different is you play it in a gym on fields and with rules which you must learn. You can play it on three different positions. · The single: you play one against one. · The play double: two woman against two woman or two mens against two mens. · The mixed: one woman and one man against one woman and one man. One play goes o ...


  • David beckham kurzrefi englisch (quali)

    David Beckham England captain and footballer for Real Madrid. David Robert Joseph Beckham was born on 2 May 1975 in Leytonstone, London. He joined Manchester United as a trainee on 8 July 1991. On 23 September 1992, Beckham made his first team debut as a substitute in the Coca Cola Cup tie against Brighton, but didn\'t sign as a professional until 22 January 1993. His debut in the league for Man U was in 1995 against Leeds. Beckham\'s first premi ...


  • Vortrag über greenspeace 2

    PROJECTS Stop climate change For more than a century, people have relied on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas for their energy needs. Now, worldwide, people and the environment are experiencing the consequences. Global warming, caused by burning fossil fuels, is the worst environmental problem we face today. Save our seas Our oceans are in crisis. We know more about Mars than we know about deep ocean life, yet we are ...


  • Shortstory, kurzgeschichte : i love you till i die

    I love you till I die 30.01.05 He was looking at me and my heart stopped beating. I did not feel the floor right under my feet. My breath was getting faster and at that moment I knew it, either him or nobody. But this moment lasted just a few seconds and then I did not see him anymore. It was on March 1st in ...


  • London: sehenswürdigkeiten (englisch)

    The Buckingham Palace .has been the official London residence of the monarch since the middle of the 19th century. The Royal Standard flying over the palace is a sign that the Queen is in the residenc. Queen Victoria was the first sovereign to live in the palace with more than 600 rooms, which are now partly open to the public. Her statue stands opposite the main gate. From there thousands of tourists watch the impressing ceremony of the Cha ...


  • Dialog über sport in deutsch

    Stephan: Hi Frank. Frank: Hallo Stephan: Na wie geht es dir? Frank: Mir geht es gut danke. Und dir? Stephan: Mir geht es auch gut. Frank: Stephan warst du Samstag wieder beim Fußball? Stephan: Klar war ich da. Warum nicht? Frank: Hätte ja sein können das du mal nicht fährst. Stephan: Ich doch nicht. Und was hast du dieses Wochenende gemacht? Frank: Ich habe dieses Wochenend ...


  • Landmarks of british history + the british constitution

    Landmarks in British history Magna Carta (1225) - King John "Lackland" (1199 - 1216): taxed heavily, stole land, clashed with the pope, lost lands in France - => growing discontent of the English people and barons alike - barons, clergy and merchants forced him to sign an agreement, "Magna Carta" - chief provisions: just treatment and the right to a legal trail, establishment of a "Common Council", special rights for the clergy, limitation of the ...


  • Bookreport aldous huxley:brave new world

    BRAVE NEW WORLD - Aldous Huxley - 1.) The author 2.) The book - 2.1) The report - 2.2) The characters - 2.3) Society and Religion 3.) Annotations 1) The author Aldous Huxley was an English novelist and ...




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