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  • History of ku klux klan

    First Era ( 1866 - 1877 ) The end of the War Between the States in April of 1865 marked the beginning of a terrible time of trouble for the White citizens who remained loyal to the southern states. This chapter of American History is known as the Reconstruction period. The war had been terrible and thousands of people died. There were many more people in the North than in the South. Abraham Lincoln felt that the South should be ...


  • Ku klux klan membership

    About The Knights The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a legal non-profit political party promoting the ideals of Western Christian Civilization. The Knights is working to build a nationwide movement of White Christian men, women, and children who support a return of White Christians to government. Klansmen and Klanswomen in The Knights are part of a nationwide network of people working to promote the 6th era Klan. In America, The Knights h ...


  • Ku klux klan - the name and some facts

    The name The Klan was started in 1866 by six ex-Confederate soldiers, created as a social club called \"Kuklos\". They named the group \"Kuklos Klan,\" a mixture of Greek word kuklos, meaning circle, wheel, or band and clan the Scottish meaning \"family circle.\" In the Klan's information you can read that this name was chosen because it contains some of the unique characteristics of the White (or Aryan) race. The wheel is the ...


  • Ku klux klan - society and kkk

    The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) define themselves as a political party, also called the White Rights Movement. Their foundation is that by trying to integrate ethnicities and race, whites are facing discrimination. They also believe that the USA was founded as a white nation and it should be brought back to it. They want to live in peace and restore America\'s original goodness. The bible gives them the fundament. Homosexuals, other races, an ...


  • Food

    Food Eating is fun, especially when you are hungry. Most people have a favourite food. Some people enjoy eating sweet things like chocolate, cake and ice cream.Other people enjoy savoury foods like cheese and meat. Food helps us to keep warm. It also gives us the energy to walk talk, run, and the other things we do. Food helps us to grow and to stay healthy.Some food is grown in this country, for example potatoes, apples ect. But food can also ...


  • Bend it like beckham

    Jess is the British- born daughter of Indian parents. She dreams of being on the soccer field with her hero, David Beckham, one day and kicking the ball in for the winning goal. Her parents tolerated her sports passion when she was young, but now they think she should become serious about her life. They want her to give up her sport passion for cooking lessons and university studies. They also want that she is ready to marry soon like her siste ...


  • Finding nemo

    I'd like to tell you something about the Film "Finding Nemo". The film "Finding Nemo" started in the Year 2003. The American start was on 30th May and the German one on 20th November. The film "Finding Nemo" is an animation from the Pixar Studios. The Pixar Studios wrote already the film "A Bug's Life." In the USA, the film "Finding Nemo" is one of the 10 most popular Films. The story is about two clown fishes, ...


  • Marilyn monroe (englisch und deutsch)

    Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson, daughter of Gladys Baker, on 1st June of 1926 in Los Angeles, California. Until 1937 spent Norma Jeane the largest part of their childhood in care families and orphanages (Waisenhäusern), later she moved to friends of their family. But then the family had to go away and Norma hat to choose between the orphanages or a marriage. On 19 June 1942 she married the 21-jaehr ...


  • The continuation of the book - the pearl by john steinbeck

    .....Kino and Juana walked through the whole night. After a few hours the moon disappeared and the sun came higher, so they went into a deep forest to walk there while the sun shone. Suddenly, they heard a strange noise which came closer and closer. They became nervous and ran along the little path. After a while they saw a small hole. They went in and hid themselves. A few seconds ago a big cart rolled past them. They still sat in th ...


  • The history of kenya

    The Kenyan people had always been humiliated by several oppressors. The first non-African settlers were the Arabs who arrived on the East-African coast in the 7th century. At first they were attracted by the possibility of trading with animal skin, ivory, and agricultural products, but later on they left their home countries due to the uprising unrest of the Islamic culture and made East-Africa their new home. The Arabs intermarried among t ...


  • Kennedy:

    US-Präsident John F. Kennedy vor dem Schöneberger Rathaus in West-Berlin, 26. Juni 1963 (\"Remarks at the Rudolf-Wilde-Platz\") \"Meine Berliner und Berlinerinnen! Ich bin stolz, heute in Ihre Stadt zu kommen als Gast Ihres hervorragenden Regierenden Bürgermeisters, der in allen Teilen der Welt als Symbol für den Kampf und den Widerstandsgeist West-Berlins gilt. Ich bin stolz, auf dieser Reise die Bundesrepublik Deutschland zusammen ...


  • Eurocom drugs - why people take them

    structure: 1. Legal and illegal drugs 1.1 legal drugs - examples with pictures 1.2 illegal drugs - examples with pictures 2. Why do people take drugs? (main point of the presentation) - examples with pictures 3. The effect of drugs 3.1 nerve without drugs - example with picture and explanation 3.2 nerve with drugs ...


  • Irish history

    432 841 1197 1541 1603-25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1649 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1685 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1690 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1801 ------------- ...


  • Pink-

    Pink was born at the 8th September 1979, her birth name is Alecia Moore She grows up in Philadelphia with mother Judy, father James and brother Jason. The natuaral haircolour of Pink is blonde and her eye colour is blue. Musical influences for Pink´s songs are from Madonna, Whitney Housten, Mary J. Blidge, Billy Joel and her dad who is her manager. They are working together with the record company ´Laface`, the m ...


  • Jacques lusseyran

    And There Was Light The autobiography of a blind hero in the French Résistance Jacques Lusseyran Jacques is the acting person and the author of the book. He was born at the 19th September 1924 in Paris. His parents carried him along. When he was eight years old he lost his sight in an accident. Now he was blind. He learned to live with the blindness and he saw wonderful things inside which he had never seen before. He lea ...


  • Holes - characterization - stanley yelnats

    - Stanley Yelnats - Stanley Yelnats is the main character of "Holes". He has no friends in the beginning of the story because he is overweigh, everybody tease him because of his weight even the teachers don't treat him like the other pupils. Stanley has no brothers and sisters. His father is an inventor so the family hasn't so much money. Despite this fact, Stanley loves his family and wants to help them as much as he ...


  • Britney spears

    Now its my turn, and I want to tell you something about Britney Spears. At 2. December last year was her Birthday and she become 22 years. She is now an andult and can do what ever she wants.Britney Spears was born in Louisiana/ Kentwood, she has got a sister her name is Jamie Lynn and a brother hes called Brian. Well everybody knows that Britney Spears today is one of the most popular, most famous and of couse one of the sexiest woman of ...


  • The outback---

    Quotation Where and what is the Outback? Deserts and Lake Eyre Informations Animals Alice Springs and the Stuart Highway Life in the Outback End 1. Quotation (Folie: Zitate) "There is no time in the Outback. Only the tyranny of the distance and the control of the width. Either you hate it or you love it. There aren't any compromises" 2. Where and what is the Outback? (Folie: Karte) The people of A ...


  • Scotland kleines referat.places of intrested and cities...

    Scotland: Cities and Capitals : Scotland is a very beautiful Country, The Population in Scotland is 5.137.00 in 1995. In Scotland there speaks English, Scottish and Gaelic. The area in Scotland is 77.097 sq in kilometers. The Currency in Scotland is Pound Sterling. The Most popular places are Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness. In Inverness there's the loch ness where's nessie lives. The p ...


  • The patronous, harry potter and the pisoner of azkaban

    The Patronus The chapter "The Patronus" of the novel "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" tells about Harrys lessons with Professor Lupin who tries to teach him how to defeat the Dementors with the Patronus Charm. Harry and Ron are still angry with Hermione, because she told Professor McGonagall about the firebolt, which someone sent Harry as a christmas-present. McGonagall took it from Harry to examine it for jinxes. ...



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