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  • Chicago-

    Main facts: Chicago is the third largest city in the US with a population of 2,886,251 (2002). It is located in the state of Illinois and directly at the shores of Lake Michigan. Its name comes from the Indian word for wild onions, "Checaguar" because of the strange smell of wild onions that used to be there. Now, Chicago has one of the highest and most impressive skylines, along with New York City and Hong Kong. Historica ...


  • Question tags - frageanhängsel

    Question Tags - Frageanhängsel Question Tages sind durch Komma abgetrennt Kurzanhängsel am Ende eines Satzes. Sie entsprechen etwa dem deutschen "nicht wahr", d.h., der Sprecher erwartet von seinem Zuhörer eine Bestätigung Beispiel: Your daughther ist 12 years old, isn't she? - Deine Tochter ist 12 Jahre alt, nicht wahr? Bildungsweise Die Bildung dieser Kurzanhängsel richtet sich nach drei Prinzipien Prinzip 1 ...


  • Fragesätze

    Es lassen sich zwei Arten vonFragewätzen unterscheiden: Entscheidungsfragen (yes/no questions) Sie können mit ja oder nein beantwortet werden und beginnen mit einem Hilfsverb (have, do) oder Modalverb (can). Fragesätze mit Fragewörtern /wh-questions)Es werden dabei bestimmte Informationen erfragt. Die Fragewörter sind who, what, when, where, whose, why, which, how. Bejahte Fragen: Man bildet einen Fragesatz, indem man das Hilfsverb de ...


  • Something about johannes gutenberg

    Johannes Gutenberg was born in 1397 and died in 1468 in Mainz. His real name is Johannes Gensfleisch. He invented the book printing with movable letters. In Mainz he trained as a goldsmith. In 1438 Gutenberg entered into a partnership with Andreas Dritzehn to conduct experiments in printing. 1450 Gutenberg formed another partnership, with Johannes Fust, and set up a press on which he probably started printing the large Latin Bible. The Bible, kno ...


  • History of australia (handout, timetable)

    Timetable Until 16th century --> Aboriginals are the only human live form in Australia 1616 --> The Dutchman Dirk Hartog discovered Australia and landed on an offshore island in Western Australia. 1768 --> Captain James Cook left England on an expedition. He discovers Australia. 1770s --> Cook made two more voyages to Australia. 1779 --> Joseph Banks suggests to sent prisoners to Australia 1783 --> First settlement in Aus ...


  • Farm der tiere / animal farm

    farm der tiere Im Folgenden werde ich das Märchen "Farm der Tiere" von George Orwell wiedergeben. Das Buch wurde 1945 geschrieben und 1946 ins Deutsche übersetzt. George Orwell möchte mit diesem Buch zeigen, dass jede Revolution in der Geschichte der Menschheit kaum Veränderungen bringt, sondern der vorherige Zustand in einer anderen Art und Weise gleich bleibt. Er beschreibt diesen Prozess an einer Farm, ...


  • Job application

    231, Granby Street Southampton S4 2D Intertours 16, Charles Street Balham London NE6 1PT 1st May, 2004 Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to apply for the post of a courier to guide parties of British and American tourists around places of interest in Bad Ems (Germany). As my application form shows I have already guided some tourists groups from New Zeeland in Bad Ems some years ago. I showed them for example the second oldest C ...


  • Madame tussaud artikel

    Vortrag Madame Tussaud History Marie Grosholz, burned at 7 December 1761, in Strasburg, has founded the wax museum Madame Tussauds. Her mothers employer, Mr. Philippe Curtius has Marie learned the art of wax modelling. But this wasn't his job, no, he was a doctor. And his hobby was collection some wax figures. The first person, who Marie had copy in wax by herself was the famous author and philosopher Francois-M ...


  • The boy who lost his face

    Louis Sacher One day Roger, Randy and Scott decided to steal the cane from an old lady. Everybody called her Miss Bayfield and she seemed to be a witch. Dave wasn't one of the popular boys but he wanted to become one. So he went with them to show them how smart and cool he was. After the four boys had stolen the old woman's cane, she put a curse on David. So he was again uncool and stupid. T ...


  • Ernest miller hemingway zeittafel

    Zeittafel 1899 21. Juli Ernest Miller Hemingway als Sohn des Arztes Clarence E. Hemingway in Oak Park bei Chicago geboren. Er wuchs mit fünf Geschwistern auf. 1913 - 1917 Schulbesuch in Oak Park High School, wo er sein Diplom im Juni 1917 machte. Trieb viel Sport und schrieb Artikel für Schülerzeitschriften. 1917 - 1918 Journalistische Ausbildung als Reporter für den \"Kansas City Star\". April Er ...


  • New york city-

    New York City I divided "New York" into three different parts: · About New York · Boroughs · Sights I want to begin with the topic "About New York". I think, well, I hope you all know, that the state New York is in the north-east of the US. Here you are able to see its exact location. On this second map it is possible to see New York more exactly. New York is about 133.125 square miles large and has about 18.500.000 inhabitants. New York City is ...


  • 5th avenue

    5th Avenue 1. The 5th Avenue is a famous street with the most social opposites. 2. In German she is called \"Fünfte Längsstraße\" 3. The 5th Avenue is situated in Manhattan, New York. 4. The street separate Manhattan in a ost- and a westhalf. 5. Exact the street is situadet next to the Central Park in the north up to Washington Square Park in the south. 6. In the 5th Avenue there are a lot of shopping stores f ...


  • British system of government

    British system of government In Britain the head of state is a king or a queen. He or She, this time it is Queen Elizabeth the second, has no real power. She signs the laws, which are made by the members of the House of Commons. And the speech she makes every year when parliament is opened is written by the prime minister. She is only a representative. The Queen appoints the Prime Minister and the members of the house of lords. The ...


  • The declaration of independence

    The Declaration of Independence Well, all began at the 12th October, 1492.. By Columbus, who discovered America, all European people have known of the "new world". After some years there were built the first colonies. Slowly, more and more settlers from all over the world came to America and because of that, there were more and more colonies. Most of these settlers came from England or France. At the beginning everything went right and there were ...


  • National holidays in ireland

    Date Name What? / Why? 1. January New Year´s Day Irish people see New Year in a pub. There are no fireworks like in Germany. In some Irish regions people organize the "New Year´s Swim". In the morning on New Year´s Day they go swimming in the cold Atlantic Ocean. 17. March St. Patrick´s Day It is a public festival in honour of St. Patrick. He is the nationalholy. He brought the Christian religion to Ir ...


  • My son's story by nadine gordimer(book report)

    Published in December 1991, in South Africa(?) 277 Pages, Winner of the Nobel Price in Literature Book report Biography of Nadine Gordimer Nadine Gordimer was born November 20 th (1923) in Springs, South Africa. Springs was a small town outside Johannisburg. Her father, Isidore Gordimer, was a Jewish jeweller who had emigrated from Lithuania, a small country in Europe north of Poland. Her mother, Nan Myers Gordimer, was an Englishwoman. The famil ...


  • Speech

    "Politics is a dirty business!" We absolutely agree on this statement. In the following we will present evidences to support our opinion. Firstly to proof this we discovered that that the German President gets elected only by the parliament but the citizens don't have any real influence on his / her election. In politics it is also very important to have a good appearance in public because even if the concept might be good, the way th ...


  • Newyork

    NYC is located on the Eastern Atlantic coast of the USA. New York is the largest City in the USA, and even one of the largest in the whole world. It's subdivision in five boroughs , seperatet by various waterways:Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staaten Island and Queens.They have together 816km².NYC lies in the south but in winter it can be very cold. Also in summer 35°C can be normal. In 1990 7,3 million people lived in New York. B ...


  • Celtic holidays in ireland

    Date Name What?/ Why? 1. and 2. February Imbolc These are the days, when the Celts honour the goddess Birgid who is the patron saint of knowledge, memory, fire and fertility. They bake bread and make butter. Imbolc is the beginning of the spring. 21. March Eleban Eiler The Celts celebrate the old relation between sun, earth, moon and sky. The change from darkness to light means to the people that spring is the time of th ...


  • Reported speech-

    19.4.2004 REPORTED SPEECH . Reported speech (or indirect speech) is used to report what someone has said without quoting them. Direct Speech Reported Speech Sally said: "I want to go home." Sally said that she wanted to go home. Changing direct speech to reported speech . If the reporting verb is in the past tense (which it most commonly is!!!) the tense of the reported speech changes (BACK SHIFT): simple present simple past "I walk the dog every ...



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