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  • Hollywood

    Today I want to tell you something about the Indian Film Industry, also called Bollywood. The name Bollywood is a mix between the American Film Industry Hollywood and a Indian town Bombay. Every year Bollywood produces more than 1000 conventional films and more than 2000 short movies. Short movies are often documentary or education films. India is with 7000 cinemas and more than 5000 mobile cinemas the biggest film producer of the world. The amou ...


  • Besuch der alten dame/dürrenmatt

    Dieses Stück stellte sich als ein Riesenerfolg für Dürrenmatt. Dieses Stück hatte eine durchschlagende Wirkung und wurde das meistgespielte und von den Literaturkritikern meistanalysierte Stück Dürrenmatts und machte aus Dürrenmatt über Nacht einen weltberühmten Autor. Es war so erfolgreich, dass das Stück schon zwei Jahre später eine Broadway-Bearbeitung von von Maurice Valency (The Visit) und 1964 wieder eine gleichnamige Verfilmung von Ben Bar ...


  • African americans today

    Who is an African American? An African American is a member of an ethnic group in the United States of America whose ancestors come from Africa. They are mostly black and they are also called Afro-American or Negro. A bit History: Black people in the USA descended from many African ethnic groups. They were kidnapped by the Europeans and sold as slaves to America. They had to work on different plantations. In the year 1860 3.5 million black people ...


  • Two kinds of stress

    The word stress usually has a negative touch. This should not be the case in general because there is positive stress, too. Of course, this doesn`t mean that the body needs stress to feel better. On the contrary, stress situations send messages to the glands, which eject doses of adrenalin. The amount of adrenalin ejected depends on how intense the stress situation is. Positive stress makes body and mind function well, and there are moment ...


  • Handout brave new world

    Aldous Huxley: Brave New World Aldous Huxley. Brave New World. Hong Kong: Longman Group Limited: 1932 The Author Aldous Huxley: 07/26/1894: Aldous Huxley was born Godalming, Surrey 1908-13: Eton Collage Berkshire 1910: suffered an attack of keratitis punctata (an eye disease resultin ...


  • Death of a salesman / who was willy loman?

    Who was Willy Loman? Willy Loman was a man of greatness but didn\'t exactly know who he was. Above all Willy Loman was a dreamer. From a reader\'s view, Willy was a very foolish man who turned his back onto reality and lived out his dream. There are two crucial aspects, which we have to analyse. Firstly, we must analyse the seemingly wretched character of Willy Loman, to understand how he came to these dreams. Se ...


  • Monroe

    Herkunft und Familie [Bearbeiten] Als Marilyn Monroe am 1. Juni 1926 im Los Angeles County Hospital zur Welt kam, wurde ihr Name im Geburtenregister mit Norma Jean Mortenson eingetragen, später ließ ihre Großmutter Della Monroe Grainger sie auf den Namen Norma Jean Baker taufen. Laut einer biografischen Veröffentlichung des Fotografen und Freundes André de Dienes, ist die korrekte Schreibweise Norma Jeane, also mit \"e\" am Schluss. [1] In Mo ...


  • Martin luther king jr.

    Martin Luther King was a well-known leader of non-violent and successful movement for equalization of colored people with the white people. Like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela he fought against global segregation. He reached the introduction of the civil rights and created a foundation against the racism. But however he could not eliminate the racism in the USA and change the bad living conditions of the blacks. The situation of the ...


  • History of washington d.c.

    1783 the American colonists and french military won the war of independence against the British. George Washington was voted democratic for president in 1789. During the war independence cities were always conquered or lost. So the congress always had to move from city to city. After big trouble by trouble of politicans of north and south they decided in 1790 to build the new capital on the territory of Virginia and Maryland on a 100 miles ...


  • Colorado (usa)

    Informations about Colorado Colorado is a very famous and popular state of the USA. It is 270.219 qkm large. 38,0% consists of forest. Colorado has been a federal state in the USA since 1.8.1876 and it became the 38th.state. Colorado is the 8th biggest state of USA. It\'s an \"Centennial State\" because it became a state 100 years after the signing of our nation\'s Declaration of Independence. The Flag was adopted on June 5, 1911. Originally ...


  • Biography mary shelley

    1797-1851 Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin was born in Somers Town, London, on 30th August 1797 as the only child of Mary Wollstonecraft, a famous feminist and William Godwin, a philosopher and novelist. Unfortunately, her mother died of fever only 11 days after Mary was born and so Mary was brought up by her father and a much resented stepmother. At the age of 16, Mary met, and fell in love with the young poet Per ...


  • Animal farm - list of characters

    Character List NOTE: Animal Farm is written in the form of a fable, and therefore its characters are often less important for their individual characteristics as for the more general types and specific historical figures they represent. While Animal Farm satirizes totalitarian regimes in general, it also refers more specifically to the Russian Revolution of 1917, and for this reason many of its characters represent specific figures from those eve ...


  • Juventus turin

    Today i tell you something about my favorite fottball club \"Juventus Turin\" Juventus is one of the best footbal clubs in italy and also in the wourld. The team typically plays in black-and-white shirts and black shorts (but for decades in white shorts), and is nicknamed la Vecchia Signora (the Old Lady). The club\'s stadium is the Stadio Delle Alpi, which it currently shares with Torino Calcio. This arrangemen ...


  • Tattoos

    (The Topic I want to present to you is about Tattoos. I've chosen it because I think Tattoos are very interesting and I think about making me one.) Now to the history about Tattoos. The Tattoos are as old as the mankind, already in the Stone Age Tattoos were known and also in the old Egypt the Priestesses adorned themselves with Tattoos. Till Pope Hadrian I (the first) forbade Tattoos and they fell into Oblivion. First in the 18th century En ...


  • Forrest gump - amercian hero pro/con

    Pro + Contra - - He is a very naive person, but he represents the childlike innocence. - He is a stupid Idiot. - He seems to be a Hero, but a non-American one - He has no idea what he is doing. - He does not embody American values. - He isn't acting conscious. - Forrest way of living embodies the typical American dream - everybody can achieve it. ...


  • Hemingway-farewell to arms

    Ernest Hemingway, Farewell to Arms To start with my report I want to tell you something about Ernest Miller Hemingway himself and then I'll report the book ,Farewell to Arms' to you. Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois as the son of a country doctor and started his career as a writer for the Kansas City Star after graduating from High Scholl in the year of 1917. During the 1st World War he served as an ambulance driver ...


  • Simple past

    Simple Past Dies ist die einfache Vergangenheit und es ist wirklich nicht so schwer, wenn man versteht worum es geht. Signalwörter: yesterday, last week/Sunday/month/year, in 1962, on the 7th June... Hilfsfrage: Was passierte wann genau? Wie gesagt, es ist die einfache Vergangenheitsform, und die musst du benutzen, wenn eine Handlung oder ein Zustand zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt abgeschlossen ist(natürlich in der Vergangenheit!). In dem Moment s ...


  • Pinky and brain

    Pinky and the Brain are cartoon characters from the American animated television series Animaniacs. Later, they starred in their own spin-off animated television series called Pinky and the Brain and even later in Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain. These latter series were produced by Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. Animation, and aired from 1995 to 1998 on The WB Television Network, running for 65 episodes. The two are genetically enhanced lab ...


  • Biographie marylin monroe

    Marilyn Monroe was born on 1st June in 1926 in Los Angeles as Norma Jeane Mortensen. Her mother was Gladys Mortensen and her father was unknown. She was grown up in fosterfamilies and children's home until she got seven. After she got a nice looking body like a woman, Norma Jeane became very popular at school and started to date with guys. In the age of 16 she married her first love James Dougherty but later she decided to get divorced. She had ...


  • Dresdner frauenkirche

    Frauenkirche is german for Church of Our Lady. Naturally there are a lot of churches namend Frauenkirche. Probably the two most famous ones are the Frauenkirche in Munich and the Frauenkirche in Dresden to which this following report refers. General Informations The Frauenkirche is a Protestant church. The church is ca. 91m high and has a basic surface of 1681 m² (square meters). The dome, which is singular in the world and called "Ston ...



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