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  • The boy, who drank too much by shep greene

    First essential scene: Once in a hocky-game Buff loses his teeth, because the puck hits him right at his front teeth. Buff and his friend (I don`t know the name of his friend, because he is the narrator) go to the hospital, where Buff gets twelve stiches in his mouth. Later Buff and his friend go home to Buff. There Buff tells his friend about his father. His father is an alcoholic, and since he has killed his wi ...


  • Bram stoker: a chronology

    1847 Bram Stoker is born on 8 November in Dublin, to parents Charlotte and Abraham Stoker, the third of seven children. 1854-64 After long incapacitating childhood illness he attends private day school of Rev. William Woods in Dublin. 1864-70 Successful career at Trinity College, Dublin. Stoker becomes University athletics champion, unbeatable road walker and capped footballer. He is an active speaker at the Philosophical Soc ...


  • Dracula: the background story

    The most common legend of vampyres as portrayed in film and television is of a blood drinking man that has the ability to change into a bat at will, wears a black cape with a dinner suit underneath, black slicked back hairand of course the fangs in his mouth. This vampyre myth is largely based on eastern European myths. He preys on his human victims at night biting and sucking the blood from the veins in the side of the neck. He is an undead cr ...


  • Bram stoker - dracula

    Bram Stoker, born in Dublin in the year 1847, had a very troubled childhood. Then he went on to become a highly popular member of \"Trinity College\", where he was also a very successful sportsman. His first working duty was as a civil servant, moving on to become a journalist. However, after seeing the actor, Henry Irving act on one of his tours of Ireland, Bram Stoker became the manager of the Lyceum, London, shortly after his marriage to Flore ...


  • Brave new world aldous huxley

    Society: Community, identity and stability (main aspects) are nearly perfect. Everybody belongs to one group of people: Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons. Alphas are people with high abilities and knowledge. They work for example as scientists. Epsilons are the last group in this hierarchy. They can´t read and do low work. Epsilons are the only black group. If somebody is an Alpha or an Epsilon is decided by doctors when their life s ...


  • Brave new world (aldous huxley)

    0.1 About the Author Aldous Huxley was born on 26 July 1894 near Godalming, Surrey (GB). He wanted to become a medical doctor, but because of an eye disease that left him virtually blind, he studied literature and became an author. He bagan writing poetry and short stories in his early twenties, but is was his first novel 'Chrome Yellow' (1921) which established his literary reputation. Brave New World was published in 1932. Huxley died 19 ...


  • Brave new world -by aldous huxley

    Brave New World is a book about the future, about freedom, about love, about being different, about drugs, about the conflict of the new world and the old, a book about science, about education, about sex, about art, about work, about politics, about remorse and about happiness. Community, Identity, Stability That's the motto of the world state (the whole world is only one state) in the year 632 A.F.1 . In these times the children are n ...


  • Braveheart by randall wallace, penguin readers level 3

    In the year 1276 there was war between England and Scotland. In Scotland there was no king, and so Longshanks, the English king, wanted to choose a ruler for Scotland, but so did the Scotsmen. William Wallace lived with his brother and his father in a Scottish valley. But one day, the Sottish rebels attacked the English, and in the battle William\'s brother and father died. So William had to stay with his uncle Argyle, who taught him to use ...


  • Braveheart by clemens hofer

    Author: After graduating from Duke University, Tennessee-born Randall Wallace relocated to Los Angeles and began writing novels. Within several months, he had landed at Stephen Cannell Productions as a producer and writer. Wallace went on to work in those capacities on the series \"J.J. Starbuck\" (NBC, 1987-88), starring Dale Robertson, the short-lived \"Sonny Spoon\" (NBC, 1988), with Mario Van Peebles, and \"Broken Badges\" (CBS, 1990 ...


  • Bravo two zero

    "Bravo two zero" is a book about the true story of the most highly decorated British patrol since the Boer war. It is a SAS petrol consisting of eight men, Sgt. Andy McNab, Dinger, Tony, Baz Brown, Chris Ryan, Ray, Stan, Mark and Warner. Andy is the commander of this group as well as the author of the book. He joined the infantry in 1976 as a boy soldier. In 1984 he was badged as a member of 22 SAS Regiment. He served in B Squadron 22 SAS for ...


  • Breaking the waves

    A film by Lars von Trier with Emily Watson and Stellan Skarsgard. Denmark/ France 1996 The story takes place in a small village in Scotland in the 70ies. The inhabitants of the village are very religious and conservative, this is the reason why they did not agree with the marriage of Bess and the foreigner Jan. But nevertheless they marry and experience a period of fun, action and - especially important for both - Sex. Bess gets more and ...


  • Brighton

    Brighthelmstone, as Brighton was originally called, was transformed from a small fishing town into a fashionable resort in the mid-18 th century. Famous Brighton and it\'s neighbour Hove, is situated on the south coast of England. Surrounded by the rolling landscape of the South Downs, 50 miles from London. The city is lively, slightly eccentric, has wonderful contrasts and offers a wide variety of activities and well known sights. Brighton als ...


  • The royal pavilion

    Formerly a small fishing village and haven for smuggling, Brighton became popular as a resort, when it\'s frequent visitor, the 21 - year old Prince of Wales, later King George IV, purchased a farmhouse here in 1786. In line with his extravagant lifestyle, the farmhouse was redeveloped extensively to become the Marine Pavilion. The rebuilding of the farmhouse was by the Neo Classical architect Henry Holland in 1787. The interior was decorated ...


  • School in britain

    School in Britain is very different from school in Germany. First the pupils have to go to a primary school. Then, when they are eleven, they go to a comprehensive school. Many comprehensive schools are very big - sometimes there are over 1000 pupils. The pupils have to wear a school uniform - the girls have to wear a skirt and a blouse and the boys have to wear trousers and a shirt, for example at Sidney Steele school the school colours are ...


  • Britains first "child jail"

    In Britain there´s a high rate of crime. And the worst problem is that the offenders are getting much younger. So the government thought about possibilities to find a solution for this very serious problem. But they aren´t sure if young offenders need special care or if they should be punished. A good example is \"Rat Boy\", so called because he hides in lift shafts and roof spaces. It´s supposed that he has carried out about 170 burglarie ...


  • British airways

    Today I will talk about British Airways and I have these following points: First I will talk about the BA:  the history  oneWorld  some company facts  brands  the logo And then about the flagship Concorde:  the project and about the BA-Concordes  the terrible blow of Air-France Concorde  some facts the history of BA One year after the first world war a british airl ...


  • Buchbeschreibung

    First something about the author. He is named James Watson. He is against the war.Most of all he hopes that his readers will share his passion for a good tale, the kind folks told each other around winter fires long ago. Now to the persons and the introduction The book is named "TALKING IN WHISPERS" The setting is Chile, some time between the present and the future. The military government is the Junta. It has the power. There is a six ...


  • Buchi emecheta: the joys of motherhood (1979)

    Buchi Emecheta emigrated from Nigeria to London with her young husband, only to find herself ultimately alone, raising children in a hostile and poverty-ridden climate. Through hard work and study she became an influential writer focusing on the roles of women in both the traditional and emigrant societies. Her portrait of Ibo culture is a very different one from China Achebe\'s; but we must bear in mind not only that she is writing as a woman, ...


  • The history of buddhism

    580 - 480 (b. Ch.) Gautama Siddharta (later he is named BUDDHA) is the son of the King of India. He lived in wealth. His father didn't let him go out of the Palest because the majority of Indian people were leaving in poverty. But one day when he went out of the Palest he saw an old poor man, a ill child and dead man who was lying on the street. These pictures of illness, dead, sorrow and age was the reason why he left his family to go out ...


  • Buddism--

    History: Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world, being exceeded in numbers only by Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. It was founded in Northern India by the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. He was born circa 563 befor Christ in Lumbini which is in modern-day Nepal. At the age of 29, he left his wife, children and political involvements in order to seek truth; this was an accepted practice at the time for some men to leave their family a ...



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