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  • The problems of overfishing

    Or too many people chasing too few fish Today, 11 of the world\'s 15 major fishing areas and 69% of the world\'s major fish species are in decline according to the United Nation\'s Food and Agriculture Organization. The population of the Bluefin Tuna in the Atlantic Ocean is already depleted. Apart from environmental pollution, overfishing is the decisive cause of this alarming development. Reasons: - The modern fishing boom since 50 years ...


  • The rabbit and the wolf

    Once upon a time a bad wolf hunted a sweet little rabbit. The little rabbit hid from the dangerous wolf behind the leaves of a bramble bush. The wolf ran past and the rabbit was saved. It believed to be out of danger so it started to eat the fruits of the bramble bush, which helped it so much. This heard a hunter. He looked for the reason of the noise. He discovered the rabbit and shoot it. The rabbit knew that it earned the dead because it gav ...


  • Study guide for kalidasa: the recognition of sakuntala

    Source: Kalidasa: The Loom of Time. Penguin Books. Your assignment is to read Abhinjnanasakuntalam (The Recognition of Sakuntala) plus its related notes. Begin by reading the biographical note in the front of the book, the Introduction, Sections I, III, VI, VII, X, and XIII and Appendix III on pp. 320 & 321. There are two kinds of notes in this book. Terms which are used in more than one of the works are explained in alphabetical order in the ...


  • The red pony

    The Plot: The novel “The Red Pony” by John Steinbeck is set near Salinas, California. It deals with the life of the ten-year-old Jody Tiflin and his growing into manhood. The other main persons are his parents, Carl and Ruth Tiflin, and the cow-hand Billy Buck. “The Red Pony” deals with the theme of life and death and how to cope with them. The novel consists of four short stories (“The Gift”, “The Great Mountains”, “The Promise” and “The ...


  • The reptile

    -Berlin -class from a Scottish university on a trip with their professor for German literature, Dr. Hardman. Main character: MacAndrew, student of Dr. Hardman He doesn’t feel like visiting another museum, complains of a headache and retires to his room. He falls asleep but is suddenly awakened by two strangers standing in his room. They utter a strange request: They want MacAndrew to come ...


  • The republic of ireland

    Facts in brief: Capital: Dublin Official languages: English and Gaelic Area: 70.000 km² Population: 3.700.000 Chiefs products: Agriculture (barley, beef, potatoes, sheep) Manufacturing (alcoholic beverages, chemicals, clothing) National holiday : Saint Patrick\'s Day, March 17th. Religions (Republic) : Catholic (~90%), Protestant (~5%), Others (~5%). [In comparison with Northern Ireland: Catholic 40%, Protestant 55%, Others 5%.] Curr ...


  • Irish literature:

    Irish Literature reflects the history and the spirit or the Irish people better than any other form. This literature consists of folk tales, lyric and narrative poetry, drama, novels, and short stories. Irish Literature is especially noted for its imaginative use of language. Early English legends describe the brave deeds of kings, saints, and other Irish heroes. Many lyric poems written by monks during the Middle Age shows a keen observation ...


  • History of ireland:

    (from 6000 B.C. to 1919) Historian believe that the first people to live in Ireland came from the European mainland about 6000 B.C. They settled on the north-east coast, what is now Northern Ireland, and then moved inland along the rivers. They lived by hunting and fishing. These first settlers were followed by people who grew corps and raised animals. Later, people who made gold ornaments, pottery, and tools settled in the country. & ...


  • Irish republican army:

    Irish republican Army, short IRA, is a secret military organisation that seeks to unite the independent country of Ireland with Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland occupies the north-eastern corner of the island of Ireland. Ireland occupies the rest. The IRA also shares the goal of its political wing, called Sing Féin. The IRA was formed in 1919 as a part of a movement to gain independence from Great Britain. Ireland and Northern Ireland ...


  • Dublin:

    ƒ¸ƒÙƒãƒäƒßƒâƒé. In the 12th century, the King of Englands Anglo-Norman knights wrested Dublin from it\'s Viking Rulers. They laid the foundations for a thriving medieval city, a city with thick walls, many towers and gates, part of which can still be seen. These rulers built two great cathedrals, Christchurch and St.Patricks, one of whose deans was the famous Jonathon Swift, author of \'Gulliver\'s Travels\'. Dublin Castle, also dating from t ...


  • The rolling stones -

    Talking about Rolling Stones; founded in 1962 by Keith Richards & Mick Jagger (friends and schoolmates() Name from Muddy Waters „Rollin´ Stone Blue“; other group members Charlie Watts & Ronnie Wood;(Ian Stewart, Brian Jones & Mick Taylor) 1963 Charlie Watts joins the band; with him first gigs of the Stones 1964 first time Top 10 with Album „Not Fade Away“ No. 3 in June of 1964 first time No. 1 and gold record with Album „It´s all over no ...


  • The running man

    The Running Man is one of those books, where you think that the film is based on the book because the plot is so superficious and fictious. You are false the book is different, but what happened to the plot? Now you can understand the peoples feelings and after reading this book, you´ll see something different in your TV - SET. The power to change your will, the power to manipulate your mind and certainly you´ll get a distance between you and yo ...


  • The savoy

    The Savoy is the most famous hotel in London. The Savoy belongs to London like the five o- Clock tea, fish and chips and the Queen. You will enjoy the fish and chips and it will not cost you a lot. You would have to pay much more for an Afternoon tea in the Savoy-35€, but, maybe you will see the Queen there, and you will never forget this event, with traditional scones, cream, piano music and Butler. You have to wear suit and a tie there. ...


  • The scarlet letter

    Setting: The story is set in seventeenth century Boston on a June day in 1642. On this day, a large number of people who live in the small town of Boston have gathered to witness an official act of punishment. Hester Prynne, a young and beautiful woman of the community, has been found guilty of adultery, and she has been sentenced to wear a scarlet A on the bodice of her dress. Furthermore, she must stand on a scaffold for three hours, expo ...


  • The secret diary of adrian mole sue townsend

    Summary: Adrian Mole is a boy growing up in Britain, aged 13 3/4. He lives with his mother, his father, and an animal known only as \'the dog.\' And this is his diary, which goes on for a year and a quarter. It starts off nicely, revealing Adrian\'s personality. His best friend is Nigel, and he\'s in love with a girl named Pandora. The dog provides amusement by eating a model pirate ship and having model pirates surgically removed from his st ...


  • The secret diary of adrian mole

    Sue Townsend is the creator of Britain’s best-loved and best-selling diaries, namely the Adrian Mole diaries! She was born in Leicester in 1946 is married and has four children. She grew up in a working class family and left school at the age of 15 with no qualifications. In 1978 she joined a writer’s group at the Phoenix Art Centre in Leicester. The diary entries were read by one of the actors, who sent them to the BBC. When the book w ...


  • The secret garden - frances hodgson burnett

    Mary Lennox lived with her parents in India. Her father worked hard and was never at home. Her mother was very beautiful and she liked to go out with her friends. So they had no time for her. The servant took care of her. She was often ill. One day she awoke and nobody took care of her. So she went into the garden and played with the flowers. Then she went to bed. She slept for a long time. When she got up a man told her that her parents were d ...


  • The seven wonders of the ancient world:

    Seven a sacred number: In Egypt and Babylon the people thought that 7 was a special number because it’s the sum of three and four. Three represented the basis of a family: mother, father and children, and four because of the four directions of the compass. The Greek and later the Christians associated three with the Gods-father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost and four with the 4 elements (fire, water, air and earth). But not only in religions seve ...


  • The shining -by stephen king

    Author: Stephen King was born on the 21st of September, 1947 in Portland, Maine. When King was two years old, his father left the family. King won a scholarship award to the University of Maine and later taught English, while his wife, Tabitha, got her degree. The publication of his first novel ”Carrie” and its subsequent film adaptation set him on his way to his present position as the perhaps best – selling author of the world. He lives wit ...


  • The siege

    Introduction Hollywood as an oracle? Three years before 9/11/2001, Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington have to bear the consequences of such attacks on America and have to trace the terror cells. The Siege shows us what might happen if an American city becomes the target of international terrorists, even so it was produced in 1998. This is not a unique motion picture scenario, but Zwick\'s approach is new. Typically, this scenario is used as a ...



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