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  • Summary: sunday in the park

    The story Sunday in the park by Bel Kaufman is a story about a ordinary situation when you are a mother or a father . It takes place in a park at a sandbox somewhere in a big city. A couple sitting on a bench and their kid playing in the sandbox. But there is another kid playing in the sandbox and this kid throws sand on the other kid Larry. Joe is the name of this husky boy who's throwing sand on Larry. The paren ...


  • Dead poets society: 8th chapter

    Actions: - meeting in the cave - Charlie -> never been alive - Knox moans -> desperately in love w/ Chris afternoon: - soccer practise w/ Mr. Keating -> Neil missing - had to take slip of paper and line up - read and kick the ball toward the goal - Keating put on record w/ classical music -> rhythm - Todd in his room, Neil entered, yelling ...


  • Geography, climate and politics - australia

    Australia was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770. The English King George III engaged Captain Cook that he should take possession of the east part of Australia. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It is in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. The population is 19 million. In Australia live 2 - 3 person per km² this is not very much, for example in Germany live 132 persons per km². Australia is about 4.000 km from the east to the w ...


  • Aborigines - australia

    The Aborigines are the native people of Australia. They have been living there for over 50.000 years and have their own culture of celebrations, painting, weapons and music. In 1770 300 thousand Aborigines lived in 500 separate tribes. In this time James Cook claimed Australia to a colony of Great Britain. But the settlers and the native Australians didn't like each other. The settlers who were better armed killed the native Australians and man ...


  • Wild life australia

    In Australia there are many plants and many animals, for example: snakes, birds, fish and many many more. The most famous animals which live in Australia are the koala, the kangaroo and the emu. There also exist many species of turtles, crocodiles and other interesting creatures. One of the most dangerous animals is the shark, which is known because of some films. All over the world the people know that the sharks bite because it is published b ...


  • History australia

    The first people came from Indonesia to Australia 60.000 years ago. Not before 1606 something important happened. Then the Dutchman William Jansz, who was the first European on Australian ground, arrived at the west-coast of Cape York. Australia was called "New Holland" now. In 1642 Abel Tasman, who was a Dutchman, too, discovered another island beside Australia. It was called Tasmania. One year later he sailed around Australia, but he didn't w ...


  • Sights australia

    5.1 Canberra 5.1.2 Lake Burley Griffin The Lake Burley Griffin is named after Walter Burley Griffin and is in the middle of Canberra. The shoreline is 35km. 5.1.3 The Telstra Tower The most people visit the tower for the view. It's a spectacular view, day and night. The Telstra Tower is the compass of the city. The tower rises 195 metres above the summit of Black Mountain, providing 360 degree views of Canberra and th ...


  • Bruce springsteen

    Date of birth: 23.4.1949, Freehold, New Jersey With 13 he bought he bought his first guitar and learnt to play without a teacher. At high-school he was a member of the music group, named "Castiles". He broke up his college education on the Ocean County College. As he didn´t want to join the army he pretended to be gay. 1971: he moved to New York 1972: je got a treaty for a record, but for this he needed a band and so he f ...


  • The empire state bulding

    The Empire State Building The Empire State Building is 381 meters high. It has got 102 floors. Over 4,3 million people are visiting the ESB every year. Located on the 86th floor, 320 meters above the streets there's a pavillon which consists of glass. On the 102nd floor, there's an Open air terrace. If the weather is good, from this tourist points you can see up to 12km far. From the Empire State Building you can see: The Rockefeller Center and t ...


  • Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare April 23rd in Stratford-upon-Avon Father: prominent and prosperous alderman in the town Stratford-upon-Avon Mother: Mary Arden Shakespeare´s youth: he probably went to Grammar School; he didn´t proceed to Oxford or Cambridge 1582: Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway 1583: Shakespeare´s daughter Susanna is born, followed by the twins Judith and Hamnet in 1585 1590: Shakespeare ...


  • Vokabeln zum buch the great gatsby

    Word Explanation German translation tolerant to accept differences tolerant unbiased fair and partial unvoreingenommen sophisticated knowledgeable and cultured hochentwickelt incorruptible not able to be corrupted unbestechlich open minded to be tolerant towards others offen polite to be friendly and nice freundlich powerful to have a lot of power mächtig correct to be precise and ...


  • George w. bush

    George W. Bush jr. George Bush jr. is a member of a big politician family. His father George Bush sr. was US President from 1988 to 1992, his brother, Jeb Bush is governor of Florida and his mother, Pauline, organises election campaigns. Bush jr. has been governeor of Texas since 1994. His tactic in the election campaign was to distratc from his detail knowledge, which is much lower than Al Gore´s, and to show emotions and human warmth, for examb ...


  • Dead poets society - summary , feedback

    Summary: The new English teacher, at the really strict and traditional Welton Academy for boys, John Keating inspired some of his pupils so much by his fascinating lessons about poetry and the whole language that they found a secret club with the name "Dead Poets Society". There they read poets to each other or made poets themselves. For all members of the club it was really important to talk about their problems, their dreams and also ...


  • The miscellaneous planes of grand canyon

    The miscellaneous planes of Grand Canyon Ones of the World impressing Natural actors is the Grand Canyon National Park with their miscellaneous planes. Colossally lake to cover of the Colorado- Plateau's and rivers storing sediment cargo in it how just in the sea, when periods to sink the country overflow. Layer for layer were one upon the other stocked and partially again deposited, too! Since 100 Million years reacts the Erosio ...


  • The olgas

    The Olgas were discovered in 1872 by Ernest Giles too and they were named after the Spanish Queen Olga. They also known by their aboriginal name Kata Tjuta which means \'many heads\'because they look like heads. The Olgas are a group of monoliths and they are 400 million years old. They\'re set within the Kata Tjuta National Park and they only 48 km west from Ayers Rock. The Olgas are made up of 36 rounded hills resembling domes with th ...


  • Australia4

    Australia is the largest island and the samllest continent. Sometimes it's called "Down Under". The capital of Australia is Cambara. The biggest citys are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Alice Springs, Perth, Adelaide, a.s.o. 1606 - Dutschman discovered the island 1770 - James Cook saild to Australia 1788 - The first settlers build there houses The Aboriginals have been living there for 40.000 years. Most people live in the ...


  • Educating rita summary

    Educating Rita summary Rita, a witty, 26-year-old working class British hairdresser who decides to seek an education at Open University. Rita needs a tutor, and she selects Dr. Frank Bryant , an alcoholic college literature professor whose life is a shambles. Divorced, Bryant\'s new lover is now having an affair with his best friend and he\'s increasingly depressed, seeking solace in whisky. Bryant\'s domestic turmoil is mirrored by Rita\'s, as s ...


  • Phrases for discussion

    .give your opinion In my opinion / view ... I don\'t see that as a problem, because . From my point of view . The first point i\'d like to make is . I think that . Firstly .,secondly, .finally . I have to say again that . Let me add another point here, Mr / Mrs . It\'s an important fact that . One of the main arguments for / against . is . On the one hand, .but o the other hand, . I see . as an advantage / a ...


  • Hotel buchen

    Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to book a double room for the month of August 2002. I require an air-conditioned room with bath and shower which faces the sea. I should be grateful if you would confirm my booking as soon as possible. Please give me an indication of your rates per night including full board. Should you have no vacancies please could you give me the address of a suitable hotel in your area ? Yours faithfully, Jennifer ...


  • Radio and television in the u.s. and britain

    Development, organization and control of broadcasting - NBC was founded in 1926 and CBS in 1927 - Both were commercial enterprises - BBC was also established in 1926, but of the British government - Differnence: US TV and radio is commercial and popular, the British live up to the internationally recognized standards of the BBC - Radio and television is licensed by the FCC Radio ...



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